Bill Bland & Norberto Steinmayr: In Defence of Enver Hoxha

By Bill Bland & Norberto Steinmayr, (Former Secretaries of the Albanian Society) The Question of Dictatorship One of the main charges leveled against Enver Hoxha by the current regime in Albania and its supporters is that, during the period in which he was General, and then First, Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania,Continue reading “Bill Bland & Norberto Steinmayr: In Defence of Enver Hoxha”

Bill Bland: Enver Hoxha As World Statesman

ALL IMAGES FROM “ENVER HOXHA”; Tirana (Talk by Bill Bland to an Albanian Society meeting in 1985) Transcribed by Comrade NS I feel that the title of my address – “Enver Hoxha as World Statesmen” – must have caused some raised eyebrows. Whether they like their policies or not, most people would accept Ronald ReaganContinue reading “Bill Bland: Enver Hoxha As World Statesman”

Enver Hoxha on Africa

“Africa is a mosaic of peoples with an ancient culture. Each African people has its own culture, customs, way of life, which, with some variations, are at a very backward stage, for well-known reasons. The awakening of the bulk of these peoples has only recently begun. De jure, the African peoples, in general, have wonContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on Africa”

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh  (real name, Nguyen Tat Thanh; for many years used various party pseudonyms, including Nguyen Ai Quoc; adopted the name Ho Chi Minh in early 1942). Born May 19, 1890, in the village of Kiem Lin, Nghe An Province; died Sept. 3, 1969, in Hanoi. Figure in the Vietnamese and international communist movementsContinue reading “The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on Ho Chi Minh”

Rosa Luxemburg on Socialism or Barbarism

“Today, we face the choice exactly as Friedrich Engels foresaw it a generation ago: either the triumph of imperialism and the collapse of all civilization as in ancient Rome, depopulation, desolation, degeneration – a great cemetery. Or the victory of socialism, that means the conscious active struggle of the international proletariat against imperialism and itsContinue reading “Rosa Luxemburg on Socialism or Barbarism”

Kwame Nkrumah on Neo-Colonialism

“In place of colonialism as the main instrument of imperialism we have today neo-colonialism. The essence of neo-colonialism is that the State which is subject to it is, in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty. In reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside. TheContinue reading “Kwame Nkrumah on Neo-Colonialism”

Challenging Capitalism and Patriarchy: An Interview with bell hooks

THIRD WORLD VIEWPOINT: You have written extensively on feminist issues and on racial oppression in America, and your analyses are always thoughtful and incisive but, in terms of being an intellectual in the elitist sense of the word, does it bother you that the masses of African American women and men may, perhaps, not getContinue reading “Challenging Capitalism and Patriarchy: An Interview with bell hooks”

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on William Z Foster

Foster, William Z Born Feb. 25, 1881, in Taunton, Mass.; died Sept. 1, 1961, in Moscow. Figure in the American and international labor movements. The son of a worker, Foster began working at the age of ten. Between 1891 and 1917 he worked in various branches of industry, in transportation, and as a sailor. HeContinue reading “The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on William Z Foster”

The Spanish Gold and Financing Soviet Military Aid

The following text is from Daniel Kowalsky’s book Stalin and the Spanish Civil War. The selected excerpt is from chapter 11 of the book, “The Spanish Gold and Financing Soviet Military Aid.”  – E.S. The gold transfer is the best-documented aspect of Soviet-Spanish relations during the civil war, and thus need only be rapidly summarized here. AccordingContinue reading “The Spanish Gold and Financing Soviet Military Aid”

American Party of Labor: Insights into Socialist Albania from “Pickaxe and Rifle”

William Ash’s Pickaxe and Rifle: the Story of the Albanian People is a comprehensive, diversified, in-depth study and explanation of the experiences and the social system of the tiny, formerly Marxist-Leninist Balkan country. Ash was invited to travel to the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania in 1969. He visited again in 1971. He was given the opportunityContinue reading “American Party of Labor: Insights into Socialist Albania from “Pickaxe and Rifle””

Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin”

Please note the posting of this introduction to the book “The Essential Stalin” does not necessarily imply support of Franklin’s political line.  — E.S. I used to think of Joseph Stalin as a tyrant and butcher who jailed and killed millions, betrayed the Russian revolution, sold out liberation struggles around the world, and ended upContinue reading “Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin””

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR): Nationalization of public transport now! The people in power!

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians, mostly young people, are in the streets to demand the reduction of the absurd buses fares and a free pass. Public transport in our country is of poor quality, though it is one of the most expensive in the world. So 37 million Brazilians are forced to walk because theyContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR): Nationalization of public transport now! The people in power!”

This Day in History: When Kim Il Sung Took Power

BY BRANDON K. GAUTHIER, OCTOBER 9, 2012 October 10 marks the anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), which guides the Korean people to always emerge victorious. – Korean Central News Agency[i]  Celebrated annually, authorities in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) refer to October 10 as “Party Foundation Day.”  The Great Leader, Pyongyang contends, createdContinue reading “This Day in History: When Kim Il Sung Took Power”

Political Declaration of the PCMLE on the Events in Turkey

The Eurasian country is now experiencing a violent storm created by the massive struggle of various popular sectors of workers, young students, women, school teachers, doctors and other professionals who, with the movement in the streets, are confronting the neoliberal, repressive and sell-out government of the AKP (party of “justice” and “development”), headed by PrimeContinue reading “Political Declaration of the PCMLE on the Events in Turkey”

Syria calls on Turkish PM to resign over crackdown

Syria gleefully turned the tables on Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday over his response to anti-government demonstrations, calling on him to halt the violent repression of peaceful protests or resign. Erdogan, a former ally of Bashar al-Assad, turned against him after the Syrian uprising erupted in March 2011, which has since descended into aContinue reading “Syria calls on Turkish PM to resign over crackdown”