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The Assassination of Jaime Hurtado

April 1999, Ecuador

The Democratic Popular Movement (DPM), the Communist Party Marxist Leninist of Ecuador (CPMLE), the Popular Front and other organizations that make up the organization Popular Unity, express their sorrow and indignation and assure to all members of these organizations, of other popular and leftist organizations and to all freedom fighters all over the world, that the evil and cowardly assassination of our comrades Jaime Hurtado, Pablo Tapia and Wellington Borja, is a new act of state terrorism accomplished by the reactionary forces led by the government presided by Jamil Mahuad.

This criminal act took place yesterday, Wednesday February 17th 1999, around 13:20 few meters away from the building of the Supreme Court and a block away from the House of the Parliament. A group of unarmed people fired at our comrades. The bullets, caliber 9mm are used only by the organs of state security.

Despite the fact that the place where our comrades were assassinated is under constant surveillance by the police, and a few steps away stands the security service of the building of the Supreme Court, nothing was done to seize the murderers who managed to run away through traffic jams in a Suzuki Forza.

Jaime Hurtado Gonzalez was a national Deputy and the chairman of the Parliamentary block of the DPM. When young he became a leader of the struggle of the people, vehemently exposed the arrogance of the Government, a tireless fighter for a new motherland ruled by the working people. He was accompanied by Pablo Tapia, associate Deputy for the DPM and Wellington Borja, member of the DPM and cousin of Jaime.

The crime is part of a campaign of the government to frighten anti-government protesters. When the Government took office four peasants who claimed land in the town of Salite were assassinated; shortly after, in the demonstrations of October 1st, bullets of the police and the military killed three workers; months later the union leader Saul Canar was brutalized, tortured and finally murdered, while the police blamed his co-workers for the death of Saul; the government carries out mass arrests of student protesters; security forces broke into the headquarters of the DPM in the El Triunfo and arrested several leaders and members of that organization; the government accuses the DPM and the CPMLE of being involved in armed struggle; protesting teachers are threatened to be fired. These and others are the different manifestations of state terrorism envisaged by rightist forces, big corporations with the support of the US Embassy.

On February 5th Jaime Hurtado when attending in Guayaquil the activities of protest against the government and its neo-liberal reforms was brutalized. This time a group of people in uniform took him aside and badly hit him. Several leaders of various progressive organizations and workers unions have been threatened and attacked by Government officials. Several days ago the Parliament voted a motion to request the Minister of Defence, General Jorge Gallard, and the former Prime Minister, Ana Lucia Armijos to face public allegations of violation of human rights and of illegally accusing the DPM of being engaged in what they call subversive activities.

This last assassination takes place at a moment when 120 thousand teachers are currently on strike, something that the millions spent in publicity by the Government and the threats of massive lay-offs have not been able to avert. The Government claims that the strikers represent particular interests of the DPM, trying to confuse the honest leadership of this party in the strike of the teachers with the legitimate demands of the teachers. The current Prime Minister, Vladimiro Alvarez had given up the post of Minister of education being unable to face the legitimate demands of the protesting teachers.

We demand that the Supreme Court finds and brings to justice those responsible for the assassination of Jaime Hurtado. We do not want the Government to claim that they respect our comrades and talk about democracy. We want justice and punishment. We want to see those factually and intellectually responsible for the crime, which is just part of the strategy of the Government to brutalize and leave the people to die of starvation.

From our side, we will follow the struggle of those fallen and other popular heroes who lost their lives in armed struggle against criminal Governments and right wing forces. Everybody, workers, peasants, teachers and students, housewives, rank and file christians, leftist democrats, for us Jaime Hurtado is an example of tireless struggle for the rights of the people. We call for a broad united front to face the state terrorism and to overthrow the neo-liberal Government.

Our organizations are rooted in the people and our people do not get scared. They will not be able to scare us. On the contrary we raise today the banners of revolutionary change with more enthusiasm, and we are ready more than ever to face and defeat the enemies of the people. No matter how many crimes the Government commits, the ideals of Jaime, Pablo and Wellington will find support throughout the country, in the hearts of the peoples of Ecuador and flourish in the Popular Power, for which we will always struggle hand in hand with the oppressed.

  • Democratic Popular Movement (DPM).
  • Communist Party Marxist Leninist of Ecuador (CPMLE).
  • Popular Front National Union of Teachers (PFNUT).
  • General Union of Workers of Ecuador (GUWE).
  • Federation of University Students of Ecuador (FUSE).
  • Federation of High School Students of Ecuador (FHSSE).
  • Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador (RYE).


VI Congress of Emek Partisi

From En Marcha
# 1562 January 5 to 13, 2012


We support the peoples who have rebelled for their rights and their freedom; we condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran.

Throughout 2011, the Arab peoples of North Africa and the Near East have risen one after another. They do not want to be victims of the consequences of the hegemony of monopoly capitalism nor to be subjected to poverty and unemployment, and they rejected the repression of the autocratic dictatorships that safeguarded such hegemony. The despotic regimes that have lasted for 30 to 40 years have been the main reason for the disorganization of the oppressed masses and have served as an obstacle to their attaining consciousness. The peoples who have risen up have achieved some victories but they have not been able to reap important fruits of this struggle, such as for example to achieve their own political power. Therefore, these reactionary bourgeois forces supported by Western imperialism have maintained or have tried to maintain their hegemony through the strengthening of their pillars with new collaborators, seeing that their hegemony was in difficulty.

The Arab peoples, who have risen up, have realized their potential and have tasted certain victories, which is why their struggles have still not been repressed in any country except for Libya. Despite their low level of consciousness and organization, the peoples are carrying forward their uprisings with an effort to try to overcome their weakness, and they insist on opposing the attacks by reactionary forces that have been organized especially by elements of political Islam, which has become more moderate and pro-American in almost all those countries.

We understand that the communist parties and organizations that are signing this document, gathered at the Sixth Congress of the Party of Labor of Turkey, express our pride and solidarity with the struggles of the masses of the people, not only in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Near East, but also in Europe, from Spain to Greece, and in Latin America, from Venezuela to Ecuador, for their social and popular rights and freedoms; as well we proclaim our support for the just struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist imperialism of Israel.

However, we are aware of the fact that our main weakness is the inadequate level of consciousness and organization of the peoples of the world, with a view to any process of struggle. The imperialists and their collaborators take advantage of this weakness in their efforts to renovate the weakened bases of their hegemony and to repress those struggles through ideological penetration and infiltration in those struggles of the peoples that imperialism claims to support, manipulating these struggles towards their own interests and eliminating the popular features of these struggles.

Western imperialism, which maintains hegemony in its hands and tries to strengthen its position in relation to the ascending imperialist powers, not only aims to reinforce its hegemony in the countries under its influence through the repression of the popular struggles, but also tries to establish its hegemony by extending its influence on the peoples and their struggles and using them as a tool in countries such as Syria and Iran, which have not yet been subjugated.

We do not support the regimes of either Assad or Khamenei. However, we stress the fact that the imperialist powers are intervening with the support of the reactionary forces in the region such as Turkey and the Saudis, in the name of support for the so-called “opposition” in Syria and Iran under the pretext of the struggle for “democracy” and “repression of the dictators”; these policies have nothing to do with the right of self-determination of the peoples or the democratic and social aspirations of peoples. We are opposed to imperialist interventions – economic as well as political and military – for whatever reason, whether they are called by their obliging collaborators or not, and we condemn such policies that only lead to war, bloodshed and suffering.

We call on the peoples of the world, especially the peoples of Syria and Iran, to be alert to the interventions and imperialist tricks such as those that have taken place in Libya, to show solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of the region and to support the fight against imperialism and its reactionary forces.

Ankara, December 2011

Communist Party of Albania
Communist Party of Benin
Party of Labor of Belgium
New Party of Cyprus
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
Communist Party of Spain (ML)
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia
Emek Partisi of Turkey


PCMLE: Fidel Castro Ruz, the most outstanding soldier of the Cuban revolutionary process

En Marcha, February 27, 2008

The history of peoples is written with the creative action of people and, by driving visionary, honest leaders.

For nearly 50 years, Cuba and Fidel as his most outstanding soldier, wrote one of the most glorious pages of contemporary history of our America, the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January 1959 was the beginning of a socio – political – historical and cultural background is not in our Latin America.

And is that the triumph of the revolution will forever the destiny of our countries in their struggle for true independence and freedom. Cuba will then forward the necessary referent, the shining beacon that shows that although the enemy is powerful and giant, as a people and their leaders are on the right track, there is no power in the world to destroy their achievements, their dreams, their achievements.

On 18 February this year, Fidel, Commander in Chief, Fidel announced to his people and the world “that does not aspire to nor accept, I repeat not aspire to nor accept the positions of Chairman of the State Council and Commander in Chief. ”

This announcement will mark a before and after Cuba and its revolution with Fidel and after Fidel, is done in circumstances when people since July 2007, when his health began to test the strength of a man of moral and political stature of Fidel, was preparing for this new time because they understood that their Commander in Chief, like all mortals, is a man of flesh and blood, and that his physical body is not eternal, more eternal and transcendent has been and will continue his ideals, his life itself delivered to the noble cause to which I aspire to a man, as is the construction of a just, humane, compassionate, sovereign even the most cruel enemy is just 90 miles from their territory.

Fidel, give up their positions with the firm conviction that his replacement is guaranteed, that the revolution will be continued so that his people so decided about because there are men and women formed and forged in the hard struggle to deal with powerful enemies and because they have the sensitivity, clarity, intelligence to continue making Cuba the country where the average educational level of its population is close to 12 degrees, that Cuba has almost a million university graduates, that Cuba is the great university that has given lessons in development of light, of honor and dignity to the world.

U.S. imperialism, Bush and Cuban-American Mafia based in Miami tried to see him die or resign during his health crisis more acute, but great souls do at the height of its existence and makes Fidel and his words say all: “Later I regain the full control of my mind, the ability to read and meditate a lot, bound by the rest. I was accompanied by enough physical strength to write for many hours. ” These expressions confirm their mental and spiritual glory, the triumph of his being on the physical limitations, a new blow to the pretensions of their opponents.

Men and women of the world who love justice and social equality, we have an obligation to take the baton handed over by Fidel and renew our commitment militant Cuban revolution, with his people, Fidel and other leaders of the Cuban Revolution because we are convinced / as you never give up your dream of a society of full welfare for his people, this is the best way to honor the life and example of this giant of two centuries has been known to take a step back in the right time to ensure that his work will endure over time.


PCMLE: The Rebels and the National Transitional Council in Libya

En Marcha, September 13, 2011

When much of the Libyan territory has been taken by the rebels, with the help of a military coalition led by the United States, Britain, France and Spain and has established the so-called National Transitional Council, the question that people ask is, “Who are these rebels, who make up this National Transitional Council?” Now the rebels are, undoubtedly, a diverse group serving oligarchic and imperialist interests who achieved their political goals thanks to the military support of NATO.

These self-styled rebels in the process of armed struggle against Gaddafi, put aside the real opposition forces and remained isolated without the initial role of the popular rebellion in Libya. The next step to this phenomenon was to organize the National Transitional Council with deserting generals and officers of the armed forces, government ministers and politicians that left  Gaddafi alone and constituted in the city of Benghazi. The parallel government was soon recognized by the United States and most European countries with the clear aim of establishing the bid with the government of Muammar Gaddafi and control of oil wells, the reconstruction of the devastated Libya and the distribution of profits among countries of the coalition, following the military intervention.

The National Transitional Council is led by Mahmoud Jabril as Prime Minister, an economist close to the United States and Britain, and a PhD in political science and strategic planning at the University of Pittsburgh (USA). Responsible for the economic policy of Muammar Gaddafi during the last decade, a hardened  neo-liberal and negotiator of the Libyan contracts with imperialism. The cabinet includes former generals, government ministers and politicians who have abandoned Gaddafi. The interim government was led and promoted by the major imperialist forces under the strategy to ensure the business of big business and imperialist corporations. The Board Chairman is former justice minister, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, who in recent years has enabled penetration of the economic interests of the imperialist powers into Libya. The National Transitional Council maintains the so-called Libyan People’s Army, 8,000 military professionals that control most of the oil wells and port terminals. The former interior minister, Abdul Fathah Younis, general repressor of opposition forces, declared himself Commander in Chief of the armed rebel forces, considered the number two of the government of Muammar Gaddafi, was killed in unclear circumstances.

Under the backdrop of real opposition is challenged to fight for the final release of the Libyan people from imperialism and internal enemies under the guidelines of scientific socialism.


PCMLE: Iran in the crosshairs of the U.S.

En Marcha, January 10, 2012

In the current world situation, U.S. imperialism is by all means of aggravating the conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the pretext of avoiding the use of enriched uranium nuclear military purposes.

The U.S. tactical retreat, once lowered his flag of Iraq, popular military pressure, claims to be settled by a military adventure in Central Asia that allows it to extend its hegemony against Iran in the Persian Gulf. Geographical position favored for centuries and abuse of pirates raids and since the mid-twentieth century, major geopolitical point for transporting 40% of global oil production.

The focus of these new imperialist tensions has to do with actions of Israel, U.S. and NATO military installation Iranian long-range ballistic missiles and criminal attacks on the lives of Iranian nuclear scientists, the operation of the Iranian military defense, which in December shot down a U.S. spy plane that took off from Afghanistan imperialist possible approval at the request of Obama, new economic sanctions against Iran, the imminent adoption by Congress of a new Act defense spending, including economic sanctions on U.S. financial institutions to conduct transactions with Iran.

Iran’s response greater and blocking the threat to navigation in the Strait of Hormuz, at the end of military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, which Iran test-ground missiles, land-sea and sea -sea in a naval demonstration of the potential and the ability to affect navigation through the strait. Important measure of pressure on the U.S. and its allies intended to counter the application of U.S. sanctions and the European Union.

Given the possible closure of the Strait of Hormuz, U.S. imperialism responds with the transfer of the Fifth Fleet to the Persian Gulf to prevent it. It is assumed that in the course of the conflict the Russian Federation and the Republic of China was put on the side of Iran to protect their interests against the geopolitical consequences of a possible U.S. greater control in the area.


PCMLE: Economic crisis in Greece destabilizes the European financial system

En Marcha, May 4, 2010

Greece with its small crisis could be the straw that breaks the camel and cause a new general decline in stock markets in Europe and the world.

EUR 300 billion is external debt of Greece, however, support the “Eurozone” will be over 100 billion euros. A huge injection of resources that attracts attention.

The reason is to save the system, not Greece.

The interest of countries like Germany and France is to avoid spreading across the economy is stabilizing than just the latest crisis, and this problem in the context of the huge European economy is really small, does not become the spark to burn down the whole system again.

A few weeks ago that level of “help” was not recognized by the European Community, it was only possible if “the Greek treasury could not meet the deadlines” and that happened, which led, as expected, down from European shares arising due to the mistrust that is to keep it from spreading to other countries with budget problems, such as Spain or Portugal.

For its part, Greece could hardly address the problem. With enormous effort can bring to Greece just a little over EUR 6 billion this year. This provides an example of the magnitude of the problem.

There is help for the people, are resources to “reassure the market”, ie will banks, financial institutions, international creditors. However, who must tighten their belts it is the Greek people. His reaction is right: strong protests, strikes, strikes. Are right, the money was never invested in them, plus they are not consulted on how to get out of the problem. Only download on them the burden of the crisis. Public employees have seen their wages reduced by 20% and increased retirement age, while being announced several measures that are to alleviate the crisis but to beat the people.

Where will the money? Will the European Central Bank. Say the news will have no impact on the economy of other countries, which is untrue. Have an impact, not so much the amount as by the accumulation of inorganic emissions were forced to do the central banks to address the crisis of 2008. This drop may spill the cup.

But help is not guaranteed. There are voices that arise out of Greece to the Community for several reasons: the lie by making up documents with the interest in joining, the Euro’s own health would be more committed to this situation, the vision of northern Europeans who have prejudices against Southern Europeans.

Financial speculators are also in the game. Perhaps because they learned that in these situations is when more profit can be obtained. This happened in the crisis of 2008. The “freedom” of the system offers the opportunity to leave bankruptcy in whole countries and peoples, while filled with money as he could. Things of savage capitalism.


PCMLE: Vietnam: A Popular and Anti-Imperialist Revolution

En Marcha, October 14, 2009

Commercial and monetary relations, linkages with international institutions and transnational corporations that are practiced in Vietnam attest to the validity of a capitalist economy. As a result, have increased levels of corruption and waste and links to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have made commitments to be met like any other small country who harass the capitalist international chulqueros.

The Vietnamese revolution is one of the events in which the worker-peasant alliance, along with other social and patriotic armed insurrection constituted under warranty and fundamental to their success. The direction of this process is carried on the Communist Party led by the legendary firm and consistent revolutionary Ho Chi Minh and under the direction and guidance of Marxism-Leninism, the month of August 1945.

This revolution ended the dominance of the French colonialists and Japanese fascists, inaugurating the national independence and giving birth to the Democratic Republic, named after Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The courageous resistance of the Vietnamese people was also against the U.S. imperialists, between 1954 and 1975, whose years have seen the Democratic People’s National Revolution in the South, the socialist revolution in the North and the war ended with the expulsion of the invaders after the historic U.S. military offensive that liberated Ho Chi Minh Saigon entirely on April 30, 1975 and achieved national reunification.

Then the various congresses of the Communist Party of Vietnam have incorporated a number of ideas that claim revisionist positions and Vietnam show that the heroic days of struggle for social change and against foreign intervention, have been only as memories.

The so-called “market socialism” is one of those smuggling which aims to establish a coexistence between tenets of socialism and the capitalist market activity. This revisionist monstrosity was raised for the first time officially in the Intermediate National Conference called Communist Party of Vietnam, in February 1994 as part of the theory of renewal process that began to be handled at the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1986 , which arises, among other directives, strengthen socialist production relations and the private sector, which as noted above is totally incompatible. This is compounded by the elimination of centralized management, the basis of the so-called renewal. The set of revisionist ideas and practices were endorsed by the seventh and eighth congress of 1991 and 1997.

Commercial and monetary relations linkages with international institutions and transnational corporations that are practiced in Vietnam attest to the validity of a capitalist economy. As a result, have increased levels of corruption and waste and links to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have made commitments to be met like any other small country who harass the capitalist international chulqueros. Another element so as to reveal capitalist practices in Vietnam is the penetration of international capital through large investments for the development of light industry assembly of computers and international trade in the sale of raw materials and agricultural products.

In light of this process is convenient lived in Vietnam to rescue the role played by its people in resistance to foreign intervention that undermined its sovereignty and dignity defiled.


Joint Statement on the situation in the Middle East

January 16, 2012

Support the people who have risen up for their rights and their freedom! We condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran!

During 2011 the Arab people in North Africa and the Middle East stood up, one after the other. They did not want to be exposed to the consequences of monopolistic capitalist hegemony, as unemployment and poverty. They said no to oppression from the autocratic dictatorships that have watched this hegemony. But the 30-40 year-old despot regimes has been the main cause of the disorganization of the oppressed masses and has also prevented them from developing their awareness. The people who stood up have won some victories, but could not reap the real fruits of their struggle, to be able to form their own political power. At the same time, these bourgeois reactionary forces, supported by Western imperialists, preserved or try to preserve its hegemony by strengthening the power base with its new partners, although this hegemony has encountered certain difficulties.

The Arab people who stood up realizing their potential and tasted victory, and their struggle has not yet been turned down in any country, except in Libya. Despite the low consciousness and organization continues their people revolt and tries to overcome their weaknesses. They insist on resisting the reactionary forces that have reorganized themselves, especially through the advent of political Islam, which has been moderate and pro-American in almost every country.

“We oppose all imperialist interventions, whatever pretext”

We, the undersigned revolutionary communist and working parties that meet the Turkish Labor Party 6 Congress, expressing our pride and solidarity with the peoples’ mass struggles, not only in the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East, but also in Europe, from Spain to Greece, and in Latin America, from Venezuela to Ecuador, who are fighting for their national and social rights and freedoms, and we declare our support for the Palestinian people’s just struggle against imperialism and Israeli Zionism.

However, we are also aware of the fact that our biggest weakness is the inadequate consciousness and organization level of the world’s people, whether to rebel or other fields. And the imperialists and their collaborators exploit this weakness in attempts to renew the decaying basis of its hegemony and suppress the fighting by infiltrating the ranks of the people they claim to support, by manipulating these games in their own interest and remove them from their popular content.

The western imperialists, who have world domination in their hands and trying to strengthen its positions in competition with the rising imperialist powers, has not only aims to strengthen its domination in the countries that traditionally have been under their influence by suppressing the people’s struggles but they are also trying to establish its hegemony by influencing people and their struggles and use them as lifting rods in countries like Syria and Iran, as they have not been able to force the knee.

We support either Assad or Khamenei regime. But we also underlines the fact that when Western imperialists intervene with support from the reactionary forces in the region, the Turkish and Saudi reactionary forces, under the pretext of “democracy” and “dictator’s repression” has such a policy has nothing to do with people’s right to self or with people’s social and democratic aspirations.

We oppose all imperialist interventions – economic, political and military – whatever pretext, whether they are invited by the cooperative lackeys or not, and we condemn such a policy, which only brings war, blood and tears.

We ask all people of the world, and particularly the peoples of Syria and Iran, to be on guard against the imperialist interventions and traps in the style of the Libyan example, to show solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of the region and to continue the struggle against imperialism and the reactionary forces .

Ankara, 20.12.2011

Albania’s communist party
Benin Communist Party
Belgium’s Labour
Cyprus’ new communist party
Ecuador’s Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
Spanish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninists)
Organization for the reconstruction of Greece’s Communist Party (Anasintaxi)
Tunisian Communist Workers’ Party (PCOT)
Turkey’s Workers’ Party (Emek Partisi)


PCMLE: 2011 – A Year of Youth Mobilization & Struggle

En Marcha, January 5, 2012

The crisis of capitalism and its effects on the world worsened in the 2011, the demonstrations, protests and launched shots of places young people and made them key players in an intense struggle against unpopular regimes and policies demanding democracy, freedom and better living conditions.

The first country to move was Tunisia, which together with the leftist movement led to the overthrow of dictator Ben Ali Zine el Abidinee, for the January 14 fight was the center of Egypt against Mubarak’s government, who left office in spite of the help they received from U.S. imperialism, under pressure from workers, youth and workers in the streets demanding his departure.

As a Sunday May 15 young men called themselves the “outraged” completely filled Puerta del Sol in Spain and 150 seats, meeting under the cry of “real democracy now.” Despite trying to be evicted by the police, the youth confessed to have no more fear, “The voice of the people is not illegal,” shouted the protesters after hearing this news. They realized that failure is not the economy, is not corruption, is the capitalist system that unleashes the infamous dictatorship download the crisis on the shoulders of the people sparking outrage in Spain.

Education was the right on to South America, high school students in Argentina were the first at the Southern Cone ignited massive mobilizations in Buenos Aries expanding to the rest of the country, they ceased not put on alert the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

The Chile government repression stirred the minds of students and workers who were brutally suppressed, the style Pinochet, the student movement called for a national day of action twice for 18 and 19 October, and demonstrated in different cities, to demand a free, quality education, looking at new measures as “cacerolazo” already reaching 7 months of continuous protest.

By September hundreds of young Americans filled the area of​Trinity Place in New York, meeting under the slogans “Enough of corruption,” “curb cuts” and “do not market our future.” Despite the police evicted the outskirts of the Wall Street Center. There is no force to press the voice of young people and so many fans of all ages acted on behalf of “a new society that gives priority to people over the economic and political interests.”

The youth became in 2011 an example of combat. Threats and other attacks on freedom not undermined the rebellious spirit of youth, much less have failed to intimidate his liberating power. Spain, Greece, Libya, England, Chile and the U.S. were built and continue to ignite the flame of youth protest and the workers and peoples and give added strength to continue fighting for higher wins.


PCMLE: Famine in Africa or denial of food?

October 18, 2011

“This land is so fertile that there is nothing that can not be grown here, we do not need fertilizers or herbicides”, is the assertion of a happy businessman farmer. One would think that refers to the lands of the pampas of Argentina, the banks of the Parana Basin Guayas or Mississippi, but no, it is a statement that speaks of Ethiopian land; apparent contradiction, then, the world knows that the people of that African country dies of hunger.

Recent news tells of a drought that flares up in 2011. It is the strongest in 60 years, brings famine to countries in the Horn of Africa, leaving the edge of death to more than twelve million people.

The Horn of Africa is made up also Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and parts of Kenya. Covering a population of approximately one hundred million inhabitants, of whom over 14% are suffering from hunger, and for whom the UN has appealed the world to donate 1.9 billion dollars, which do not reach.

Somalia is in the midst of an internal conflict that drives thousands of people fleeing violence and seeking food. They travel to Kenya or Ethiopia deepening crises themselves living these countries. The United Nations have done little. Send requests for donations, send peacekeeping troops to try to sustain the imperialist positions in Somalia, delivered a few tons of food. Hillary Clinton, without blushing, said that if Africans do not understand one they can not expect international aid continues to arrive, as if she didn’t represent the country that has done more damage to the planet.

This image of the Horn of Africa is presented as an obvious justification for the famine that is almost a constant. But the impossibility of maintaining order, the government or the law is just or justification in a case where that situation has not prevented those in power to sell or lease the best land in their countries to transnational corporations, title ” appropriate to use underutilized land. ”

The sale or rental of productive land to companies for their production is exported and sold at high prices in times like the present one, in which the FAO has reported that food prices have strong tendencies to rise, is in the facts, the reason for the famine in the Horn of Africa persists.

This is a neo-colonialist policies promoted by the UN through the FAO considers that fertile land should be properly exploited. With this argument the World Bank has legal changes opened the possibility that countries and large corporations to buy or lease large blocks of time for major production areas.

“India, Saudi Arabia and China are the first purchasers of land in Africa. But Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and companies in Sweden, Germany and UK, “claims a reporter. Likewise, these negotiations are benefiting from large corporations such as Karuturi, an Indian company located among the 25 largest in the world in the field of agriculture land in Ethiopia qaue rented in rice farming then exported to their country. So does the company Star, the Saudi billionaire Al Moudi, which invested 2 billion dollars. Beidahuang Group of Chinese capital has in Africa and other continents over two billion hectares.

So capitalism again show its savagery, violence, recklessness, inhumanity, … Their representatives, leaders, entrepreneurs to cry out for peace, while performing these policies of appropriation of foreign bread-only show that this system leads to the annihilation of mankind. In times of crisis like the present, sustain the rate of profit is not repaired at no cost.


PCMLE: An atrocious complicity

published in En March at the 5th of December 2011

International information realizes the resignation of Minister of Labor in Brazil, accused of corruption. With the resigning Carlos Lupi, seven ministers who have left their duties since Rousseff became president of that country in January. In Bolivia, a few weeks ago, three government officials of Evo Morales government resigned for the violent repression unleashed against the peasants that fight to oppose the construction of a road through a national park.

In our country it does not work that way. Here, the President of the Republic protects the corruptors and promotes the repression. When the case of illegal kickbacks and surcharges in the Ministry of Sports, in which is involved the former Minister Raul Carrion, President Correa had no qualms about defending and noted that against Carrion had been committed an injustice. While David Ortiz was in charge of the portfolio of Transport and Public Works was blamed for irregularities in awarding contracts for the construction of bridges and roads and collecting bribes for the same, however Ortiz went breezed out of these functions to take the national leadership of the DINSE. The most famous case is that of illegal contracts signed by Correas’ brother, Fabricio Correa this case is covered by land that is launched from the highest levels because the president himself would be involved for them.

During the strike of teachers, two years ago, Professor Bosco Wisuma died as a result of the violent police repression, in May last year, Javier Garcia, Mejia school student was hit by a projectile launched by police and lost his left eye, the last September Edison Cosíos, student of the same high school, was seriously wounded in the head by the action of the forces of repression, situation that keeps him serious risk even in exile in a hospital. In none of these cases have been punished those responsible.

They are not the unique cases of corruption and repression that remain unpunished, there are many more, but are covered with a blinding government advertising campaign to believe that corruption in high places has virtually been defeated. Nothing is more false than this. The defense of human rights is its logo.


PCMLE: Albania – Unmasking and Struggling against Titoite Revisionism

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE).

Yugoslav revisionism was to the old ideological foundation revisionist theories of Bernstein, Kautsky, anti-Marxist theories of all opportunists and enemies of socialism, the Trotskyites, Bukharin and social democracy.

In tandem with Albania and the Party of Labor of Albania undertook its struggle against Khrushchev revisionism and Chinese revisionism, revisionism Titoist also fought in Yugoslavia, which played a leading role in counter-revolutionary action and in favor of imperialism. Their aim against the Titoist PTA was to transform a Marxist-Leninist party in an opportunist party and make Albania a Yugoslav state.

Titoist Revisionists were a band of renegades who pushed their counterrevolutionary activity since 1948, this group was led by Joseph Tito after World War II, said national-chauvinist accented features and flourished in times of war. The Yugoslavs seized power product of the struggle against fascism and opportunistic traits immediately expressed his resignation to the Marxist-Leninist ideology, in its assumptions about the Soviet Union and Stalin in their attitudes and chauvinistic acts against Albania . According to Enver Hoxha “the Titoist were not for the construction of socialism, were not because the Communist Party of Yugoslavia should be guided by Marxist-Leninist theory and did not accept the dictatorship of the proletariat. In that originated the conflict that erupted between the Information Office of the Communist and Workers Parties and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia. ”

Yugoslav revisionism was to the old ideological foundation revisionist theories of Bernstein, Kautsky, anti-Marxist theories of all opportunists and enemies of socialism, the Trotskyites, Bukharin and social democracy.

The Yugoslavs played a difficult role in the spread of anti-Marxist theses which were mainly made at the Seventh Congress of the Communist League of Yugoslavia, they claim to follow an independent policy, but in reality its activity showed an adaptation to the policy of the imperialist camp.

The Titoism was characterized by “a feverish activity against Marxism-Leninism, to organize a worldwide propaganda campaign to present to the Yugoslav system in the form of a regime ‘real socialist’ as a ‘new society’ as a ‘socialism line ‘, which is like Lenin and Stalin had emerged in the Soviet Union, but as a socialist regime with’ human face ‘, which is experienced for the first time in the world and gives’ brilliant result’. Propaganda has been proposed to put in a blind alley to the people and progressive forces who fought for freedom and independence in the four corners of the globe. ”

Tito and his band in Yugoslavia adopted forms of government that were fought in time of Lenin and presumed to be used in the Soviet Union by the Trotskyists and other anarchists, they were encouraged by the bourgeoisie to sabotage the building of socialism and Yugoslavia dressed in the capitalist system by the so-called “Yugoslav self-management”, which was dressed in a robe Marxist-Leninist and tried to convince people that this system was the most authentic socialism. According to Enver Hoxha “the ‘self’ was born as an economic system, then extended the domain of the state organization and all other areas of life in the country. The theory and practice of ‘self’ is a denial Yugoslav open the teachings of Marxism-Leninism and the general laws of socialist construction. The economic and political system of ‘self’, is a form of anarcho syndicalist bourgeois dictatorship. ”

The thesis of the ‘self’ did much damage to the Yugoslav people, as stated in c. Enver “the system of ‘self’ with all its distinctive features, such as the elimination of democratic centralism, the unique leadership role of the state, federalism, anarchist, anti-state ideology in general, Yugoslavia has caused disorder and economic turmoil political and ideological standing, a weak and uneven development among the republics and regions, major social and class differences, discord and national oppression and degeneration of the spiritual life. It has caused a sharp division of the working class, provoking rivalry between its various detachments and feeding their bourgeois spirit. ”

Albania was a great example in the struggle against revisionism, was able to face the various facets counterrevolutionary who sought to distort the Marxist-Leninist theory of imperialism and defend, while it provided an important example of resistance and strength to the communists and workers the world.


PCMLE: The Struggle of the PLA against Revisionism

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE).

The first big fight was faced by Albanians against Khrushchev, Nikita Khrushchev led sect presented at the XX Congress of the CPSU ineffable a violent attack on the principles of Marxism-Leninism …

After the Second World War and the Communist proletariat were victorious, a quarter of the globe was under the banner of the working class and the Marxist-Leninists had acquired a great respect for the peoples of the world. The Soviet Union played an important role in this struggle, became an example to follow, the members of the CPSU, Comrade Stalin especially, constituted relating to the liberation struggle. Thus the bourgeoisie and imperialism seeking ways to destroy the socialist countries, they used against revolutions, sabotage and the action of the revisionists, that under a Marxist-Leninist phraseology masked their collaboration to overthrow socialism. Thus, after the death of Joseph Stalin (March 5, 1953), revisionism, which was hidden behind the shadows and found the time to attack and seize power of the USSR, to push forward an offensive anti-seize that sought the respect and admiration of the first socialist country to hit the proletariat.

Many Communists took over the task of exposing and combating revisionism his theses against revolutionary played an important role in the Labour Party of Albania (PTA) and the Albanian people, who faced before and in the midst of World War II and Italian Fascism occupants of Nazi Germany.

After conquering the people of Albania to expel the invaders from their land and began the process of building socialism in the way they fought against the various reviews that appeared as: Titoist, the Khrushchev, the Maoists, the Euro-, etc. .

The first major fight was against Khrushchev, Nikita Khrushchev led sect presented at the XX Congress of the CPSU ineffable a violent attack on the principles of Marxism-Leninism. “The report of the Central Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union, presented to Congress by N. Khrushchev proposed a number of theses, described as ‘new’, that constituted an alleged ‘creative development of Marxist-Leninist theory’ ”

The main anti-Marxist revisionists Khrushchev posed consisted of “The thesis of the so-called ‘whole building’ socialism, ‘end of social classes and class struggle’, ‘the party of all people, all State the people ‘sovereignty’ limited ‘from the old socialist countries. ” These approaches were able to gain ground as the revisionists managed to “reverse the socialist principles in the economy, politics, ideology, eliminated the socialist planning and operation Leninist party, its democracy ceased to exist and became formal, so they got abolish the criticism and self ”

To fulfill its role of enemies of the working class and disrupt the dictatorship of the proletariat, were endorsed by the attack of the bourgeoisie against Stalin and plated combat the so-called “cult of personalism,” thesis that sought to undermine the prestige of Joseph Stalin to strike a blow to the Marxist-Leninist teachings and legitimize the destruction of the Marxist Leninist CPSU made in its previous conference and adopt a revisionist political line.

Were the actions taken by multiple Albania in the defense of Marxism-Leninism and the fight against Khrushchev revisionism, including the publication of several papers and articles written by the PTA and mainly by c. Enver Hoxha, which were distributed in pamphlet form and translated into different languages. As well as their ongoing battle in the different scenarios to confront and expose the revisionist thesis as was the Third and Fourth Congress of PTA in which plants growing left Marxist-Leninist line and reject attempts revisionists, as well as various meetings Communist party in 1957 and 1960 in Moscow, as in the impromptu meeting in Bucharest (1960) in which the Albanians were able to drive a relentless struggle against revisionism and maintain the defense of the unity international community, while represented in scenarios in which the revisionists was defeated.

The heroic struggle of Socialist Albania, which was a small country with limited productive development, made the revisionists repeatedly launch campaigns to discredit and slander against the PTA and mainly against the party leadership and sought to undermine the leadership of Enver Hoxha as first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Albania. On several occasions, Khrushchev made known to the people of Albania to overthrow the communists from power, but the drive rail is not allowed to break the discipline and morale of the Albanians. Despite the sabotage, blackmail and economic blockade by the Soviet revisionist, the PTA held Albania and revolutionary line of Marxism-Leninism defense.


PCMLE: Enver Hoxha – Strong Defender of Marxism-Leninism

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE).

The constant struggle of Enver Hoxha was his concern for the working class to provide the materials needed to face the reaction and contributed to the elucidation of the true nature of the action that the enemies in Albania. Unified actions of the different sectors, including the woman who played an important role in the revolutionary process, which together with the workers gave their contribution to the conquest of political power of the state, which occurred on 29 November 1944.

Enver Hoxha was born on October 16, 1908, was one of the biggest advocates of Marxism-Leninism. Since his youth he joined the struggle against the occupation of their country.

With the establishment of the Communist Party of Albania, its role was decisive against the organization and the Albanian state. Enver Hoxha was named interim head of the Central Committee.

The constant struggle of Enver Hoxha was his concern for the working class to provide the materials needed to face the reaction and contributed to the elucidation of the true nature of the action that the enemies in Albania. Unified actions of the different sectors, including the woman who played an important role in the revolutionary process, which together with the workers gave their contribution to the conquest of political power of the state, which occurred on 29 November 1944.

After the liberation of Albania, the “allies” Anglo-Americans refused to recognize the new power and supported the reactionary interior. The Constituent Assembly elections gave a large majority of the Communists and patriots. Failing their attempts to overthrow the new regime, the United States and Britain withdrew their delegations from Albania.

During the liberation struggle, E. Hoxha opposed chauvinist positions on Kosovo Albanian reaction and defended the principle of respect for international borders established in 1912. Hoxha’s position was that the Kosovo problem should be discussed and resolved between socialist states after the victory over Nazism. The aim of Titus, in the context of its proposed Balkan Federation, was that Albania was the seventh Yugoslav province. To carry out his plan, he initiated a split in the Albanian Communist Party leadership. After the war, Albania was in a very difficult economic situation and the new power was in consolidation phase.

Such interference in Albanian affairs created an atmosphere of serious suspicions around the country. Within the communist movement, the young Albanian Communist Party dared to face Tito, leader of one of the most prestigious and influential games of the Cominform. This showed great courage and determination of Enver, especially when you consider that the Communist Party of Albania, was the only party in power had not yet been recognized as a member of Cominform, as Tito had a lot to see.

Attempts to overthrow the socialist system continued; raided Albania reactionary groups were eliminated. However, the blockade and the ideological pressure continued. In the sixties, Enver Hoxha, faced Khrushchev’s revisionist line in defense of Marxism-Leninism.

At the Conference of the Communist parties in Moscow in 1961, the Albanian party, with Enver Hoxha at the head, was the only one who openly opposed the CPSU, which will be subject to gibes cost and economic pressures. To cope with crop failures recorded, due to weather reasons, Albania need to import wheat. Khrushchev made known to the Albanians that if his party gave the USSR wheat cover their needs, and pointed with his particular “spirit of internationalism,” these needs “could be covered with wheat that rats were eaten each year in the USSR “. Enver Hoxha replied, “we prefer to eat roots rather than sell our independence and our principles.” The attitude of Enver Hoxha in Moscow Conference was of particular importance, because although he knew the differences between the Chinese party and the CPSU, Mao Zedong did not know whether Chinese PC and disagreed with his radical denunciation of revisionism.

Fought the social-Enver Hoxha, the thought of Mao on the theory of the Three Worlds, and the other revisionists and counter-currents that emerged at that time.

This is shown by his works as Imperialism and Revolution, The Khrushchevites, The Titoites and other writings that have contributed to the development of revolutionary theory and the defense of Marxism-Leninism as a legacy for contemporary revolutionary.

A Brief History

In 1924 the intelligentsia, the bourgeoisie of the South and return migrants from Albania, led the bourgeois democratic revolution to overthrow the government of the big landowners, feudal lords and clergy representatives of the great kept the Ottoman laws and refused to land reform. Enver is part of this movement.

With the triumph of the democratic revolution, Fan Noli was elected head of government, but six months later was dismissed by the reactionary forces: Ahmed Zogu funded abroad (the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and Standard Oil) and the specific support of Yugoslavia and Greece and a mercenary army, seized power and proclaimed himself President of the Republic, and later King of Albania.

In 1939, Italy invaded Albania with the changes in nature struggle, the struggle for social emancipation and against the dictatorship zoguista are combined with the struggle for national liberation and the need to unify the Communists in the construction of a single party .

On May 28, 1944, the National Liberation Army ELNA-was ordered to go on the offensive general for the complete liberation of Albania from German occupation and all reactionary forces. The Germans, on the same day, they released four and a half divisions, 50,000 men, against Division I National Liberation Army emerged victorious after a month of intense fighting which backed the fascist enemy. At that time about half of the Albanian territory was liberated.

In October ELNA already had 70,000 combatants between youth and peasants, 9% of this army was made up women. It was an overwhelming force, so that contributed to the liberation of Yugoslavia.

On November 29, 1944 Albania gets its final release and Enver Hoxha is responsible for leading this country to build socialism.


PCMLE: Socialism, urgent demand for the liberation of women

From En Marcha, the newspaper of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE).

“Our experience has fully confirmed the absolute necessity to link the problem of complete emancipation of women in national liberation and the cause of the proletariat. Without the participation of women can not be carried out successfully without the socialist revolution and that revolution is impossible to achieve the full emancipation of women” (Enver Hoxha)

The process of accumulating forces for revolution involves the development of a planned and systematic action to bring women working and popular sectors in the fight for socialism, because they simply can not understand a revolution without their participation.

The importance of the work of communists among women-so special and priority among workers-can be explained if we consider that it is not one of several particularly discriminated against minorities, but half or more than half of the population the world. But its worth not only be explained by the numbers but by their objective and subjective conditions of existence. Joining the sphere of production and work promoted by the development of the capitalist system and the ancestral oppression that has been subjected to equip workers and working women in general, a permeability to exchange ideas; allow the development of social consciousness, which added to his eminently practical mind, make a major and essential component of the revolutionary movement.

In working with this sector of the population should be noted that the oppression that has been submitted, and all oppression is a class issue, derived from the rule of private property. In this respect, Lenin said: “In any bourgeois republic (ie where there is private ownership of land, factories, workshops, actions, etc.), Even if it’s the most democratic republics anywhere the world, women have achieved a position of complete equality. “And later, in conversation with Clara Zetkin said:” The thesis must indicate clearly that freedom of women is only possible through communism. The inseparable link between the human and social position of women and the private ownership of the means of production must be vividly noted ….”

The ruling classes have been working in the awareness of women to nurture a sense of inferiority and submissive acceptance of a subordinate role in society has marginalized the rights has deepened inequalities and exploitation.

Breaking this mindset and its embodiment in the everyday life of women and incorporate it into the struggle for their economic, social and political work is part of our game guides and should be pushed in all the sectors in which it operates its militancy, women and men, because their problem is not exclusive jurisdiction of those, then, men are also tied to their causes, effects and consequences.

All agencies of Party policy designed to develop specific organizational tactics involving women demand equality and democratic, in that context, spreading the belief that total release is only guaranteed under socialism.