The Kissing Sailor, or “The Selective Blindness of Rape Culture”

Most of us are familiar with this picture. Captured in Times Square on V-J Day, 1945, it has become one of the most iconic photographs of American history, symbolizing the jubilation and exuberance felt throughout the country at the end of World War II. For a long time, the identity of the pair remained aContinue reading “The Kissing Sailor, or “The Selective Blindness of Rape Culture””

Tunisia’s ‘unfinished revolution’ — interview with Workers’ Party militant

By Peter Boyle November 16, 2012 — Green Left Weekly — Abdel Jabbar Madouri (pictured above) has been a militant in Tunisia since his early secondary school days. He was jailed three times (in 1987,1993 and 2002) because of his political activism. After every arrest, he was tortured and then sentenced to more then 12 years in jail. Madouri spentContinue reading “Tunisia’s ‘unfinished revolution’ — interview with Workers’ Party militant”

Marxism & Bourgeois Nationalism

As always, a re-posting of articles does not necessarily imply an absolute endorsement of the entirety of its content. However, this well-written article does make a good point about the duality of the bourgeois class, particularly in the Third World and oppressed countries. – Espresso Stalinist. Tripoli is burning. Thousands of black Libyans and AfricanContinue reading “Marxism & Bourgeois Nationalism”

Prostitution Want Ad

Help Wanted: Women and Girls Do YOU want this job? Copyright © WHISPER. All Rights Reserved. Prostitution has been euphemized as an occupational alternative for women, as an answer to low-paying, low skilled, boring dead-end jobs, as a solution to the high unemployment rate of poor women, as a form of sexual liberation, and aContinue reading “Prostitution Want Ad”

Why Does the Left Want Prostitution to be ‘a Job Like Any Other’?

The go-to perspective on prostitution from many progressives in Canada these days seems to be a fairly hard and fast vote for decriminalization or legalization. Even many of our beloved East Vancouver lefties seem convinced that the most progressive position to take is one of ‘sex as work’, arguing that debates around prostitution should prioritizeContinue reading “Why Does the Left Want Prostitution to be ‘a Job Like Any Other’?”

Ecuador: Speech at 48th Anniversary of the PCMLE

We pay tribute to our fallen comrades in the revolutionary struggle. (Delivered by c. Oswaldo Palacios J. Spokesman Nacionalen the anniversary event held on Friday July 20 at the National Theater of the CCE.) Friends, Friends and Comrades, elected representatives, leaders of the Left Plurinational Coordinator, comrades social organizations of all provinces, special guests: WeContinue reading “Ecuador: Speech at 48th Anniversary of the PCMLE”

Game Over: Scans of Over 50 Ron Paul Newsletters

For a certain segment of the Ron Paul fanbase, no evidence of his disseminating hateful, paranoid material will ever be enough. Citing James Kirchick’s piece in The New Republic wasn’t sufficient, because Kirchick could have just been “making everything up.” Then, when I and others posted copies of “The Ron Paul Political Report Special IssueContinue reading “Game Over: Scans of Over 50 Ron Paul Newsletters”

“Mao Tsetung Has Died” by Enver Hoxha

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 1976 Today the death of Comrade Mao Tsetung was reported. His death saddens and worries us, especially in this disturbed situation. It is a great loss for China. In my opinion, Mao Tsetung was a revolutionary, a personality of importance, not only for China but on an international level. Mao Tsetung ledContinue reading ““Mao Tsetung Has Died” by Enver Hoxha”

My Father, Enver Hoxha

My Father, Enver Hoxha by ILIR HOXHA (published in Albanian in Tirana, 1998) FOREWORD I wrote these memoirs during a year’s imprisonment by the ‘democratic’ state of Albania because I gave an interview in which I answered questions put to me by a journalist from the newspaper ‘MODESTE’ about my father, Enver Hoxha. In courtContinue reading “My Father, Enver Hoxha”

Communist Ghadar Party of India: Women must organise and wage united struggle to affirm their rights as women, as workers and as human beings!

Call of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 1 March, 2012 International Women’s Day, on 8 March, 2012, comes at a time when more and more women are coming out on the streets, in our country and all over the world. They are protesting against their conditions and demanding their rights asContinue reading “Communist Ghadar Party of India: Women must organise and wage united struggle to affirm their rights as women, as workers and as human beings!”

Alexandra Kollontai: ‘Women’s Day’ February 1913

The article ‘Women’s Day’ by Alexandra Kollontai was published in the newspaper Pravda one week before the first-ever celebration in Russia of the Day of International Solidarity among the Female Proletariat on 23 February (8 March), 1913. In St Petersburg this day was marked by a call for a campaign against women workers’ lack ofContinue reading “Alexandra Kollontai: ‘Women’s Day’ February 1913”

Clara Zetkin on Organizing Women Workers

Clara Zetkin (1857-1933) founded International Women’s Day on the 8th March, 1911. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and in the memory of comrade Zetkin we invite our readers to read her speech to the Fourth Congress of the Communist International on the question of organizing women workers. Comrades, before IContinue reading “Clara Zetkin on Organizing Women Workers”

Marx and Engels on Prostitution

“Prostitution is only a specific expression of the general prostitution of the labourer, and since it is a relationship in which falls not the prostitute alone, but also the one who prostitutes — and the latter’s abomination is still greater — the capitalist, etc., also comes under this head.”  — Marx, “Economic and Philosophic ManuscriptsContinue reading “Marx and Engels on Prostitution”

Green female Revolutionary Guards will “honour the memory of martyr Muammar Gaddafi”

Rough translation by I.A Libya The Female green resistance, “the Alzafa al Akhdar brigade (from the Revolutionary Guards) are ready and prepared to fight in honour of the Martyr Gaddafi who is still alive in our hearts. We are prepared to carry out missions to cleanse the country of the enemy. We have already undertakenContinue reading “Green female Revolutionary Guards will “honour the memory of martyr Muammar Gaddafi””