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PCMLE: Important step in the popular movement

Three events of great importance to the organized popular movement has been made in these days in the country: the national congresses of the FESE, FEUE and UNE. Highlighted in all of these is the massive presence of delegates, the broad participation of these in their debates to define policy guidelines for action and future tasks, and the unitary character of them all. And there is a fourth element matching in these events and it is the decision to continue facing the anti-popular policy of the government of Rafael Correa that differs little from its predecessors.

By different means the government has tried to affect the action of these organizations. Efforts to divide have been more but failed, the economic boycott in the case of UNE-has not worked, nor the persistent campaign of vilification and slander launched by the President himself. After their Congress FESE, UNE and FEUE out unified and strengthened, with provision to raise new actions to fight for specific claims and general benefit of the peoples of Ecuador.

Their resolutions are agree to work for strengthening the unity of the people’s organizations, who maintain a policy of independence and opposition to the government to create a front for action to face in better way with the populist and demagogic regime of Rafael Correa. The experience of work together in the No campaign gives impulse to this line of action.

The events in question, like that of the CONAIE made weeks ago, show that the government does not have the support of organized popular movement. Of course they are not the only organizations that maintain such behavior, also it has the trade unions, peasants, youth , women, population, artists organizations, etc. This is a great weakness of the regime and a great strength of those fighting against the government from the left and progressive positions, so these days the government is working to show the existence of unions or associations that support it, for which they have the action of defectors from the popular movement, revisionists and opportunists of all kinds who bill each of its movements

No doubt the organized popular movement has gained a new political victory with these events.


PCMLE: The government wears and the people progress

To the extent that the Correa government experienced the shift to the right and, progressively, reaffirming its authoritarian, arrogant, undemocratic and repressive forces also began to lose popular support. Correa is not now the person with more than 80% of acceptance, Correa is who now with the name of “forgiveness” disguised a defeat, is one that the persecution and imprisonment intended to silence the voices of protest that grow and multiply, who despite having his hands tucked in justice and supervisory organisms to enjoy impunity, can not prevent official corruption splashes and remove the letterhead to be the government of clean hands. The massive participation of people in the March days proves it..

The first skirmishes became apparent confrontation with the population of Dayuma, with social and labor sectors present in Montecristi, requiring consistency in the drafting of the new Constitution, then escalate with teachers in strike, with peasants and indigenous communities that, in defense of water and life, opposed and oppose the extractive policies of the regime, with high school students for the duration of the card and college student by the technocratic and elitist system of admission, the residents of neighborhoods against taxes. A crucial point in this confrontation and measurement of forces, no doubt, was the popular consultation and we know that to win the Pyrrhic victory he held had to resort to fraud and shameful maneuvers. .

All this makes clear that the social struggle against correÃsmo grows in direct proportion to the intensification of its policy right, repressive and prodictatorial. This is a government eroded without implying that it is cornered, but certainly is a time when the people begin to lose their fear, which Correa is down and the people to rise .


PCMLE: On his knees before the boss

On his knees before the boss

The National Electoral Council is fulfilling faithfully the commitment they have with the president, Rafael Correa, that is, organize presidential and legislative elections so that the results benefit to the correaismo. In other words, working to assemble a blatant election fraud.

On 24th February, the agency defined the 2013 election calendar so that on February 17th will be held the first round and the second on April 7th . This enabled the reforms take effect to the Code of Democracy that run from February 4th and entered by the “ministry of law.” According to the schedule defined by the previous CNE the elections should take place on January 20 for this reason the recent electoral reforms would have no effect because the constitution does not permit to do reforms to the previous year to them. The reforms imposed by the correaismo are made with the purpose that, Alianza PAIS, with less voting, reaches mayor quotation in the National Assembly.

The CNE resolution is illegal and unconstitutional and not supported by technical and financial grounds. If there is already a definite date for the elections of 2013 (January 20) is an immorality vary the election timetable for the reforms are effective and thus benefit the government candidates. The electoral organism has complied with the order of President Correa, made pubic weeks ago, to reformulate the electoral calendar which shows his subservience. It is an act that violates the principles of autonomy, independence and transparency that are supposed rule to that function of the state.

This is just a chapter that show the subjection of the both the legislative and electoral institutions to the president’s authoritarian and undemocratic will.

Legislative work and the response that Jaime Nebot gives from moment to moment from the mayor of Guayaquil. His behavior is due to agree that the bourgeoisie has with government policy. This, the initial shock has passed to the satisfaction to see that in the “citizens’ revolution” their privileges and wealth are respected. So they also chant that this “revolution” is for everyone.


The Assassination of Jaime Hurtado

April 1999, Ecuador

The Democratic Popular Movement (DPM), the Communist Party Marxist Leninist of Ecuador (CPMLE), the Popular Front and other organizations that make up the organization Popular Unity, express their sorrow and indignation and assure to all members of these organizations, of other popular and leftist organizations and to all freedom fighters all over the world, that the evil and cowardly assassination of our comrades Jaime Hurtado, Pablo Tapia and Wellington Borja, is a new act of state terrorism accomplished by the reactionary forces led by the government presided by Jamil Mahuad.

This criminal act took place yesterday, Wednesday February 17th 1999, around 13:20 few meters away from the building of the Supreme Court and a block away from the House of the Parliament. A group of unarmed people fired at our comrades. The bullets, caliber 9mm are used only by the organs of state security.

Despite the fact that the place where our comrades were assassinated is under constant surveillance by the police, and a few steps away stands the security service of the building of the Supreme Court, nothing was done to seize the murderers who managed to run away through traffic jams in a Suzuki Forza.

Jaime Hurtado Gonzalez was a national Deputy and the chairman of the Parliamentary block of the DPM. When young he became a leader of the struggle of the people, vehemently exposed the arrogance of the Government, a tireless fighter for a new motherland ruled by the working people. He was accompanied by Pablo Tapia, associate Deputy for the DPM and Wellington Borja, member of the DPM and cousin of Jaime.

The crime is part of a campaign of the government to frighten anti-government protesters. When the Government took office four peasants who claimed land in the town of Salite were assassinated; shortly after, in the demonstrations of October 1st, bullets of the police and the military killed three workers; months later the union leader Saul Canar was brutalized, tortured and finally murdered, while the police blamed his co-workers for the death of Saul; the government carries out mass arrests of student protesters; security forces broke into the headquarters of the DPM in the El Triunfo and arrested several leaders and members of that organization; the government accuses the DPM and the CPMLE of being involved in armed struggle; protesting teachers are threatened to be fired. These and others are the different manifestations of state terrorism envisaged by rightist forces, big corporations with the support of the US Embassy.

On February 5th Jaime Hurtado when attending in Guayaquil the activities of protest against the government and its neo-liberal reforms was brutalized. This time a group of people in uniform took him aside and badly hit him. Several leaders of various progressive organizations and workers unions have been threatened and attacked by Government officials. Several days ago the Parliament voted a motion to request the Minister of Defence, General Jorge Gallard, and the former Prime Minister, Ana Lucia Armijos to face public allegations of violation of human rights and of illegally accusing the DPM of being engaged in what they call subversive activities.

This last assassination takes place at a moment when 120 thousand teachers are currently on strike, something that the millions spent in publicity by the Government and the threats of massive lay-offs have not been able to avert. The Government claims that the strikers represent particular interests of the DPM, trying to confuse the honest leadership of this party in the strike of the teachers with the legitimate demands of the teachers. The current Prime Minister, Vladimiro Alvarez had given up the post of Minister of education being unable to face the legitimate demands of the protesting teachers.

We demand that the Supreme Court finds and brings to justice those responsible for the assassination of Jaime Hurtado. We do not want the Government to claim that they respect our comrades and talk about democracy. We want justice and punishment. We want to see those factually and intellectually responsible for the crime, which is just part of the strategy of the Government to brutalize and leave the people to die of starvation.

From our side, we will follow the struggle of those fallen and other popular heroes who lost their lives in armed struggle against criminal Governments and right wing forces. Everybody, workers, peasants, teachers and students, housewives, rank and file christians, leftist democrats, for us Jaime Hurtado is an example of tireless struggle for the rights of the people. We call for a broad united front to face the state terrorism and to overthrow the neo-liberal Government.

Our organizations are rooted in the people and our people do not get scared. They will not be able to scare us. On the contrary we raise today the banners of revolutionary change with more enthusiasm, and we are ready more than ever to face and defeat the enemies of the people. No matter how many crimes the Government commits, the ideals of Jaime, Pablo and Wellington will find support throughout the country, in the hearts of the peoples of Ecuador and flourish in the Popular Power, for which we will always struggle hand in hand with the oppressed.

  • Democratic Popular Movement (DPM).
  • Communist Party Marxist Leninist of Ecuador (CPMLE).
  • Popular Front National Union of Teachers (PFNUT).
  • General Union of Workers of Ecuador (GUWE).
  • Federation of University Students of Ecuador (FUSE).
  • Federation of High School Students of Ecuador (FHSSE).
  • Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador (RYE).


Video: Jaime Hurtado su voz y su pueblo

Turkey: Sixth Congress of the Labour Party (EMEP) Resolution

We support people who have rebelled for their rights and freedoms, condemn the imperialist conspiracies against Syria and Iran.

During 2011, the Arab peoples of North Africa and the Middle East have raised a after another. They did not want to be reported to the consequences of the hegemony of monopoly capitalism, nor voted on unemployment and poverty, and have rejected the repression of autocratic dictatorships that preserved this hegemony. The regimes despotic that lasted for 30 or 40 years have been the main reason for disorganization of the oppressed masses and have served as obstacles to the realization. The people who have raised have won some victories, but failed to collect the real fruits of their struggle, such as risucire to conquer their own political power. Therefore, the bourgeois reactionary forces backed by Western imperialism have maintained or are trying to maintain their hegemony, which has been questioned, strengthening their bases with new workers.

The Arab peoples that have been raised, have realized their potential and have tasted some victories, their struggles have not yet been crushed in any part, except Libya. Despite the low level of consciousness and organization, people have brought continue their uprising with an effort that aims to overcome the weaknesses, and continue to against the attacks of the reactionary forces that have reorganized especially through of political support, which has become a force moderate and pro-U.S. based in almost all countries.

We, the communist and workers parties and organizations have signed this document, meeting in VI Congress of the Workers’ Party of Turkey, we express our pride and solidarity with the mass struggles of the peoples, not only of the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East, but also of Europe, from Greece to Spain, Latin America, Venezuela and Ecuador, for the rights and social freedoms and national, as we proclaim our support for the Palestinian people’s just struggle against imperialism and Zionism in Israel.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the fact that our main weakness is the inadequate level of consciousness and organization of the peoples of the world, both during the uprisings in other processes. The imperialists and their accomplices take advantage of this weakness in their efforts to restore the decaying bases of their sovereignty and punish these struggles by ideological penetration and infiltration into the ranks of the people who claim to want to support, exploiting the struggle for their interests and by eliminating popular features.

The Western imperialism, which keeps the global hegemony in his hands and tries to strengthen its position in competition with the imperialist powers on the rise, not only aims to strengthen its hegemony in countries traditionally under its influence of suppressing popular struggles, but also attempts to establish its hegemony influencing people and their struggles, using them as levers to countries like Syria and Iran, which have not yet been subdued.

We do not support schemes and Assad | Ahmadinejad. However, we stress the fact that when the imperialist powers involved with the support of the reactionary forces of region such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in the name dell’apoggio the so-called “opposition” Syria and Iran under the pretext of fighting for “democracy” and “suppression of dictators, “these policies have nothing to do with rights to self-determination and their democratic aspirations and social. We oppose all actions imperialist – both economic and political and military – whatever their reason, they are desired by their accommodating staff or not, and condemn these policies only bring war, bloodshed and suffering.

We appeal to the peoples of the world, especially the peoples of Syria and Iran, to be in guard against the traps and imperialist interventions like those that occurred in Libya, show solidarity with the struggles of the peoples of the region and to support the fight against imperialism and the reactionary forces.

Ankara, December 2011

Communist Party of Albania
Communist Party of Benin
Workers’ Party of Belgium
New Cyprus Party
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
Spanish Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)
Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55)
Communist Party of Workers of Tunisia
Turkish Labour Party


PCMLE: An atrocious complicity

published in En March at the 5th of December 2011

International information realizes the resignation of Minister of Labor in Brazil, accused of corruption. With the resigning Carlos Lupi, seven ministers who have left their duties since Rousseff became president of that country in January. In Bolivia, a few weeks ago, three government officials of Evo Morales government resigned for the violent repression unleashed against the peasants that fight to oppose the construction of a road through a national park.

In our country it does not work that way. Here, the President of the Republic protects the corruptors and promotes the repression. When the case of illegal kickbacks and surcharges in the Ministry of Sports, in which is involved the former Minister Raul Carrion, President Correa had no qualms about defending and noted that against Carrion had been committed an injustice. While David Ortiz was in charge of the portfolio of Transport and Public Works was blamed for irregularities in awarding contracts for the construction of bridges and roads and collecting bribes for the same, however Ortiz went breezed out of these functions to take the national leadership of the DINSE. The most famous case is that of illegal contracts signed by Correas’ brother, Fabricio Correa this case is covered by land that is launched from the highest levels because the president himself would be involved for them.

During the strike of teachers, two years ago, Professor Bosco Wisuma died as a result of the violent police repression, in May last year, Javier Garcia, Mejia school student was hit by a projectile launched by police and lost his left eye, the last September Edison Cosíos, student of the same high school, was seriously wounded in the head by the action of the forces of repression, situation that keeps him serious risk even in exile in a hospital. In none of these cases have been punished those responsible.

They are not the unique cases of corruption and repression that remain unpunished, there are many more, but are covered with a blinding government advertising campaign to believe that corruption in high places has virtually been defeated. Nothing is more false than this. The defense of human rights is its logo.


Letter of Marcelo Rivera

“They chase us because we fear, and fear us because we are not afraid”

“I know that prison can not stop the advance of history, the development process up to victory. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our revolutionary spirit. ”

Julius Fucik

Just days after joining – unintentionally – the Center for Social Rehabilitation Sucumbíos, now known as “Guantanamo of Ecuador”, received a visit from a fellow who had not seen for many years.

I met him when he visited these lands in a manner almost always due to the responsibility of the national presidency in Java. It is common that when two people who spoke for a few minutes, but share the ideological principles, revolutionary goals to establish a relationship almost immediately, as if they knew themselves for years.

When I discovered my surprise transfer to prison in the province received their solidarity visit, the years passed, but follow the principles and conviction intact. Among the things fit to bring me gave me something very valuable: some books. Among them a very special for reasons of apparent “lack of time” when he was at liberty had not been able to read with the attention he needed. This is the book Julius Fucik, “Report to the foot of the gallows.” I never imagined I would read this magnificent work in prison.

Julius Fucik was born on January 23, 1903 in Prague. He studied philosophy in the city of Pilsen, in 1921 joined the Communist Party. In the same period he began his work as literary critic and theatrical. He was editor of various communist publications. In February 1941 he became a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party underground. In April 1942 he was arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned for a year and five months in prison Pankrac cell 267. He was executed in Berlin on September 8, 1943.

His “Report to the foot of the gallows”, taken from prison leaf by leaf, was published in 1945. Going through your paragraphs carefully in my mind comes the difficult moments of unjust imprisonment, the violent occupation of the university police at December 8, 2009, Correa’s threats to imprison me, transfers from one prison to another, extreme vigilance of police officers, the constant harassment, etc.. etc..

Despite all this straight, without ever hesitate convinced each day and hour of triumph of the revolution. How Fucik “He loved life and its beauty marched to the battlefield” … “I lived for the joy and the joy hill. Abuse and injustice would be to put on my grave an angel of sadness ”

I am very optimistic because my buddies always tell me the progress of the revolutionary struggle in the country, the successes achieved and the selflessness with which to fight the rightwing government of Correa. Fucik said “… and now, precisely at this hour millions of men fighting in the final battle for human freedom and thousands fall for this fight. I am one of them. And being one of them, be one of those fighters in the final battle is a beautiful thing. “Then you ask, I wonder: How many millions of cells began to humanity as a way forward? And how many have to go?

I turn to the words of Fucik in prison and I know that the prison can not stop the advance of history, the development of bottom-up process to win. Instead, we lose the fear, we surround ourselves more libertarian heat of combat, the threats of those who bear the authoritarianism does not affect us. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our spirit Revolutionary.

Persecute us because we fear, and fear us because we have no fear.

I conclude this letter recommending to all colleagues, friends and activists reading this book.

I turn to the Fucik other words: “We do not want to be alone, we are not alone. We’re together for now, in freedom and fighting as we sing … “” Comrades in cold cell arrests, are with us, though not with us form our ranks … ”

Prison Sucumbíos

Cell AM-PB

Challenges in the journal of the Left, July 2011 – Ecuador.


Correa: the Class Enemy

Correa and his administration unmasked by themselves with their actions. In this case, the arrest of indigenous representative Marco Guatemal is the latest evidence that Correa is only defending their own, the Ecuadorian bourgeoisie.

A few months ago, Marco Guatemal and his comrades began a journey, a mobilization of peasants and indigenous peoples to defend their right to water freely. This is a sample of semi-feudal struggle against the working classes all have to face a “socialism of the XXI century” like Correa.

Well, Correa has also arrested and charged with terrorism. The Correa government’s mask falls off and displayed for what it is, enemies of the people.




PCMLE: Capitalism, the source of predation on the planet

Capitalism markets increasingly demand more and more sources of raw materials, more and more profits. The result is that the very survival of the planet is dangerous.

Since 1973, 5 June every year to celebrate World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in its resolution XXVII December 15, 1972.

Since that time 37 years have passed in which increasingly spreads the need to preserve nature. What is done is mainly awareness to the people of the land on the damage caused by pollution and the need to establish habits regarding consumption, waste so that their impact on the environment is reduced.

Undoubtedly, these campaigns are important because they help to better understand the workings of nature and the impact it has on it the action of man. Fall in the same area other campaigns that global or continental performed. Thus, the February 2 is World Wetlands Day, the March 22 World Water Day, the April 22 World Day of the Earth, on 22 May, International Biodiversity Day, May 31 National Day of reflection on natural disasters, the June 8 World Ocean Day, the Day August 8 inter air quality, the October 7 World Habitat Day and the list goes on, is long.

However, hindsight has convinced so many days devoted to nature, to his defense and care, little has been served.

Perhaps many millions of people have changed their habits and assumed other, less harmful to nature, but the fact is that increasingly it destroys more. Climate change as a result of improper handling a case in point is that all humanity suffers.

Indeed millions campaigns aim to download on the shoulders of men and women worldwide responsibility effectively have a small group of people and corporations, but especially a model, a system of life that in itself is an attack on the life .

The lust for profit at any price they have all entrepreneurs is one of the reasons why. Production to ensure the widest possible scale benefits, reduce production costs by outsourcing some of them even as it is, for example, waste management, increase profits, but socialize the garbage.

The huge productions must be distributed, consumed by an audience eager for them, so it becomes essential to create needs for people to consume what is produced look, buy more than you really need. Moreover, the new look consuming, discarding the old, but still serve. This ensures corporate profits at the expense of handling consumer consciousness, destroying nature.

The employer earns more the bigger, the larger market. So for decades companies worldwide are in an aggressive merger, which creates giant oligopolies planetary promote the consumption of their products all over the world. The very propaganda of Coca Cola is a clear example of this.

This approach has a support of a political, ideological, that is capitalism. The appropriation of another’s work has resulted in huge masses of people living in poverty. The ruthless exploitation of nature on a global scale brings with it the destruction of the environment. Examples exist lots, destroying the Amazon rainforest at a dizzying pace to get your precious woods, whales in danger of extinction because of indiscriminate killing, it is the raw material for many products, greenhouse gases changing the climate and thousands of facts. All have as background the voracious appetite of the profit that promotes unsustainable way of life is called capitalism.


PCMLE Editorial – Human rights: more than a flag of struggle than a reality

NATO summit 2011 - the promoters of "human rights" and destroyers of nations

December 10 is celebrated internationally, the Human Rights Day. In 1950 the General Assembly of the United Nations urged all Member States to observe that day as well, considering that in similar date in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted.

It’s been over six decades and the balance of it continue being negative. Because the incompatibility between human rights and capitalism. The latter is built upon the foundation of exploiting of the labor of others, provoking and support contradictions and forms of ethnic segregation, gender, generational, according to circumstances and to restrict and overrides political freedoms and rights when needed to do to ensure stability of system.

The economic and political crisis that capitalism lives has become more visible the numbers of manifestations reveal that for millions of workers, for entire peoples human rights are more a flag of struggle than a reality.

Millions of workers without jobs, millions of children, young people without access to education, a similar number of women without access to health, whole peoples struggling for democracy, for freedom … in short, is the picture that portrays the reality of this system.

In our country the situation is similar. The right to protest is practically nonexistent, who do join the list goes on trial for sabotage or terrorism, the right to give opinions passes through the same path, then, from the highest levels of government is described which is a slur, an insult and, therefore, what is worth the trial and punishment. The executive exercises control over the judicial system annulled, in fact, the right to justice those who are on the opposite bank to correísmo [Correa-ism — E.S.].

The fact of Ecuadorian government in the field of human rights, is very far from what the universal declaration referred; its authoritarian character puts it in the list of regimes that violate them.


PCMLE: “The real emancipation of the peoples is the revolution and socialism”

From En Marcha, #1545
Organ of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
August 19 to 25, 2011

As part of the work that the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations is carrying out, last July a meeting of the Latin American parties took place. At the meeting were the Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil, the Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist), the Communist Party of Labor of the Dominican Republic, the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador, the Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist) and the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela.

After evaluating the work that these parties are carrying out in each of the countries and discussing the most important events that are taking place in the region and the world, the meeting approved a Political Declaration that we reproduce below.

U.S. imperialism and its European allies: France, England, Spain, Italy, are trying to manipulate the just struggle of the Arab peoples, to channel the indignation of the working masses and the youth towards a change of names, maintaining the economic and social structures and the weight of dependency.

After reviewing the latest events in our countries, in Latin America and the world we declare:

1. The stories told by imperialism claiming that there is a recovery from the crisis are falling apart every day, with the increasing numbers of unemployed, the decrease in production, the worsening of the fiscal deficits and the increase in the foreign debt in most of the countries of Europe, in Japan and the U.S.A., which seriously affect the supposed stability of the capitalist system and sharpening its inherent contradictions. This prolonged crisis that is affecting all the countries of the world shows not only the failure of the recovery policies implemented by imperialism, but also the decay of the system, which is mortally wounded and incapable of guaranteeing the well-being and freedom for which humanity is struggling.

2. The struggle of the working class, the working people, the youth and the peoples is spreading all over the world. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Yemen and other countries of North Africa and Asia Minor are an example of the struggle against the reactionary dictatorships and governments, who with the applause of the bourgeoisies and the imperialist powers have sunk these peoples into the deepest crisis, hunger and the cruelest misery, despite the immense wealth generated by the exploitation of oil, gas and other natural resources. In addition, with the complicity of the UN they resort to military intervention, to the bombing of the civilian population in Libya, using the pretext of the fight against tyranny, all with the aim of guaranteeing the established order and the continuity of all its profits that are the product of colonization and exploitation of these peoples. We completely reject the foreign intervention in Libya. It is up to the Libyan people themselves to resolve the problems of their country. No more military aggression and intervention in Afghanistan and Palestine! We Communists raise the banner of self-determination, sovereignty, well-being and freedom!

3. Active and valiant opposition to imperialism and the reactionary governments is also alive in Europe. In Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, England and other countries of Europe there has been a general rejection of the reduction in wages, the pension reforms, the increase in taxes, privatizations and the reduction of the budgets for health care, education, housing and in general of all the legislative programs by which the crisis is being placed on the shoulders of the working masses. Numerous strikes and mobilizations are showing an important revival of the working class and youth that is again speaking out for unity and the political initiative to confront the recovery policies and to reject the reactionary governments. The great mobilizations of youths that are taking place in Spain and other European countries deserve particular mention, which show the exhaustion of bourgeois democracy and the search for roads to social liberation.

4. In Latin America the struggle continues, it is showing a greater advance and development. The structural adjustment policies implemented by most of the governments in the last years have not achieved their expected objectives, much less do they represent measures aimed at the well-being of the masses. The different struggles that are developing in our countries calling for higher wages, labor stability, respect for the right to association, negotiation, collective contracts and strikes, the rejection of outsourcing, the demands for health care and education, greater rights and liberties are arousing the ever greater participation of numerous organizations on the continent that do not kneel before the measures of the bourgeois governments and that struggle for political freedom for the people. The student youth in Chile together with the working masses and the Mapuche people are carrying out large mobilizations in defense of freedom, public education and democracy. The desire for change is breaking through in our various countries, large contingents of the masses are participating in the political struggle and are taking up the banner of working for the victory of democratic and progressive governments that really promote the defense of sovereignty, respect of human rights, well-being and political freedom. The democratic and anti-imperialist tendency in Latin America is an unquestionable fact that is opening the way, is growing and offering numerous possibilities for the advance of the revolution.

5. The rise through elections of several democratic and progressive governments in Latin America constitute important steps in that direction. Nevertheless today, the existence and continuity of these governments is threatened by the rightist offensive of imperialism and the local bourgeoisies that have not given up the privileges that they have enjoyed in our countries for centuries. The offensive of imperialism and the oligarchies has reversed the direction of several of those governments, which have been transformed into open defenders of the capitalist system, of foreign domination; into a form of the old ways of governing, into those who carry out repression against the working masses and the youth, into prettifiers of representative democracy and promoters of developmentalist and reformist measures. In fact, these governments and history show that real change, the social revolution and national liberation cannot be carried through to the end under the leadership of bourgeois and petty bourgeois classes and parties. That responsibility belongs to the working class, the working masses, the peoples and the youth, to the revolutionary party of the proletariat, to the genuinely revolutionary organizations and parties.

6. Imperialism, its allies and servants, the local bourgeoisies in all the countries are persisting in their reactionary policies of repressing the struggle of the working masses, of the indigenous peoples and the youth by fire and sword, at the time that they try to co-opt the social movement by means of social welfare policies and one reform or another. One expression of those policies is the presence of U.S. imperialist troops and those of their Latin American servants in Haiti. In the same way it is continuing the trade embargo against Cuba and actions aimed at subverting the Venezuelan process. The persecution, jailing and assassination of social fighters and revolutionaries are irrefutable testimony of the fact that the struggle continues and that repression, however harsh and bloodthirsty it may be, cannot do away with the ideals and the determination to fight for social and national liberation. We emphatically express our solidarity with the comrades who are suffering repression and torture in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru. In particular we demand the freedom of the Ecuadorean student leader Marcelo Rivera, who remains in prison, accused and condemned as a terrorist by the Correa government, for defending university autonomy.

7. The betrayal by the government of Rafael Correa and the struggle of the Bolivian workers against “the gasolinazo” in Bolivia are making clear not only the real limitation of these governments, but also the need to make clear to the working class and the social and mass organizations what is the real road to social change. Experience shows that neither reformism nor class conciliation can lead to change. Real change, the genuine emancipation of our peoples is the revolution and socialism, which is only possible if there is a revolutionary political vanguard capable of pushing through a genuinely revolutionary program at the head of the struggles of the working class, the working masses and the peoples.

8. The continuity and development of the struggle of the workers, the peoples and the youth in the countries of Latin America is guaranteed by historical tradition and the present combats, the perspective is the developing along the road of the social revolution. Our Continent is and will be the scene of great liberating struggles and we Marxist-Leninist communists will fulfill and affirm our position as shock troops of the revolution and socialism.

9. The strengthening of the right-wing, corporatist and social welfare policies in most of the governments of Latin America will not make us back down from the search for true social and national emancipation. We Marxist-Leninist parties of Latin America reiterate our commitment to link ourselves boldly and decisively to the struggles that the working class, the working people, the peasantry, the youth, the women and the peoples in general are developing, as well as our irrevocable decision to advance in the unity and leadership of their struggles, winning them for the revolution and socialism.

10. We make the words of Lenin ours: “If in the course of the struggle we win the majority of the workers to our side – not only the majority of the exploited, but the majority of the exploited and oppressed – we will really win”.

July, 2011

PCMLE: A shameful manipulation

About the premiere of the documentary “With my heart in Yambo”, which reflects the tragedy of the Restrepo brothers and drama experienced by their families which for years were demanding justice, the president, Rafael Correa, leaves the public stage to take advantage of this event and demagoguery, which does not attract attention. Putting on the suit of a defender of human rights posed reopen the case to find those responsible for the disappearance of the brothers Santiago and Andres.

Of human rights defender Rafael Correa has nothing; his administration has been spotted by constant acts of rape to them. Dayuma chapter opened in December 2007: More than a dozen detainees accused of terrorism and sabotage, including the prefect, several wounded and tortured were registered by the action of the savage government repression, over much of its inhabitants had flee to the jungle to avoid being victims. Bosco Wisuma was killed during the protests that the teachers and the indigenous movement developed in September 2009 and so far that crime remains unpunished. These days Ecuador witnessed the brutal police repression unleashed against high school students, the result of which the student Edison Cocíos hovering between life and death, while the government does not say who was responsible for that.

The criminalization of social protest has been the insignia of this government, more than 250 Ecuadorian men and women face trial for ‘sabotage and terrorism “either by participating in the demonstrations of teaching, in the fight against mining large-scale, open pit, to require revenues to the universities and to express solidarity with other sectors in struggle.

The most emblematic case of violation of human rights and the criminalization of social protest is played by Marcelo Rivera, ex- president of FEUE. An illegal sentence of three years imprisonment was imposed by a judge who knelt before the government’s orders and now, when by law is entitled to benefit from a reduction of sentence it is denied.

Examples abound to demonstrate how the government violent and tramples human rights and civil liberties. It is outrageous to see how today he wants to handle a case that shocked the country years ago, committed during authoritarian and arrogant a government same as the current


Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China

En Marcha #1540

July 15 to 21, 2011

Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China

Ecuador cannot present itself as a country that adequately manages its debt strategy when more than half of its debt is in the hands of China

Because of the peculiar manner of contracting loans with China, the exact amount of debt with that country has always been unclear; these days the debt has increased by $571 million through an additional loan for the building of the Sopladora hydroelectric dam.

As with the other loans, the interest is high, reaching 6.35%. Altogether the debt with China has reached $7,300 million dollars, according to international analysts interviewed by the Reuters news agency.

In these circumstances China has become Ecuador’s main creditor, which is very convenient for that country but compromises Ecuadorian sovereignty and interests. This has already been seen and the anticipated petroleum sale exemplifies this.

As part of the terms of payment Ecuador received in advance a billion dollars for the sale at market price of 130 million barrels of crude oil and 18 million of fuel oil to Petrochina in six years. This action would be one of Ecuador’s “certificates of good behavior” to later obtain a loan of two billion dollars, but it commits Ecuador to deliver 60 thousand barrels of oil a day for six years, an important amount that “coincidently” is the same as what the Andes petroleum company extracts from Ecuador’s Amazon basin with Chinese capital.

The situation cannot be analyzed without taking into account China’s strategy and its geopolitical position. That country, although it still calls itself socialist, has not been so for decades; the reforms to the Communist Party constitution that allow industrialists to be members is the latest example of this.

Its gigantic productive apparatus serves to increase the profits of the great monopolies of the planet as it hires out the labor of its workers for super-exploitation. But this, among other things, has led it to accumulate enormous economic resources that it has placed mainly in the United States itself, a country which, like Venezuela and now Ecuador, among others, is its main creditor.

The agreements which it generally arrives at envisage the solution of its main problem, which is energy; therefore it is no surprise that it has obtained the anticipated sale of petroleum, because that is its policy; but this is reprehensible for the Ecuadorian negotiators, since it is clear that they became easy prey to the Chinese attempts to obtain high interests for their loans and guarantee of the sale of petroleum.

As the most populous country on the planet, it is always the objective of the transnational companies to gain access to this market; this made it possible to take important steps to join the world capitalist economic order, even being able to place conditions and to now become a defining player in the world economy, being the second largest power on a world level. It is another imperialism.

China has an enormous trade surplus, according to experts, equivalent to the U.S. deficit, which is enormous. It has the money to be the financer of the United States and now of Europe, which are demanding that it increase the value of its currency, the Yuan. This could affect the position of the Ecuadorian debt, which is tied to the value of that currency.

In terms of geopolitics what has happened to Ecuador is simply that it has changed its master. Correa at one time questioned U.S. policy, that of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and earned their distrust, although now it is trying to regain that trust. In that process, Correa has ceased to be consistent with his original proposal and now has led the country into new dependencies, without any advantage for his country. On the contrary, the results of the negotiations of China with several debtor African countries leave serious doubts about the outcome of this new Ecuadorian dependency towards another imperialist country.

PCMLE: Expression of the serious system crisis

A large demonstration of opposition to the economic crisis and the negative social consequences caused by capitalism occurred simultaneously on 15 October in 82 countries. Thousands of young, unemployed, migrants, unemployed, etc. stormed the streets and squares of more than 900 cities condemning the responsibility and the financial oligarchy and who controls the political power in each of the countries have in the crisis in the world. Political change and the rejection of a democratic system that only serves to perpetuate the power of the bourgeoisie were part of their proposals.

Capitalism faces acute problems: the economic crisis shows unmanageable, and the response of the masses in front of it that is causing the unveiling of a political crisis. Therefore the participants in these demonstrations expressed that there is growing discontent among workers and the people and the desire for change. “We are the 99%”, “against capital, social revolt,” “if not let us decide, not let them sleep” are phrases that discover the motives of the protest. It has been denounced the enormous polarization in capitalist society and has been acting as targets private banks and stock exchanges. All of this is evidence that the capitalist world is experiencing a time of political crisis, as we noted above.

The people seek change and clearly placed the responsible of social problems that are faced, which expresses a development of his political consciousness. These are political banners that motivate social protest and that scare the international bourgeoisie.

Of course, in turn, expresses the same movement limits, especially those imposed by those who have taken the initiative to lead the kind of action that occurred, trying to find a solution to the crisis and the political and social conflicts within the framework capitalist institutions of the same, only with more democracy, which don´t devalue the importance and the fight that has been developed. For revolutionaries is important, be involved in this movement to discuss with the actors about the choices and outputs that lead to overcome the situation in which world is living with experiencing a real social revolution and leave behind capitalism forever