Karl Marx on Alienated Life Under Capitalism

“By counting the most meagre form of life (existence) as the standard, indeed, as the general standard – general because it is applicable to the mass of men. He turns the worker into an insensible being lacking all needs, just as he changes his activity into a pure abstraction from all activity. To him, therefore,Continue reading “Karl Marx on Alienated Life Under Capitalism”

V.I. Lenin on the Revolution, Democracy, and Democratic Demands

“The proletariat cannot be victorious except through democracy, i.e., by giving full effect to democracy and by linking with each step of its struggle democratic demands formulated in the most resolute terms. It is absurd to contrapose the socialist revolution and the revolutionary struggle against capitalism to a single problem of democracy, in this case, the national question. WeContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on the Revolution, Democracy, and Democratic Demands”

William Blum on the “Death of Socialism” in the 20th Century

“The boys of Capital, they also chortle in their martinis about the death of socialism. The word has been banned from polite conversation. And they hope no one will notice that every socialist experiment of any significance in the twentieth century — without exception — was either overthrown, invaded, corrupted, perverted, subverted, destabilized, or otherwise hadContinue reading “William Blum on the “Death of Socialism” in the 20th Century”

Unpublished Speech by Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, 1952

October 16,1952 In this article, taken from the Russian newspaper “Glasnost” which was completely devoted to the 120th Anniversary of Stalin’s birth, this was the last speech at the CC CPSU before Stalin died. This text is being published for the very first time in the Soviet Union by the newspaper “Glasnost”, the Central OrganContinue reading “Unpublished Speech by Stalin at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, 1952”

Maximilien Robespierre: Louis Must Die, That the Republic Can Live

“On the Trial of the King” by Maximilien Robespierre 3 December 1792 Citizens, The Assembly has been led, without realizing it, far from the real question. There is no trial to be held here. Louis is not a defendant. You are not judges. You are not, you cannot be anything but statesmen and representatives ofContinue reading “Maximilien Robespierre: Louis Must Die, That the Republic Can Live”

Friedrich Engels on the Lassalleans

“Our party had so often held out a conciliatory hand to the Lassalleans, or at least proffered co-operation, only to be rebuffed so often and so contemptuously by the Hasenclevers, Hasselmanns and Tolckes as to lead any child to the conclusion that, should these gentlemen now come and themselves proffer conciliation, they must be inContinue reading “Friedrich Engels on the Lassalleans”

Friedrich Engels on Historical Materialism

“The materialist conception of history starts from the proposition that the production of the means to support human life and, next to production, the exchange of things produced, is the basis of all social structure; that in every society that has appeared in history, the manner in which wealth is distributed and society divided intoContinue reading “Friedrich Engels on Historical Materialism”

Fidel Castro on Human Rights

“Mr. President, distinguished representatives: Human rights are often spoken of, but we must also speak of humanity’s rights. Why should some people walk around barefoot so that others may travel in expensive cars? Why should some live only thirty-five years so that others may live seventy? Why should some be miserably poor so that others mayContinue reading “Fidel Castro on Human Rights”

Compilation of Interviews and Correspondence with J.V. Stalin

TABLE OF CONTENTS Reply to the Letter of Mr. Richardson, Representative of the Associated Press News Agency The Importance and Tasks of the Complaints-Bureaus Marxism versus Liberalism: An Interview with H.G. Wells Interview Between J. Stalin and Roy Howard Replies to the Questions of Ralph V. Barnes Talk With the German Author Emil Ludwig Mr.Continue reading “Compilation of Interviews and Correspondence with J.V. Stalin”

Marx and Engels on Islam

This article was published by Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) as part of the publication Alliance, issue #51, “Pan-Arabic or Pan-Islamic ‘Socialism.’” Both Marx and Engels wrote only in passing on Islam. However they provide some insights. Their view can be summarised briefly, in three main points: (i) That the relationship between Jews and the Arabs (Bedouin) wasContinue reading “Marx and Engels on Islam”

Enver Hoxha on Pan-Arabic or Pan-Islamic “Socialism”

This article was published by Alliance (Marxist-Leninist) as part of the Alliance issue #51, “Pan-Arabic or Pan-Islamic ‘Socialism.’” January 1980 THE EVENTS WHICH ARE TAKING PLACE IN THE MOSLEM COUNTRIES MUST BE SEEN IN THE LIGHT OF DIALECTICAL AND HISTORICAL MATERIALISM The international situation is very tense at present. In many regions of the worldContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on Pan-Arabic or Pan-Islamic “Socialism””

Michael Parenti on “Left” Support for the Democratic Party

  “Left anticommunists find any association with communist organizations to be morally unacceptable because of the ‘crimes of communism.’ Yet many of them are themselves associated with the Democratic Party in this country, either as voters or members, seemingly unconcerned about the morally unacceptable political crimes committed by leaders of that organization. Under one orContinue reading “Michael Parenti on “Left” Support for the Democratic Party”

Enver Hoxha on the Revolutionary and Reactionary Potential of Religion

“It is clear that the peoples of this region are Moslems and when we say this we have in mind the fact that the majority of them are believers, but their belief is relative and does not predominate over politics. There are also progressive people there who believe in and respect the Koran and religion moreContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on the Revolutionary and Reactionary Potential of Religion”

J.V. Stalin on the Normandy Landings

In answer to a Pravda correspondent, who asked how he evaluated the landing of Allied forces in northern France, Marshal Stalin gave the following reply: IN summing up the seven days’ fighting by the Allied liberation forces in the invasion of northern France, it may be said without hesitation that the large-scale forcing of the Channel andContinue reading “J.V. Stalin on the Normandy Landings”