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International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO): On the Death of Comandante Hugo Chavez

On the Death of Comandante Hugo Chavez

The Coordinating Committee of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations expresses our regrets at the death of Comandante HUGO CHAVEZ FRIAS, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, stating our solidarity with the working class and people, with the government of the Boliviarian Republic, with the revolutionaries and the communists, who are bravely fighting for the social and national liberation of Venezuela.

The revolutionary process taking place in Venezuela, that involves millions of people, workers and youth, is engaged in the task democratizing the society; giving the poor sectors the right and possibility of health, education and social security; breaking the opposition from the reactionaries and the oligarchs; and has mobilized the working masses and the youth to defend this process.

The Venezuelan government with Hugo Chavez at the head has established an important policy of integration on the Latin American level, including the various countries of the region, in particular those that are integrated in ALBA. This process aims at an independent development and confronts the unveiled opposition of north American imperialism, that refuses to loose, what it has traditionally considered as its backyard.

For these reasons Comandante Chavez has won the support of the fighters for social liberation and the revolutionaries, of the workers and peoples of Latin America and other continents. He emerges as a fighter, a resolute patriot, a consistent anti-imperialist. His death seems to be a great loss to the struggle against tyranny and to the unavoidable, but hard and difficult process of liberation of the peoples.

But this painful blow will not put an end to the struggle. On the contrary we are convinced that the Venezuelan working class, people and youth will carry it forward. They will know to distinguish between true friend and both the open and disguised enemies, and resolutely march forward in the struggle for liberation, on the road of revolution, towards socialism. With the revolutionary proletarians in the lead they will bury capitalism and imperialism, as will the other peoples of Latin America and the world.

The Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations of the ICMLPO renew our commitment to the international proletarian revolution, to proletarian internationalism, and express once more our conviction that the members of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela and the genuine revolutionary forces in the country shall continue the struggle for the revolution and socialism, until victory.

The Coordinating Committee of ICMLPO

March 7th 2013


Fidel Castro on the Death of Hugo Chavez: We Lost Our Best Friend



The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has described late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez as the best friend the Cuban people have had in their history. Prensa Latina posts the full letter by Fidel Castro.

We have lost our best friend

The best friend the Cuban people have had throughout their history died on the afternoon of March 5. A call via satellite communicated the bitter news. The significance of the phrase used was unmistakable.

Although we were aware of the critical state of his health, the news hit us hard. I recalled the times he joked with me, saying that when both of us had concluded our revolutionary task, he would invite me to walk by the Arauca River in Venezuelan territory, which made him remember the chance to rest that he never had.

The honor befell us to have shared with the Bolivarian leader the same ideas of social justice and support for the exploited. The poor are the poor in any part of the world.

“Let Venezuela give me a way of serving her: she has in me a son,” proclaimed National Hero José Martí, the leader of our independence, a traveler who, without cleansing himself of the dust of the journey, asked for the location of the statue of Bolívar. Martí knew the beast because he lived in its entrails. Is it possible to ignore the profound words he voiced in an inconclusive letter to his friend Manuel Mercado the day before he died in battle?

“…I am in daily danger of giving my life for my country and duty – for I understand that duty and have the intention of carrying it out – the duty of preventing the United States from extending through the Antilles as Cuba gains its independence, and from falling, with that additional strength, upon our lands of America. All that I have done thus far, and will do, is for this purpose. I have had to work silently and somewhat indirectly because, there are certain things which, in order to attain them, have to remain concealed….”

At that time, 66 years had passed since the Liberator Simón Bolívar wrote, “…the United States would seem to be destined by fate to plague the Americas with miseries in the name of freedom.”

On January 23, 1959, 22 days after the revolutionary triumph in Cuba, I visited Venezuela to thank its people and the government which assumed power after the Pérez Jiménez dictatorship, for the dispatch of 150 rifles at the end of 1958. I said at that time:

“…Venezuela is the homeland of the Liberator, where the idea of the union of the peoples of America was conceived. Therefore, Venezuela must be the country to lead the union of the peoples of America; as Cubans, we support our brothers and sisters in Venezuela.

“I have spoken of these ideas not because I am moved by any kind of personal ambition, or even the ambition of glory, because, at the end of the day, ambitions of glory remain a vanity, and as Martí said, ‘All the glory of the world fits into a kernel of corn.’

“And so, upon coming here to talk in this way to the people of Venezuela, I do so thinking honorably and deeply, that if we want to save America, if we want to save the freedom of each one of our societies that, at the end of the day, are part of one great society, which is the society of Latin America; if it is that we want to save the revolution of Cuba, the revolution of Venezuela and the revolution of all the countries on our continent, we have to come closer to each other and we have to solidly support each other, because alone and divided, we will fail.”

That is what I said on that day and today, 54 years later, I endorse it!

I must only include on that list the other nations of the world which, for more than half a century, have been victims of exploitation and plunder. That was the struggle of Hugo Chávez.

Not even he himself suspected how great he was.

¡Until victory forever (Hasta la victoria siempre), unforgettable friend!
Fidel Castro Ruz

March 11, 2013


Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador: Political Declaration on the Death of Comandante Hugo Chavez Frias


March 6, 2013

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador is deeply dismayed and deplores the death of Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the undisputed leader of the his people, revolutionary political leader of the anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchic struggle being waged by the workers, peasants, youths, women and the poor in the fraternal Latin American country.

The death of Comandante Chavez is certainly a great loss for the peoples struggling for their emancipation, for the progressive, democratic and leftist forces of Venezuela and the continent, who are confronting imperialism, especially U.S. imperialism. It is an unfortunate event that will, however, forge a greater and unwavering determination of struggle that should serve the oppressed, to advance unstoppably in the achievement of the goals of the revolution and socialism.

Under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, some years ago Venezuela began a patriotic and democratic political process of changes to deal with the privileges, high-handedness and arrogance of the traditional sectors of the oligarchy, achieving a series of social gains and demands, setting that fraternal country on the course of the defense and preservation of independence and national sovereignty.

The Bolivarian Government of Hugo Chavez, the democratic, leftist and progressive sectors, together with large contingents of the working masses, have mobilized to defend their sovereignty and confront the pressure, blackmail and anti-national, anti-popular plots of imperialism and reaction. Overcoming their conspiratorial actions and evil plots, including perpetrating a coup, the people defeated these negative actions and ensured the continuation of the process.

The Bolivarian Government of Hugo Chavez and the mobilization of the people approved, by a referendum, an advanced Constitution that enshrined their rights and freedoms; Comandante Chavez made it a tool to deepen significant changes in favor of the majority. Thus, they developed the so-called “missions,” massive programs of education, health care and social security for the benefit of the poor; labor, economic and social policies that benefited the workers, peasants, women, youths and children. The Chavez government relied on the social movement and its organizations to confront the privileges of the oligarchies and reaction, to curb the voracious pretensions of the foreign monopolies, especially from the U.S.

With the presence of Comandante Hugo Chavez, Bolivarian Venezuela has made many valuable efforts to promote Latin American integration and unity in favor of the countries of the continent, faced with the pressures and interests of imperialism and at that level, they have created different organizations and taken measures to resist the imperialist designs in the region.

The death of Comandante Hugo Chavez is certainly a blow to the desire for emancipation of the Venezuelan people and the workers and peoples of Latin America; moreover the example of his patriotic and democratic dedication, of his promotion of Latin American revolutionary unity, are important factors for the process of popular unity and change to continue, deepen, and further contribute to the consciousness that the social revolution is the necessary road to achieving freedom and independence. This will clear the way for the working class and peoples in the struggle for the seizure of power to create the new society of labor and well-being, a socialist society.

We reiterate our solidarity and deep sympathy with the people of Venezuela, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, with all the democratic and leftist political and social organizations of the fraternal country and we reaffirm our commitment to struggle for Popular Power and Socialism.


Central Committee

Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela: Statement of the PCMLV on the death of Commandante Chavez


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela, PCMLV, expresses its grief and solidarity at the physical loss of Commandante President Hugo Chavez Frias to all the workers, peasants, students, women’s organizations, revolutionary, anti-imperialist, socialist and Bolivarian parties and organizations of the masses.

We also express our condolences to all his family, friends and to the national government for the loss of a great humanist, a patriotic, progressive and consistent revolutionary statesman, as President Hugo Chavez proved to be until the last days of his existence.

We call on the working class, which knows how to rise to the challenge in the revolutionary struggle in the most pressing moments of history, to prepare to resist and defeat the reactionaries who will not hesitate to take advantage of this difficult time to thwart through violent means the gains and demands that we have achieved under the leadership of President Chavez. Imperialism will set stronger traps at this sorrowful moment that the national revolutionary movement is going through.

The call is to not renounce the struggle to build socialism, the banner that President Hugo Chavez raised in all circumstances; this banner needs to be taken up rigorously and courageously by all the workers of this nation in this difficult moment in history. We, as Party of the working class in Venezuela, make the call for the struggle and building of socialism and communism from the scientific conception of Marxism-Leninism.

The acts of sabotage, of hired killers, the terrorism, food shortages, the propaganda of disinformation, anxiety and manipulation will intensify. The national and international reactionaries feel victorious at this time, but the national and world working class will go forward with the necessary and strategic battles to continue the path of victory and the accumulation of forces to confront the fascists and imperialists.

The death of the President of the Republic must not mean the decline in popular organization, but rather it must serve as an impetus for future struggles against the class enemy. We must not believe in the phony condolences local right wing, which on dozens of occasions tried to assassinate the commandante. These sectors are moved by a single impulse: profit at any cost whatever.

The right wing is evaluating what actions to take in the coming days. It is no coincidence that the Venezuelan government expelled two U.S. military attaches for conspiratorial work.

We strongly call on all the revolutionary elements to close ranks against the capitalist and imperialist enemy. The working class must be prepared for a possible difficult situation; it must not trust the bourgeois enemy that has historically proven to be traitorous. If the pro-imperialist bourgeoisie tries to take advantage of  this hard time of grief of the humble and exploited masses, the masses should respond forcefully and applying revolutionary violence.

Socialism can only be built with the worker-peasant alliance in Power and the people in arms!


Caracas, March 5, 2013


The MPD accuses the government of persecuting Mery Zamora

Luis Villacis, national director of the Popular Democratic Movement (MPD), said the political activist Mery Zamora is a victim of persecution by the government.

Through a press release, Villacis argued that Zamora is haunted by “the crime of thinking differently,” adding that “political harassment” also comes from the president, Rafael Correa.

On the other hand, reported that Judge Villacis fifth time criminal Guarantees of Guayas, Jose Tamayo, has been issued for trial for sabotage against Mery Zamora as part of the investigations by the September 30, 2010.

“This process is full of legal services, and in the preliminary investigation, ruled and dismiss this case and again starts with political persecution without respecting due process and the right to defend the leader emepedista” said the director.

The leader added that part of MPD exhausted all legal bodies in the country to “expose the processes of criminalization against the militants,” he concluded.


PCMLE: Government beneficiary of USAID

Unofficially it is known that the Government would study the culmination of the Framework Convention that Ecuador has with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which would mean leaving our territory. Also, a few days ago it was announced that no more militaries or polices will be sent to the Institute for Security Cooperation in the USA, better known as School School of the Americas.

One or others institutions are instruments of U.S. imperialism to penetrate various strata of society and establish some political, social and military control mechanisms. In the former School of the Americas have trained soldiers from throughout the hemisphere, except Cuba, and many of them have played nefarious roles in their respective countries, whether in the condition of dictators or leaders of research equipment and torture. USAID’s presence is, so to speak, more discreet, then, its work covers through social development projects, public participation and strengthening of democracy.

The expulsion of USAID and the ban on military participation in these courses should have been taken long ago. Although the government tries to build a speech to show an alleged anti-imperialist attitude, there is no doubt that such measures are evidence of double government conduct.

Since the beginning the government of Rafael Correa to June 2011, USAID has invested $ 93.5 million in government projects and the so-called “civil society”. The bulk has to do with conventions adopted from Carondelet, four years ago, the Ministry of Coordination of Production requested the support of imperialist agency to establish sectoral priorities and, from the 20 areas proposed by the USAID, Correa chose 10 strategic sectors such as priority

Currently has agreements with the Ministries of Environment, Tourism, Justice, Agriculture, in Inda, Senplades, with the Council of the Judiciary, the Office, the Electoral Council, among others, over a number of government officials have worked for NGOs, in turn, received funding from USAID.

As for the other subject, we must remember that this measure was taken only after complaint of the SOA Watch organization in the sense that Ecuadorian military and police continued to form in a school run by imperialism.


PCMLE: The government wears and the people progress

To the extent that the Correa government experienced the shift to the right and, progressively, reaffirming its authoritarian, arrogant, undemocratic and repressive forces also began to lose popular support. Correa is not now the person with more than 80% of acceptance, Correa is who now with the name of “forgiveness” disguised a defeat, is one that the persecution and imprisonment intended to silence the voices of protest that grow and multiply, who despite having his hands tucked in justice and supervisory organisms to enjoy impunity, can not prevent official corruption splashes and remove the letterhead to be the government of clean hands. The massive participation of people in the March days proves it..

The first skirmishes became apparent confrontation with the population of Dayuma, with social and labor sectors present in Montecristi, requiring consistency in the drafting of the new Constitution, then escalate with teachers in strike, with peasants and indigenous communities that, in defense of water and life, opposed and oppose the extractive policies of the regime, with high school students for the duration of the card and college student by the technocratic and elitist system of admission, the residents of neighborhoods against taxes. A crucial point in this confrontation and measurement of forces, no doubt, was the popular consultation and we know that to win the Pyrrhic victory he held had to resort to fraud and shameful maneuvers. .

All this makes clear that the social struggle against correÃsmo grows in direct proportion to the intensification of its policy right, repressive and prodictatorial. This is a government eroded without implying that it is cornered, but certainly is a time when the people begin to lose their fear, which Correa is down and the people to rise .


PCMLE: On his knees before the boss

On his knees before the boss

The National Electoral Council is fulfilling faithfully the commitment they have with the president, Rafael Correa, that is, organize presidential and legislative elections so that the results benefit to the correaismo. In other words, working to assemble a blatant election fraud.

On 24th February, the agency defined the 2013 election calendar so that on February 17th will be held the first round and the second on April 7th . This enabled the reforms take effect to the Code of Democracy that run from February 4th and entered by the “ministry of law.” According to the schedule defined by the previous CNE the elections should take place on January 20 for this reason the recent electoral reforms would have no effect because the constitution does not permit to do reforms to the previous year to them. The reforms imposed by the correaismo are made with the purpose that, Alianza PAIS, with less voting, reaches mayor quotation in the National Assembly.

The CNE resolution is illegal and unconstitutional and not supported by technical and financial grounds. If there is already a definite date for the elections of 2013 (January 20) is an immorality vary the election timetable for the reforms are effective and thus benefit the government candidates. The electoral organism has complied with the order of President Correa, made pubic weeks ago, to reformulate the electoral calendar which shows his subservience. It is an act that violates the principles of autonomy, independence and transparency that are supposed rule to that function of the state.

This is just a chapter that show the subjection of the both the legislative and electoral institutions to the president’s authoritarian and undemocratic will.

Legislative work and the response that Jaime Nebot gives from moment to moment from the mayor of Guayaquil. His behavior is due to agree that the bourgeoisie has with government policy. This, the initial shock has passed to the satisfaction to see that in the “citizens’ revolution” their privileges and wealth are respected. So they also chant that this “revolution” is for everyone.


Letter of Marcelo Rivera

“They chase us because we fear, and fear us because we are not afraid”

“I know that prison can not stop the advance of history, the development process up to victory. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our revolutionary spirit. ”

Julius Fucik

Just days after joining – unintentionally – the Center for Social Rehabilitation Sucumbíos, now known as “Guantanamo of Ecuador”, received a visit from a fellow who had not seen for many years.

I met him when he visited these lands in a manner almost always due to the responsibility of the national presidency in Java. It is common that when two people who spoke for a few minutes, but share the ideological principles, revolutionary goals to establish a relationship almost immediately, as if they knew themselves for years.

When I discovered my surprise transfer to prison in the province received their solidarity visit, the years passed, but follow the principles and conviction intact. Among the things fit to bring me gave me something very valuable: some books. Among them a very special for reasons of apparent “lack of time” when he was at liberty had not been able to read with the attention he needed. This is the book Julius Fucik, “Report to the foot of the gallows.” I never imagined I would read this magnificent work in prison.

Julius Fucik was born on January 23, 1903 in Prague. He studied philosophy in the city of Pilsen, in 1921 joined the Communist Party. In the same period he began his work as literary critic and theatrical. He was editor of various communist publications. In February 1941 he became a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party underground. In April 1942 he was arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned for a year and five months in prison Pankrac cell 267. He was executed in Berlin on September 8, 1943.

His “Report to the foot of the gallows”, taken from prison leaf by leaf, was published in 1945. Going through your paragraphs carefully in my mind comes the difficult moments of unjust imprisonment, the violent occupation of the university police at December 8, 2009, Correa’s threats to imprison me, transfers from one prison to another, extreme vigilance of police officers, the constant harassment, etc.. etc..

Despite all this straight, without ever hesitate convinced each day and hour of triumph of the revolution. How Fucik “He loved life and its beauty marched to the battlefield” … “I lived for the joy and the joy hill. Abuse and injustice would be to put on my grave an angel of sadness ”

I am very optimistic because my buddies always tell me the progress of the revolutionary struggle in the country, the successes achieved and the selflessness with which to fight the rightwing government of Correa. Fucik said “… and now, precisely at this hour millions of men fighting in the final battle for human freedom and thousands fall for this fight. I am one of them. And being one of them, be one of those fighters in the final battle is a beautiful thing. “Then you ask, I wonder: How many millions of cells began to humanity as a way forward? And how many have to go?

I turn to the words of Fucik in prison and I know that the prison can not stop the advance of history, the development of bottom-up process to win. Instead, we lose the fear, we surround ourselves more libertarian heat of combat, the threats of those who bear the authoritarianism does not affect us. People young and proud to see the prison can not break our spirit Revolutionary.

Persecute us because we fear, and fear us because we have no fear.

I conclude this letter recommending to all colleagues, friends and activists reading this book.

I turn to the Fucik other words: “We do not want to be alone, we are not alone. We’re together for now, in freedom and fighting as we sing … “” Comrades in cold cell arrests, are with us, though not with us form our ranks … ”

Prison Sucumbíos

Cell AM-PB

Challenges in the journal of the Left, July 2011 – Ecuador.


Correa: the Class Enemy

Correa and his administration unmasked by themselves with their actions. In this case, the arrest of indigenous representative Marco Guatemal is the latest evidence that Correa is only defending their own, the Ecuadorian bourgeoisie.

A few months ago, Marco Guatemal and his comrades began a journey, a mobilization of peasants and indigenous peoples to defend their right to water freely. This is a sample of semi-feudal struggle against the working classes all have to face a “socialism of the XXI century” like Correa.

Well, Correa has also arrested and charged with terrorism. The Correa government’s mask falls off and displayed for what it is, enemies of the people.




Hugo Chavez says he is a Social-Democrat

-What is the difference between you and Fidel? “

Chavez said:

– Fidel is a communist, I’m not. I’m a Social Democrat. Fidel’s Marxist-Leninist. I’m not. Fidel is an atheist. I’m not. One day we discussed God and Christ. I said to Castro: “I am a Christian. I believe in the Social Gospels of Christ.” He did not. Simply didn’t believe. More than once Castro said that Venezuela is not Cuba, that we are not in the sixties.

In original Spanish:

–¿Cuál es la diferencia entre usted y Fidel?”

Chávez dice:

–Fidel es comunista, yo no. Yo soy socialdemócrata. Fidel es marxista-leninista. Yo no. Fidel es ateo. Yo no. Un día discutimos sobre Dios y Cristo. Le dije a Castro: “Yo soy cristiano. Creo en los Evangelios Sociales de Cristo”. Él no. Simplemente no cree. Más de una vez Castro me ha dicho que Venezuela no es Cuba, que no estamos en los años sesenta.


Chavez brings first shipment of gold to Venezuela from foreign vaults as global economy slides

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

In August Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez announced that he would be repatriating the foreign-held gold reservesin American and European banks and they received the first shipment of gold from European countries on Friday.

The Venezuelan central bank reports that about $300 million in gold was brought in to Caracas by plane and they plan to bring 160 tons held abroad back to Venezuela. The president of the central bank, Nelson Merentes said that the first shipment came from “various European countries” by way of France and called the arrival of the gold bullion a “historic” moment for his country, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Hugo Chavez said, “Now [the gold] will go to a place from which it should have never left: the central bank vaults [in Caracas]; not those in London or in Europe, but our own land.” This is likely quite a good move as Western banks are becoming increasingly exposed to massive amounts of derivatives and sovereign debt crises that are wracking several economies.

These crises very well might be engineered by central banks and their “too big to fail” cronies just as the crash in 2008 was, and Chavez might preempting a possible gold run by demanding physical delivery of his gold now before there is no gold to deliver.

While Merentes would not give the specific number of tons of gold brought shipped to Venezuela on Friday, he said that the shipment was worth roughly $300 million.

This comes as U.S. stocks see the worst Thanksgiving drop since 1932 and all indicators show the European sovereign debt crisis continuing to worsen.

Chavez’s repatriation of gold reserves is part of his initiative to nationalize the Venezuelan gold sector, something which the Wall Street Journal says “puzzled economists.”

The Wall Street Journal published speculation that it could have to do with internal arbitration cases involving nationalizations and Venezuela seeking to prevent having their assets seized abroad.

They claim that it reduces transparency and would “raise more questions over the central bank’s declining reserves.”

How exactly they know the status of the reserves is not said, and Venezuelan figures posit a much more logical explanation for the move.eking to minimize exposure to the overly indebted Western economies of the United States and Europe, while leveraging the high price of gold that only seems to be rising.

They also said that they were seeking to invest in developing allies like Russia and China which have also been investing in the Venezuelan economy and continue to grow at rates not seen in the West.

There has also been a steady attack on Chavez coming from the United States and the West in general so his choice to demand his gold now prevents Western nations from seizing his assets held abroad as they did to Gaddafi.

The Wall Street Journal does seem to be able to pin down a number of how much gold Venezuela actually has.

First they say that before Friday, Venezuela held nearly $11 billion worth of gold, or 211 tons, out of 365 tons of reserves stored in banks in the United States, Canada and Europe.

According to the World Gold Council, Venezuela holds the 15th largest gold reserves and Chavez said, “It’s the economic reserve for our kids. It’s growing, and it’s going to keep growing, both gold and economic reserves.”

Unfortunately you’ll never hear Bernanke or one of the countless criminal Western banksters saying such things, all they care about is robbing us blind and making sure we are enslaved by debt for generations to come.

That is not to say that Chavez is a saint, but the fact that a leader would even talk about working for the well-being of his people is something wholly foreign to someone like myself in the United States.

“Venezuela is going to become an economic power, not for the bourgeois or capitalism, but for the Venezuelan people,” Chavez added.

Later, they say that the Central Bank of Venezuela holds 154 tons of gold bullion domestically, a number considerably different from the 211 tons cited earlier in the article.

Regardless, the Venezuelans seem to see the writing on the wall, with American stocks seeing the worst loss during the Thanksgiving week since 1932, Belgium getting its credit rating slashed and reports saying Greece is telling bondholders they will have to accept larger losses.

This fueled the pervasive concern that the European debt crisis is worsening and treasuries fell in response.

The S&P 500 continued to slump for the seventh straight day in a row, marking a weekly drop of 4.7% and a daily loss of 0.3%.

The euro declined as well, losing 0.9% along with the S&P GSCI commodity index dropping 0.3% with Bloomberg reporting, “The Markit iTraxx SovX Western Europe Index of credit- default swaps on 15 governments lingered near a record, up 6 basis points at 386.”

The signs are not looking good and Chavez demanding physical delivery of his gold just reflects the global awareness that something is seriously wrong with the world economy and it is not getting better any time soon.

Madison Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. He is available for podcast and radio interviews. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at

PCMLV: Che – Marxist-Leninist

A year ago we published the article with the name “News of Che and the struggle against opportunism” in our newspaper Revolutionary Steel. Today, we celebrate 4 years of the existence of our glorious party under the motto Marxist-Leninist Che! We feel the need to rewrite, adding some elements that because of time we were forced to ignore or at least playing in lines then general without going into them.

Now, it is necessary to delve into what we consider three cardinal aspects of the attitude of M-L Ernesto Guevara. Their struggle for Marxist-Leninist party building at that time entitled “The anarchists” struggle against revisionism that we called “the Trotskyists” and now added a new chapter called “The Marxist-Leninist philosophy of Che” these being special interest since the various currents neo-rrevolucionarias, neo-Marxist and all sorts of postmodern trash (and old revisions with new hair) lack of historical subject and trying to claim a scientific tool and patented the figure of the Argentine revolutionary.

Che Guevara, is a world figure who was traded by the bourgeoisie to turn it into a harmless icon. Thus, all the streams mentioned in the article, trying to castrate the content of discourse and Che’s Marxist-Leninist revolutionary practice. In this sense, not missing those who distort and decontextualized some phrases, speeches and writings of Che for their benefits revisionists. The literature and practical revolutionary legacy of Che, when we approach from the scientific perspective with a serious study leaves no doubt of his position consistent with the principles of proletarian ideology, which is none other than the Marismo Leninism.

44 years ago, died on guerrilla Ernesto Guevara de la Serna known as “El Che.” Since imperialism through their lackeys in Bolivia, cowardly murdered this great fighter, many misrepresentations have been made about its revolutionary quality. From the anarchists, petty bourgeois, even the Trotskyists have tried to capture the image of Che for opportunistic benefits, so much so that ideologists of Trotskyism integers have written essays on a thick volume called “current of thought and vision of Trotsky Che and Latin America “, in turn alienate the anarchist communism che and try to say it was a fighter for the abolition of any discipline and the spontaneous struggle of the masses.

This October, while commemorating the anniversary of Che’s death, we denounce all revisionist groups, and claim the real Argentine revolutionary ideology of Marxism-Leninism as a genuine. Just read the work of Che to observe its high fidelity to Leninism and Marxism, communist oriented itself exposes all the revisionist nonsense they preach.

Other types of cutting equipment or Armando Néstor Kohan Haart, trying to seize, in patented for himself to this great revolutionary, so does the “arch-Trotskyite” Alan Woods, who (not having anything else to do) is dedicated to write long texts on Che (In line with Trotsky of course), the style of Thomas Aquinas with Aristotle, with its 5-way to nothing included or what is the same as their “permanent revolution.”

To address the design of Che party, we must study about key works, such as speech called “party building”, where he played key issues jettisoned any attempt, not only of the anarchists, but all kinds of revisionists who deny the Marxist-Leninist character must be a revolutionary party if you really want to build socialism. For this reason, in this section called “The anarchists’, we decided to replace the name” The conception of Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Che, “that we do because we believe that” The anarchists “limits the depth of the subject study and gives a unilateral, that although at that time was necessary for reasons of space, now we have to address, giving a more general, making clear the positions of the Che Marxist Leninist unquestionable.

The same it is necessary to this article is a section devoted to the philosophy of Ernesto Che Guevara. Today fashion has entered the bourgeois philosophical theories of existentialism. Certain currents of socialism in the XXI century are demanding reactionary thinkers like Nietzsche and Heidegger and his so-called “philosophy of life.” The reasons for this mutation was found in the fear of death that pervaded the Venezuelan leader Chavez after an illness.

The philosophy of existentialism is made to attack the man of the bourgeois era with this pessimism and fear of the unknown.

It is here where the reactionaries who run the party and the Venezuelan government have encouraged their “ideologues” or rather, all his sycophants to a gross mismatch between the new man and Che Marxist-Leninist, with the “superman”, individualistic , bourgeois and timid of Nietzsche.

The conception of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Che

Now, when large shaking movements throughout Latin America and the world at large, we see how the masses rise up against the neoliberal measures that are trying to carry on the workers the consequences of the crisis of capitalism.

In that scenario, tens of conceptions abound all struggling against capitalism, without horizon clear, historical subject and no scientific theory. Many of them are stuck in struggles merely vindictive, leaving aside the political struggle of the proletariat and the seizure of power, the only solution to eliminate the ravages of capitalism in the villages.

One of those many “new” ideas is called “socialism of the XXI century” which has its highest expression in our country. This so-called Bolivarian revolution is just a bourgeois democratic model center has chosen to various social programs that benefit the masses, has been charged with forming a scaffolding wrapped around a socialist but that denies the most fundamental elements of it.

We will not expose all the features of this model, we confine ourselves to what concerns us, which is the conception of the party. We stop a little in Venezuela and its very nice revolution, because it is awarded as his figure of Che, but in practice is diametrically the opposite.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), between the figures of Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara Rodriguez lies, ignorance or manipulation ¿? This game is first multiclass scaffolding where there is no clear revolutionary subject and program progress to socialism is even fuzzier. Although there is a departure from the word bourgeois writer Heinz Dieterich, its politics, especially the economic one remains the same as the “intellectual” plasma in his book dedicated to socialism sigloventiunero.

The party of Che Guevara, in his conception is deeply communist and Marxist-Leninist. We will not focus solely on the program or the principles of the PSUV, because we all know and it is not the only party of petty nature in Latin America will try to give an outline broadly opposing party’s conception of Che to the reformist ideas of these parties and organizations (although it sounds paradoxical) anarchists.

Marxist Leninist conduct Guevara, faithfully expresses his theories on how it should be the true party of the revolution. In his speech “party building” tells us: “In the general scheme of design of the Party, puts it firmly at the head of the proletarian state, and guide their actions, by example, with its sacrifices, with the depth of his thought and the boldness of his deeds, each moment of our revolution. “later says:” The militant party of revolution is a Marxist Marxism must know and must consistently apply in its analysis dialectical materialism to interpret the world fully, “” We (told later), we hope that all our people go to a single rate, with a single step, that their vanguard have to fight and walk very fast with many difficulties to overcome our shortcomings. That is our task. ”

These passages cited from Che, pulverize any attempt to find a basis of unsubstantiated theories of spontaneity and discipline does not comply with the anarchists seek to manipulate the figure of Che.

As for the petty-bourgeois parties, would only take a look at Che’s speech quoted above about the match. Che says, “And in this new era we live in the stage of building socialism, where all forms of discrimination and sweep is just as unique and determining the dictatorship, the dictatorship of the working class as a class organized on the other classes which have been defeated, and the preparation of a long road that will be filled with many struggles, many troubles still perfect society is a classless society, a society where all differences disappear, not at this time can support another kind of dictatorship than the dictatorship of the proletariat as a class ”

We know that obviously the bourgeois parties that abound in the processes that are developing in Latin America openly renounce the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is one of the fundamental contradictions of them to the theory of Argentine revolutionary party. This is not only based on those games, but of the “communist” parties traditional most of our countries who still cling to Jhrushevismo and opinions of the XX Congress of the U.S. PC, reject the idea of ​​Marxist-Leninist dictatorship the proletariat and she opposed a “popular state”, a “state of all the people” that is just crazy because, while antagonistic social classes exist, the state repressive apparatus will respond to the interests of one . In a society divided between exploiter and exploited, there is no third alternative, or dictatorship of the bourgeoisie or the dictatorship of the proletariat, the exploiters oppress the exploited or vice versa, those who try to go off on tangents, only justify the current dictatorship, ie of the bourgeoisie.

A game where you mix the interests of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat together is not a revolutionary party that we’re clear, a revolutionary party in the first place, it must be a cadre party, a vanguard where are the best elements of the working class revolutionary party is a fundamental requirement that its members do not live other people’s work and have no great interest to operators.

Open the doors of the party to “anyone who wants to register” is a demonstration of the bourgeois character of the same. From management to the foundation of it will have serious and irresolvable contradictions that can only be overcome with the seizure of power by the working class. For example, if converging operators and their representatives in the party, socialism is not viable, because they hinder one of the fundamental rules to move towards this, which is making the basic means of production, the elimination of private ownership the same, the nationalization of banks, the socialization of the land, industrialization and modernization of the country, eliminating the differences between city and countryside, and so on. What do you get with this?, The test have latent in Venezuela and collided with it every moment: the capitalists and landlords are exploiting, killing and crushing the workers and peasants, protected, supported and applauded by the glorious party here exists.

In it, Che was quite clear and precise. The Cuban revolution at first nationalized the major means of production, something very different has happened in other processes petty bourgeois of our continent.

In the Trotskyist

Another revisionist groups that try to deface the image of Che as a revolutionary, are Trotskyists. In this regard, emphasize discourse and compare the attitude of Ernesto Guevara with Leon Trotsky and even a supposed defense and identification of Che with the revisionist Russia. Nothing could be farther from reality, we must answer this with Guevara’s own words against revisionism, Trotskyism and Leninism claim. In 1966, in a speech said: “I have come to Communism by Stalin Dad, I’ve been reading Marxist Stalin, and nobody can tell me not to read his work. I read it even though it was considered very bad read. And since I am a person not too bright and headstrong also continue reading. “In other words:” My duty as a Marxist-Leninist Communist is to expose the reaction behind revisionism, opportunism and Trotskyist comrades and teaching (both in act as in power) should not accept as valid judgments against Stalin formulated by bourgeois, social or other lackeys of the reaction pseudocommunity whose real purpose is to blow up the labor movement from within. ”

In 1953, Ernesto Guevara wrote: “In crossing over the vast dominions of the United Fruit. Again I could convince me that these miserable capitalists are criminals. On a portrait of old and dear Comrade Stalin, I swore not to give me any rest while the miserable capitalists have been destroyed. In Guatemala I will perfect myself to achieve to be a real revolutionary”

These words of Che enough to descend from the clouds to the revisionists and reflect the character and quality of Ernesto as a true Marxist-Leninist who must serve as an example in our efforts to emancipate the working class from the yoke of capitalism in its imperialist phase . Today Che is more relevant than ever because it is the expression of the classic works of Marxism-Leninism.

For Trotsky, we need to analyze who was this character, his attitude to the Russian revolution, against Lenin’s Bolshevik party and the work of the workers in power to develop the technical and industrial base in the country of the Soviets. To accomplish this analysis meet Che incompatibility with this pro-fascist traitor and called for Russian destruction of the Soviet intelligence services with German and Japanese in the prewar period.

From the moment Hitler took power in Germany, the international counter became an integral part of the Nazi plan of world conquest. In every country, Hitler mobilized the counterrevolutionary forces during the last fifteen years had been organizing in the world. These forces then became “fifth columns” of Nazi Germany, organizations of treason, espionage and terror. These “fifth columns” were the secret vanguard of the German Wehrmacht.

One of the most powerful and important of these “fifth columns” acted within Soviet Russia, headed by a man who was perhaps the most notable political renegade in the history of mankind. His name was Leon Trotsky.

When was the Third Reich, and Leon Trotsky was the head of anti-Soviet international conspiracy which had powerful forces within the Soviet Union. Trotsky in exile plotting to overthrow the Soviet government to return to Russia and assume the supreme power, which had once been almost within reach of his hand. Are documented all meetings of the German command Trotsky and Tukhachevsky, former tsarist general.

This anti-communist name Lev Bronstein, was known within the Bolshevik party as the “Red Napoleon”, the explanations are superfluous. It is known that this character was a bitter enemy of Lenin for over 14 years, the most concrete evidence of this was written called “Our task,” where Trotsky poured a lot of accusations and slander against Lenin, similar to the later use against Stalin. When Trotsky warned that the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks is imminent, in August 1917, joins them in the most opportunistic as only he knew how.

Lenin Trotsky never had confidence, and in more than one occasion expressed views about the opportunist. Here are some comments made periodically by Lenin and Trotsky on their activities in the Russian revolutionary movement:

1911: “People like Trotsky, with his words … they are now swollen condition of the time … everyone who supported Trotsky group supports the policy of lies and deceit … workers Trotsky special mission is to throw dust in the eyes of workers, it is not possible to discuss essential things Trotsky because he has no opinions, we just report it as an argument menial.”

1911: “In 1903, Trotsky was a Menshevik, left the Mensheviks in 1904 and returned to them in 1905, boasting all over with phrases ultrarevolucionarias during that time, and again turned away from the Mensheviks in 1906 Trotsky plagiarism today … the ideas of a fraction, and tomorrow another, and so is considered superior to both … I have to declare that Trotsky represents only his own faction. ”

1912: “This group consists of lack of principles, hypocrisy and empty phrases … all under Trotsky ebcubre revolutionary phraseology that does not cost anything or commit you to anything.”

1914: “the old members of the Marxist movement in Russia are very familiar with Trotsky’s personality and not worth talking about it. But the new generation of workers do not know, and we need to let them know … these guys are characteristic fragments of the historical formations of yesterday, when the mass workers’ movement in Russia was still dormant. ”

1914: “Comrade Trotsky has not yet possessed definite opinion on a single issue serious Marxist, always has slipped through the gap opened by this or that discrepancy and has swung from side to side.”

1916: “Trotsky … as always, completely disagrees with the socialchauvinistas in principle, but brand around with them in practice.”

These are some of the opinions that Trotsky was Lenin in all the time Trotsky, Trotskyists is for today, what Jesus is for Christians in their teens.

We can say the killings are the leaders of the party by the clique that operated within the USSR was led by Trotsky. Dr. Leo Levin, a senior associate of Trotsky, infiltrated the Kremlin, was one of the major medical Bolshevik leaders, this man carried out under the guidance of Trotsky’s assassination and Menzhinsky important personages like Maxim Gorky, just to name two of the most emblematic. After the assassination of Menzhinsky was responsible for the GPU, its successor was Yagoda confessed Trotskyist who led the subsequent assassinations of important leaders, the most emblematic was the murder of writer Maxim Gorky, author of the landmark book “The Mother” with his son Peshkov.

Stanislav Rataichak, Trotsky service agent and head of the central administration of the chemical industry, confessed that when Germany was preparing his army hard mid-30, “three slides were prepared, a deviant act in Gorlovka workshops and two more landslides, one in the Nevsky workshops and other chemicals in the workshops combined Voskressensk ”

Yakov Borbnis, Trotsky group and workshop assistant chief Kamerovo said: “The plant was put district in such a condition that if in accordance with the demolition project was deemed necessary to do so, and gave the order, the mine could be flooded . In addition, we provided a coal from the technical point of view it was inappropriate for fuel, circumstances giving rise to numerous explosions. This was done deliberately … many workers are seriously injured ”

These small examples belong to a long chain of attacks, conspiracies and sabotage by anti-Soviet Trotsky and his group, to subvert the country’s industry and leave workers vulnerable to German attack was being prepared since Hitler and the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933 and was fully aware that Trotsky.

All the anti-Soviet Trotsky plot detailed in a study published in the near future, we are making the necessary investigations for publication. Meanwhile, there is more than shown and in the eyes of anyone who figures Trotsky and Che Guevara are not only incompatible but totally contrary, the first anti-traitor, the second a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary. Asked Thinking of Trotsky and Che? Where?

Marxist-Leninist Philosophy of Che

The philosophical content of Che Guevara was none other than Marist-Leninist philosophy, it does not doubt any serious person who is dedicated to the study of South American revolutionary figure. However, from Venezuela, there has been a wave of charlatans making comparisons of Nietzsche and his “superman” with the new man of Che Guevara. Something that seems ridiculous, but it is extremely worrying, more so because these charlatans control state political spheres of power.

It is trying to manipulate the revolutionary masses to keep them out of Marxism-Leninism and abstracting the bourgeois pessimism expressed in the “philosophy of life” in the existentialism of Sartre, Nietzsche and Heidegger, which by the way, the last two are the parents the ideas of fascism in Germany. Let us study what is the “philosophy of life” or existentialism to draw the respective conclusions.

Existentialism or “philosophy of life” is one of the hottest trends today, irrationalist doctrine maybe more characteristic of the period of general crisis of capitalism, which more accurately expresses the spirit of pessimism and decadence that permeates bourgeois ideology of our day.

The most prominent representatives of this philosophy are, in Germany Martin Heidegger and Karl Jaspers, in France, Gabriel Marcel, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, in Italy, Nicola Abbagnano; in the United States, William Barret. Existentialism is the direct successor of the philosophy of Bergson and Nietzsche: His method has taken considerable part of the phenomenology of Husserl. Its basic ideas of the works of Søren Kierkegaard Danish mystic.

In Germany, the philosophy of life began to take shape after the First World War. The exasperation and despair engendered by the defeat of militarism kaiseriano, the fear of the proletarian revolution in Russia and the revolutionary movement in Germany, the dim hopes for a rematch and the hysterical frenzy of fascism gained strength, formed the political and spiritual he grew up “philosophy of existence”.

Existentialism in a nutshell is the fear of the bourgeoisie and its intellectuals to the rise of the labor movement and popular, all this fear was formed in existentialism reasons largely explain their receptivity in bourgeois circles.

After the Second World War, existentialism morphed into the familiar “philosophy of life” and spread throughout the capitalist world. It spread easily because in an individualistic society like the bourgeoisie, this philosophy is focused (and still focuses) on issues concerning the meaning of life, man’s destiny, choice and personal responsibility, the fear of death , all flows in the name of “philosophy of life.”

To those people, infected by all the prejudices of bourgeois society, who have failed to even make your choice and oscillate between the contending forces (bourgeoisie and proletariat), or try to put over them and feel overcome with bright ideas and at the same time, are aware of the sinking of their supports them just goes “philosophy of life.”

We can not imagine a Che Guevara preaching all the absurdities of bourgeois theory and pessimistic, which is nothing but the widow of capitalism, the justification of bourgeois exploitation of the proletariat and, above all, blame the blame for all ills system to the bad practices of individuals, selfishness, etc.., and not capitalism, only guilty of atrocities and the crisis which we live.

In the period of disintegration of bourgeois society and the spiritual crisis that the slab, the mood emphasize individualistic and become breeding grounds for the reaction against the collectivist ideas of the proletariat and Marxist-Leninist philosophy. This is precisely what we see in these times of turmoil, where social movements come to life as capitalism sinks into a gigantic bankruptcy is no coincidence that this philosophy emerges as the answer to Marxism-Leninism which undoubtedly is gaining momentum for its force and as the only tool capable of eliminating the causes of the crisis, ie the bourgeois mode of production. The Superman figure is without doubt the opposite of this “superman” existentialist just described.

We invite all comrades to study and deepen the figure of Che Guevara. We know your image, like that of Stalin has been corrupted and manipulated at the whim of the imperialists and those who make the game, it is our duty to vindicate Marxist Leninist all the characters have really fought for the emancipation of the proletariat.

Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China

En Marcha #1540

July 15 to 21, 2011

Ecuador Deepens Its Dependence on China

Ecuador cannot present itself as a country that adequately manages its debt strategy when more than half of its debt is in the hands of China

Because of the peculiar manner of contracting loans with China, the exact amount of debt with that country has always been unclear; these days the debt has increased by $571 million through an additional loan for the building of the Sopladora hydroelectric dam.

As with the other loans, the interest is high, reaching 6.35%. Altogether the debt with China has reached $7,300 million dollars, according to international analysts interviewed by the Reuters news agency.

In these circumstances China has become Ecuador’s main creditor, which is very convenient for that country but compromises Ecuadorian sovereignty and interests. This has already been seen and the anticipated petroleum sale exemplifies this.

As part of the terms of payment Ecuador received in advance a billion dollars for the sale at market price of 130 million barrels of crude oil and 18 million of fuel oil to Petrochina in six years. This action would be one of Ecuador’s “certificates of good behavior” to later obtain a loan of two billion dollars, but it commits Ecuador to deliver 60 thousand barrels of oil a day for six years, an important amount that “coincidently” is the same as what the Andes petroleum company extracts from Ecuador’s Amazon basin with Chinese capital.

The situation cannot be analyzed without taking into account China’s strategy and its geopolitical position. That country, although it still calls itself socialist, has not been so for decades; the reforms to the Communist Party constitution that allow industrialists to be members is the latest example of this.

Its gigantic productive apparatus serves to increase the profits of the great monopolies of the planet as it hires out the labor of its workers for super-exploitation. But this, among other things, has led it to accumulate enormous economic resources that it has placed mainly in the United States itself, a country which, like Venezuela and now Ecuador, among others, is its main creditor.

The agreements which it generally arrives at envisage the solution of its main problem, which is energy; therefore it is no surprise that it has obtained the anticipated sale of petroleum, because that is its policy; but this is reprehensible for the Ecuadorian negotiators, since it is clear that they became easy prey to the Chinese attempts to obtain high interests for their loans and guarantee of the sale of petroleum.

As the most populous country on the planet, it is always the objective of the transnational companies to gain access to this market; this made it possible to take important steps to join the world capitalist economic order, even being able to place conditions and to now become a defining player in the world economy, being the second largest power on a world level. It is another imperialism.

China has an enormous trade surplus, according to experts, equivalent to the U.S. deficit, which is enormous. It has the money to be the financer of the United States and now of Europe, which are demanding that it increase the value of its currency, the Yuan. This could affect the position of the Ecuadorian debt, which is tied to the value of that currency.

In terms of geopolitics what has happened to Ecuador is simply that it has changed its master. Correa at one time questioned U.S. policy, that of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and earned their distrust, although now it is trying to regain that trust. In that process, Correa has ceased to be consistent with his original proposal and now has led the country into new dependencies, without any advantage for his country. On the contrary, the results of the negotiations of China with several debtor African countries leave serious doubts about the outcome of this new Ecuadorian dependency towards another imperialist country.

PCMLV: The government of Venezuela

Will the other counter-insurgency military base?

The world left, revolutionary and social organizations of Latin America had overcome the disappointment, when he again suffered a blow, which forces us as combatants and Marxist Leninist Communist Party back on the subject.

While President Chavez has reaffirmed his supposed “honest” to proceed and said that the murderer will continue working with the Colombian people, the “lord” Manuel Santos, we will continue to fight the revolutionaries fascism treason and bourgeois and imperialist system. As we are sure, the thousands of Colombians continue demonstrating, organizing and fighting in their homeland, with arms in hand to rotten and retrograde structures of a criminal oligarchy that has always had ability to get new and better friends, now in Bolivarian ground.

The delivery of Comrade Joaquín Pérez, and more recently still, the capture of the guerrilla fighter and revolutionary singer Julián Conrado is serious, very serious, we’re all looking, disappointment not to abandon the march, but rather move through over the Social Democrats, that this confirms the thesis of our party on the bourgeois character of this government. We say this for the obvious joy that without the slightest remorse expressed by national authorities, boasting of their efficiency in capturing revolutionaries, guerrilla fighters, communists. Mr. President, let all see that it was a hot potato as Joaquín Pérez, a Venezuelan state policy, and as you can understand why we should worry and sharpens our caution about his reconciliation with fascism. “We’re not under or subject to blackmail from anyone, or the extreme left or the extreme right.” This said, his ministers and yourself, speaking to groups who questioned his performance in the case Becerra however, the government of Santos Is not one of the far-right governments in the world, one of the criminals and murderers in Latin America?

From the Rio Grande to Patagonia, from the innermost village or indigenous community, even the most distant of our continents, rising voices of protest, that you intend to silence, perhaps because this particular “new form” revolutionary action, not is nothing revolutionary nor new.

This approach favors imperialism, which have no qualms at the time of attack in any way to our country. See the example of Libya, despite the reformist and conciliatory attitude of the world imperialism Gaddafi, Libya is undergoing the most ruthless bombing by the imperialist forces of NATO.

The crisis of capitalism in the world is becoming more complex, constantly growing aggressiveness of imperialism, and reform succumb to their threats, I expressed the seventh resolution of our Party in 2010, “the grassroots and criticism the direction of those games, despite the triumphant speech, know this only demonstrates the vacillating character of its leadership and weak to make big decisions in favor of the revolution … bipartisanship, business, parliamentary theater, buying votes and the agreement under the table will be the norm to impose .. ”

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