PCMLE: Enver Hoxha – Builder and Defender of Marxism

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE). Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labor of Albania, unmasked and confronted the different types of revisionists, fought against the Yugoslavists, confronted the Titoists and fought the Maoists. Enver was born in Albanian Gjirokastra the October 16, 1908 and died in TiranaContinue reading “PCMLE: Enver Hoxha – Builder and Defender of Marxism”

PCMLE: The Party’s work among young people

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE). “When the inexhaustible energies of youth to unite the energies of the working class and toiling masses of other to end the national and social exploitation, no force can prevent the triumph of the revolution” (Enver Hoxha) The thought of Comrade EnverContinue reading “PCMLE: The Party’s work among young people”

PCMLE: Albanian Revolution: The Wooden Plow to Heavy Industry

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE). Since 1955 Albania becomes an industrial-agrarian country and by 1983 the specific weight of industry accounts for 70% with respect to agriculture. Albania a country in southeastern Europe, bathed by the Adriatic Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to theContinue reading “PCMLE: Albanian Revolution: The Wooden Plow to Heavy Industry”

PCMLE: 65 Years of Fascist Defeat

On May 9, 1945, in the city Berlin, the commanders of the army of Nazi Germany surrendered after a long persecution by anti-fascist sectors, including the Communists, the Soviet people and the heroic Red Army played a transcendental role. This event marked the end of World War II and ending the genocide driven by NaziContinue reading “PCMLE: 65 Years of Fascist Defeat”

Letter of Marcelo Rivera

“They chase us because we fear, and fear us because we are not afraid” “I know that prison can not stop the advance of history, the development process up to victory. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our revolutionary spirit. ” Julius Fucik Just days after joining – unintentionally –Continue reading “Letter of Marcelo Rivera”

PCMLE: Capitalism, the source of predation on the planet

Capitalism markets increasingly demand more and more sources of raw materials, more and more profits. The result is that the very survival of the planet is dangerous. Since 1973, 5 June every year to celebrate World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in its resolution XXVII December 15, 1972. Since that timeContinue reading “PCMLE: Capitalism, the source of predation on the planet”

PCMLE Editorial – Human rights: more than a flag of struggle than a reality

December 10 is celebrated internationally, the Human Rights Day. In 1950 the General Assembly of the United Nations urged all Member States to observe that day as well, considering that in similar date in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. It’s been over six decades and the balance of it continue beingContinue reading “PCMLE Editorial – Human rights: more than a flag of struggle than a reality”

PCMLE: The Russian Revolution of October 1917

In the revolution carried out by the Bolsheviks in October 1917, it was shown that the construction of socialism is possible only provided that the principles of Marxism are maintained and remain firmly. On October 25, 1917, according to the old Russian calendar, or November 7, the current schedule, the Bolsheviks led and organized armedContinue reading “PCMLE: The Russian Revolution of October 1917”

En Marcha on Libya

Gaddafi’s murder puts an end to its contradictory policy After the siege of Sirte by rebel forces and the continuous support of the NATO bombing, dropped the last bastion of resistance to Gaddafi and with it came his lynching and death. At the closing chapter of this macabre American imperialist intervention and its European allies,Continue reading “En Marcha on Libya”

PCMLE: “The real emancipation of the peoples is the revolution and socialism”

From En Marcha, #1545 Organ of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador August 19 to 25, 2011 As part of the work that the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations is carrying out, last July a meeting of the Latin American parties took place. At the meeting were the RevolutionaryContinue reading “PCMLE: “The real emancipation of the peoples is the revolution and socialism””

PCMLE: A shameful manipulation

About the premiere of the documentary “With my heart in Yambo”, which reflects the tragedy of the Restrepo brothers and drama experienced by their families which for years were demanding justice, the president, Rafael Correa, leaves the public stage to take advantage of this event and demagoguery, which does not attract attention. Putting on theContinue reading “PCMLE: A shameful manipulation”

Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China

En Marcha #1540 July 15 to 21, 2011 Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China Ecuador cannot present itself as a country that adequately manages its debt strategy when more than half of its debt is in the hands of China Because of the peculiar manner of contracting loans with China, the exact amount of debtContinue reading “Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China”

PCMLE: Expression of the serious system crisis

A large demonstration of opposition to the economic crisis and the negative social consequences caused by capitalism occurred simultaneously on 15 October in 82 countries. Thousands of young, unemployed, migrants, unemployed, etc. stormed the streets and squares of more than 900 cities condemning the responsibility and the financial oligarchy and who controls the political powerContinue reading “PCMLE: Expression of the serious system crisis”

PCMLE: The Popular Movement is Reactive

Protest actions produced in the country these days, and several other events held show the revival of social movement. Although in one sense they are still small expressions, are not without importance: its social impact is significant. The teachers and high school students these days are the main protagonist of the demonstrations against to unpopularContinue reading “PCMLE: The Popular Movement is Reactive”

Declaration of the Regional Latin American and Caribbean CIPOML (2011)

International Conference of Parties and Marxist-Leninist Organizations Regional Latin America POLICY STATEMENT U.S. imperialism and its European allies: France, England, Spain, Italy, are trying to manipulate the just struggle of the Arab peoples, to channel the indignation of the working masses and the youth towards a change of names, maintaining the economic and social structuresContinue reading “Declaration of the Regional Latin American and Caribbean CIPOML (2011)”