1984 CIA Propaganda Booklet on the U.S. Invasion of Grenada

From Wikipedia: “Rescued from Rape and Slavery is a 14-page comic published in 1984 by the Central Intelligence Agency but ostensibly credited to the non-existent “Victims of International Communist Emissaries.” The comic was developed by the Commercial Comic Book Company, the largest American provider of educational comics. The script is by Malcolm Ater and theContinue reading “1984 CIA Propaganda Booklet on the U.S. Invasion of Grenada”

Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: The Kirov Murder

The Murder On 2 December 1934, ‘Pravda’ announced that: “On 1 December at 16.30, in the city of Leningrad in the building of the Leningrad Soviet (former Smolny), at the hands of a murderer, a concealed enemy of the working class, died Secretary of the Central and Leningrad Committees of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)Continue reading “Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau: The Kirov Murder”

Jules Humbert-Droz on Nikolai Bukharin and the Use of Individual Terror Against Stalin

“Before leaving I went to see Bukharin for one last time not knowing whether I would see him again upon my return. We had a long and frank conversation. He brought me up to date with the contacts made by his group with the Zinoviev-Kamenev fraction in order to coordinate the struggle against the powerContinue reading “Jules Humbert-Droz on Nikolai Bukharin and the Use of Individual Terror Against Stalin”

Further Material on the Affair of Marshal Tukhachevsky

“The Moscow press announced that they [the primary Generals on trial] had been in the pay of Hitler and had agreed to help him get the Ukraine. This charge was fairly widely believed in foreign military circles, and was later substantiated by revelations made abroad. Czech military circles seemed to be especially well informed. CzechContinue reading “Further Material on the Affair of Marshal Tukhachevsky”

Grover Furr: New Light On Old Stories About Marshal Tukhachevskii : Some Documents Reconsidered

Grover Furr Montclair State University Originally published in RUSSIAN HISTORY/HISTOIRE RUSSE, 13, Nos 2-3 (Summer-Fall 1986), 293-308. The innocence of Marshal Tukhachevskii and the other military commanders condemned with him in 1937 has become firmly accepted by both Soviet and Western historians. [1] The current scholarly consensus also includes the view that “the nazi secret archives containContinue reading “Grover Furr: New Light On Old Stories About Marshal Tukhachevskii : Some Documents Reconsidered”

Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov on Tukhachevsky

“In 1937, Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov was working for the Central Commitee of the Bolshevik Party. A bourgeois nationalist, he had close ties to opposition leaders and with the Central Committee members from the Caucausus. In his book The Reign of Stalin, he regrets that Tukhachevsky did not seize power in 1937. He claims that early inContinue reading “Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov on Tukhachevsky”

Molotov on Marshal Tukhachevsky

“CHUEV: Now some think you appointed such untrained people as Pavlov, but if it had been Tukhachevsky…. MOLOTOV: Take someone like Tukhachevsky. If trouble started, which side would he have been on? He was a rather dangerous man. I doubted he would have been fully on our side when things got tough, because he wasContinue reading “Molotov on Marshal Tukhachevsky”

Mikhail Tukhachevsky on Communists and the Jews

“Also in the camp [Ingolstadt] was a Russian officer, Mikhail Tukhachevsky, son of tsarist nobility, who also made repeated attempts to escape and with whom, according to a fellow prisoner, de Gaulle shared a cell for a time. Tukhachevsky played mournful airs on his violin, spouted nihilist beliefs and inveighed against Jews as dogs whoContinue reading “Mikhail Tukhachevsky on Communists and the Jews”

Nazis Joseph Goebbels and Léon Degrelle on Tukhachevsky

“The Führer explained one more time the Tukhachevsky case and stated that we erred completely at the time when we thought that Stalin had ruined the Red Army. The opposite is true: Stalin got rid of all the opposition circles within the army and thereby succeeded in making sure that there would no longer beContinue reading “Nazis Joseph Goebbels and Léon Degrelle on Tukhachevsky”

Winston Churchill on Conspiracies in the Soviet Union

“In the autumn of 1936, a message from a high military source in Germany was conveyed to President Beneš [President of Czechoslovakia – E.S.] to the effect that if he wanted to take advantage of the Fuehrer’s offer, he had better be quick, because events would shortly take place in Russia rendering any help heContinue reading “Winston Churchill on Conspiracies in the Soviet Union”

Alexander Werth on the Military Purges and Tukhachevsky

“I am also pretty sure that the purge in the Red Army had a great deal to do with Stalin’s belief in an imminent war with Germany. What did Tukhachevsky stand for? People of the French Deuxieme Buereau told me long ago that Tukhachevsky was pro-German. And the Czechs told me the extraordinary story ofContinue reading “Alexander Werth on the Military Purges and Tukhachevsky”

Joseph Davies on the Soviet Military Purges

Entries dated June 28 and July 4, 1937 “[T]he best judgment seems to believe that in all probability there was a definite conspiracy in the making looking to a coup d’état by the army — not necessarily anti-Stalin, but antipolitical and antiparty, and that Stalin struck with characteristic speed, boldness and strength.’” “Had a fineContinue reading “Joseph Davies on the Soviet Military Purges”

The Tukhachevsky Conspiracy

Yuri Yemelianov On the 70th Anniversary of the Treason Trials On the 11th of June 1937 Moscow radio announced the arrest of the former chief of the Red Army General Headquarters Marshal M. Tukhachevsky and 7 other Soviet leading military figures. The arrested were put to trial before the military branch of the USSR Supreme Court.Continue reading “The Tukhachevsky Conspiracy”

General Vo Nguyen Giap’s Economic Views

“He was regarded as an elder statesman whose hard-line views had softened with the cessation of the war that unified Vietnam. He supported economic reform and closer relations with the United States while publicly warning of the spread of Chinese influence and the environmental costs of industrialization. [….] In his final years, General Giap wasContinue reading “General Vo Nguyen Giap’s Economic Views”