Alliance (Marxist-Leninist): Ultra-Leftism in Linguistics and the Communist Academy

The usual picture of J.V. Stalin built up by the bourgeois is usually in the absence of facts. The paradigm built up is internally inconsistent. With respect to science, Stalin both destroyed true biological science by a rigid “Marxist” dogmatism; and he simultaneously destroyed linguistics, the latter because he could not bear to be challenged.Continue reading “Alliance (Marxist-Leninist): Ultra-Leftism in Linguistics and the Communist Academy”

Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: The Aleksandr Smirnov Case (1928-38)

The Formation of the Smirnov Group (1928-29) In February 1928, Aleksandr Smirnov*, who had been People’s Commissar of agriculture in the Russian Republic, was promoted to the position of Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU: “In February (1928 – Ed.), the Rightist Commissar of Agriculture of the Russian Republic, Aleksandr Smirnoy, was .Continue reading “Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: The Aleksandr Smirnov Case (1928-38)”

Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: The Yenukidze Case (1935-37)

Introduction Avel Yenukidze* was Secretary of the Presidium of the Soviet Central Executive, Committee i.e., head of the Soviet civil service, from 1918 to 1935. This post put him “…in charge of the administration and personnel of the Kremlin.” (Adam B. Ulam: ‘Stalin: ‘The Man and his Era’; London; 1989; p. 396). The Revision ofContinue reading “Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: The Yenukidze Case (1935-37)”

Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: the Syrtsov/Lominadze Affair

The Formation of the Faction (1930) In 1930 a new opposition faction emerged in the Party, led by Sergey Syrtsov*, then Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (i.e., Prime Minister) of the Russian Federation, Vissarion (‘Beso’) Lominadze*, then 1st. Secretary of the Regional Party Committee in Transcaucasia. Another member of the faction was IanContinue reading “Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: the Syrtsov/Lominadze Affair”

Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: the Ryutin Case (1930-37)

The Ryutin Platform (1930) In August 1930 Opposition circles circulated a: “200 page treatise that reflected the Right’s anti-Stalin position and became known in Party circles as the ‘Ryutin Platform’” (Robert C. Tucker: ‘Stalin in Power: The Revolution from above: 1928- 1941’; London; 1990; p. 211). The document bore the name of Martemyan Ryutin*, whoContinue reading “Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: the Ryutin Case (1930-37)”

Communist Platform – Gramsci: a Bolshevik

One of the greatest inaccuracies spread by the opportunist politicians and the bourgeois intellectuals about Antonio Gramsci is the alleged distance, or even opposition, between his positions and those supported by Lenin and Stalin, and consequently his closeness to the ideas of Trotsky. The origins of this legend are remote and well orchestrated, beginning withContinue reading “Communist Platform – Gramsci: a Bolshevik”

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on the Spanish Civil War

Spanish Revolution of 1931–39 a revolution during which there evolved in Spain a democratic republic which for about three years from the middle of 1936 struggled for its existence, waging a national revolutionary war against fascist insurgents and Italo-German invaders. The specific features of the Spanish Revolution were in large measure attributable to certain distinctiveContinue reading “The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on the Spanish Civil War”

“Theses on Art” from the League of Socialist Artists

Introduction from Alliance for web presentation (Alliance 2000). The “Theses on Art,” were put forward in 1972, by the “League of Socialist Artists”; and the “Marxist-Leninist Organisation of Britain (MLOB).” The latter was the progenitor of the Communist League (CL). This article was first re-printed by Alliance in hard copy with poems of Nazim Hikmet, asContinue reading ““Theses on Art” from the League of Socialist Artists”

Bill Bland: Stalin & the Arts – On Marxist-Leninist Aesthetics

This article was published by Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) as part of the publication Alliance, issue #53, “Aesthetics and Revolution – Essays and Talks.” Preface This talk was given by Bill Bland to the ‘Stalin Society’ in 1993. He later expanded this talk in some detail, into the manuscript here. It gives a history of Socialist RealismContinue reading “Bill Bland: Stalin & the Arts – On Marxist-Leninist Aesthetics”

Guevaraism: the Theory of the Guerrilla Elite

An analysis of the theories of Regis Debray as propounded in “Revolution in the Revolution?”, and their relevance to the revolutionary struggle in Latin America. By Cmde MS on behalf of MLOB. FIRST PUBLISHED IN Red Vanguard Volume 1, 1968 THE THEORY OF THE GUERRILLA ELITE Table of Contents INTRODUCTION BOURGEOIS OUTLOOK AND SPONTANEITY CLASSContinue reading “Guevaraism: the Theory of the Guerrilla Elite”

A Few Comments on ‘Critical Notes on Political Economy’ by Che Guevara

Rafael Martinez On the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of Che Guevara by US Imperialism Here we present a brief review of the book ‘Apuntes criticos a la Economia Politica’ (Critical Notes on Political Economy), consisting of various materials written by Ernesto Che Guevara, published by Ocean Press, Melbourne, Australia 2006 (in Spanish). This wasContinue reading “A Few Comments on ‘Critical Notes on Political Economy’ by Che Guevara”

Che Guevara and the Political Economy of Socialism

Rafael Martinez Che Guevara is widely known to the world as the romantic-idealist revolutionary. The economic thought of Che Guevara has not really been widely publicised as the Argentinean born revolutionary is commonly known for his works on the guerrilla warfare, whose underlying idealist and voluntarist approaches to the struggle of the oppressed masses againstContinue reading “Che Guevara and the Political Economy of Socialism”

The Changing Leadership of the Secret Service

This article was published by Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) as part of the publication Alliance, issue #30, “Marx, Lenin and Stalin on Zionism.” THE CHANGING LEADERSHIP OF THE SECRET SERVICE It is accepted by most if not all Marxist-Leninists, that at various times, revisionists within the USSR Bolshevik party took control of the secret services. Since thatContinue reading “The Changing Leadership of the Secret Service”

The Bund and Early Zionism

This article was published by Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) as part of the publication Alliance, issue #30, “Marx, Lenin and Stalin on Zionism.” The term Zionism, actually dates from the late 1890’s and was supposedly coined by Nathan Birnbaum. But many authorities accept that it was only made into a popular term by Theodore Herzl. “The termContinue reading “The Bund and Early Zionism”

1929 Comintern Resolution on Palestine and Arabistan

This article was published by Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) as part of the publication Alliance, issue #51, “Pan-Arabic or Pan-Islamic ‘Socialism.’” From Editor Jane Degras: Documents of the Communist International 1919-1943″; Volume 3; London 1971 EXTRACTS FROM A RESOLUTION OF THE ECCI POLITICAL SECRETARIAT ON THE INSURRECTION MOVEMENT IN ARABISTAN 16 October 1929 Inprekorr, x, 11, P.Continue reading “1929 Comintern Resolution on Palestine and Arabistan”