Obituary: Jonas Savimbi, UNITA’s local boy

By Chris Simpson Former BBC correspondent in Angola Jonas Savimbi founded his Unita movement in March 1966 in Muangai, in Angola’s eastern province, Moxico. According to Unita’s own official history, 200 delegates, including dozens of local chiefs, attended. Muangai supposedly marked the beginning of Savimbi’s career as a guerrilla leader. Thirty-six years later his corpseContinue reading “Obituary: Jonas Savimbi, UNITA’s local boy”

Bolstering Contras Was A Top Priority

January 18, 1987 By GEORGE de LAMA, Chicago Tribune Correspondent Michael Tackett of the Chicago Tribune contributed to this story. WASHINGTON — Months before Congress cut off support for the Nicaraguan rebels in October 1984, President Reagan approved an ambitious campaign to encourage private American donors and foreign governments to finance the war against Managua`sContinue reading “Bolstering Contras Was A Top Priority”

PCMLE: Fidel Castro Ruz, the most outstanding soldier of the Cuban revolutionary process

En Marcha, February 27, 2008 The history of peoples is written with the creative action of people and, by driving visionary, honest leaders. For nearly 50 years, Cuba and Fidel as his most outstanding soldier, wrote one of the most glorious pages of contemporary history of our America, the triumph of the Cuban Revolution inContinue reading “PCMLE: Fidel Castro Ruz, the most outstanding soldier of the Cuban revolutionary process”

Che Guevara on Young Communists

From Averdade, newspaper of the PCR of Brazil. “I think the first thing that should characterize a young Communist is the honor that feels to be young Communist. This leads him to honor that show the world their status as young communist, which is not subject to secrecy, not reduce it to formulas, but heContinue reading “Che Guevara on Young Communists”

Cuba makes more reforms to retail sector

By Marc Frank HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba will open up more of the country’s retail services to the private sector next year, allowing Cubans to operate various services such as appliance and watch repair, and locksmith and carpentry shops, official media reported on Monday. The measures are the latest by President Raul Castro in hisContinue reading “Cuba makes more reforms to retail sector”

Cuba decreed official mourning for death of Kim Jong Il

Havana, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s government today declared official mourning for the death last Saturday by the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong Il. According to a note read through the National Television, the State Council established the duel, which will run on 20, 21 and 22 December. DuringContinue reading “Cuba decreed official mourning for death of Kim Jong Il”

Forty years of African Liberation Day! Time to build the Party to complete the struggle

Published Dec 2, 2011 When the first African Liberation Day (ALD) demonstration was held in 1972, the U.S. front of the African liberation movement was reeling from deathblows being delivered by the U.S. government in a counteroffensive that had littered the international landscape with the bodies of murdered black freedom fighters around the world. Hundreds,Continue reading “Forty years of African Liberation Day! Time to build the Party to complete the struggle”

Hugo Chavez says he is a Social-Democrat

-What is the difference between you and Fidel? “ Chavez said: – Fidel is a communist, I’m not. I’m a Social Democrat. Fidel’s Marxist-Leninist. I’m not. Fidel is an atheist. I’m not. One day we discussed God and Christ. I said to Castro: “I am a Christian. I believe in the Social Gospels of Christ.”Continue reading “Hugo Chavez says he is a Social-Democrat”

US Ambassador Echoes Cecil Rhodes

By Stephen Gowans September 24, 2011 – When in 1916 Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin expounded what historian V.G. Kiernan would later call virtually the only serious theory of imperialism, despite its shortcomings (1), Lenin cited Cecil Rhodes as among the “leading British bourgeois politicians (who) fully appreciated the connection between what might be calledContinue reading “US Ambassador Echoes Cecil Rhodes”

PCMLV: Che – Marxist-Leninist

A year ago we published the article with the name “News of Che and the struggle against opportunism” in our newspaper Revolutionary Steel. Today, we celebrate 4 years of the existence of our glorious party under the motto Marxist-Leninist Che! We feel the need to rewrite, adding some elements that because of time we wereContinue reading “PCMLV: Che – Marxist-Leninist”

Fidel Castro on Gorbachev

“I can’t say that Gorbachev played a conscious part in the destruction of the Soviet Union, because I have no doubt that Gorbachev’s aim was to struggle to perfect socialism.” (Fidel Castro in: ‘Guardian’, 30 May 1992; p. 25). “Do you think the Soviets are going to create opposition parties inside the Soviet Union? ToContinue reading “Fidel Castro on Gorbachev”

MPD: Che: If you were alive you’d be on our side

You know what? The 8th of October, the cowardly assassination of Ernesto “Che” Guevara turned 44, and although he was murdered, he will never be gone – he is present in the revolutionary consciousness, not those who sing it, name it and then chase and imprison people if they see Che as a role model.Continue reading “MPD: Che: If you were alive you’d be on our side”

PCMLE: “The real emancipation of the peoples is the revolution and socialism”

From En Marcha, #1545 Organ of the Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador August 19 to 25, 2011 As part of the work that the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations is carrying out, last July a meeting of the Latin American parties took place. At the meeting were the RevolutionaryContinue reading “PCMLE: “The real emancipation of the peoples is the revolution and socialism””

PCC-ML: The Crisis and Obama

The following is a translated article from the Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist)/EPL; a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Party that has been fighting an armed struggle in Colombia against the forces of reaction since the 1960s. The article “The Crisis and Obama” reflects the Marxist-Leninist sentiment of the Obama victory. Revolutionaries across the world and especially inContinue reading “PCC-ML: The Crisis and Obama”

Vlado Dapčević

1917-2001 In Brussels on the 12th of July, in the 84th year of his life died a Revolutionary, Vladimir – Vlado Dapčević. Vlado Dapčević was born in 1917 in Montenegro. He was accepted into the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in 1933. Because of distributing propaganda material, joining demonstrations and taking part in clashes with theContinue reading “Vlado Dapčević”