The Carve-Up of Cyprus

By the Marxist-Leninist Organisation of Britain; Special Issue of “Class Against Class”; No.7, 1974. Reprinted by Alliance Marxist-Leninist, 2003. BEHIND THE EVENTS IN CYPRUS OF JULY 1974 — THE COUPS AND COUNTER-COUPS, THE MASS GRAVES AND THE INVASION — ARE TO BE FOUND THE BLOODY HANDS OF THE UNITED STATES IMPERIALISTS, STRIVING DESPERATELY TO RECOVER SOME OFContinue reading “The Carve-Up of Cyprus”

The Many Dimensions of Primitive Accumulation: Farmers’ Suicides, Abdication of Responsibilities in the Narmada Resettlement

C. N. Subramanian We are today witness to the historical process which Marx had characterised as the ‘primitive accumulation of capital’. ‘The process, therefore, that clears the way for the capitalist system, can be none other than the process which takes away from the labourer the possession of his means of subsistence; a process that transforms,Continue reading “The Many Dimensions of Primitive Accumulation: Farmers’ Suicides, Abdication of Responsibilities in the Narmada Resettlement”

Lenin on the Asiatic Mode of Production

Taimur Rahman There is a certain contention as to whether Lenin accepted the notion of the AMP or its appropriateness to Russia. Firstly, Soviet scholars have since 1931 upheld that references to the ‘Asiatic’ mode by Marx, Engels or Lenin merely underscored variants of the slave or feudal modes of production found in Asia. ForContinue reading “Lenin on the Asiatic Mode of Production”

Bill Bland: The Cominform Fights Revisionism

  A paper prepared for the Stalin Society in London by Bill Bland; ca 1998. INTRODUCTION As we have seen, the Marxist-Leninists in the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Communist International had no interest in saving a Communist International dominated by revisionists, but worked to create a new international,Continue reading “Bill Bland: The Cominform Fights Revisionism”

Resolution of the Information Bureau Concerning the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, June 28, 1948

  The Information Bureau, composed of the representatives of the Bulgarian Workers’ Party (Communists), Rumanian Workers’ Party, Hungarian Workers’ Party, Polish Workers’ Party, The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks), Communist Party of France, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the Communist Party of Italy, upon discussing the situation in the Communist Party of YugoslaviaContinue reading “Resolution of the Information Bureau Concerning the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, June 28, 1948”

The Contribution of J.V. Stalin to Marxism-Leninism

M.B. Mitin M.D. Kammari G.F. Aleksandrov … The theoretical works of Comrade Stalin and the practical revolutionary-creative struggle for communism led by him has had a powerful transforming influence on science. Already the foundation of Marxism itself was a great revolution in science, and in our epoch the teachings of Marx and Engels, raised byContinue reading “The Contribution of J.V. Stalin to Marxism-Leninism”

Karl Marx on the Credit System and Fictitious Capital

“A few remarks remain to be made about credit capital. How often the same piece of money can figure as loan capital, wholly depends, as we have already previously shown, on: 1) how often it realises commodity-values in sale or payment, thus transfers capital, and furthermore how often it realises revenue. How often it getsContinue reading “Karl Marx on the Credit System and Fictitious Capital”

James Connolly on Socialism and Nationalism

“If you remove the English army to-morrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organisation of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial andContinue reading “James Connolly on Socialism and Nationalism”

Labour Party (EMEP): Current Developments and the Kurdish Question

April 2006 Introduction Different Paths in the Kurdish Movement The US invasion of Iraq has had, among other things, a profound effect on the Kurdish question itself. New alignments, new developments and dissociations are evident and three years after the invasion, there is a need to summarise new factors in this century-old ‘big game’. OfContinue reading “Labour Party (EMEP): Current Developments and the Kurdish Question”

Friedrich Engels on Scientific Socialism

“But the old idealist conception of history, which was not yet dislodged, knew nothing of class struggles based upon economic interests, knew nothing of economic interests; production and all economic relations appeared in it only as incidental, subordinate elements in the ‘history of civilization.’ The new facts made imperative a new examination of all pastContinue reading “Friedrich Engels on Scientific Socialism”

1984 CIA Propaganda Booklet on the U.S. Invasion of Grenada

From Wikipedia: “Rescued from Rape and Slavery is a 14-page comic published in 1984 by the Central Intelligence Agency but ostensibly credited to the non-existent “Victims of International Communist Emissaries.” The comic was developed by the Commercial Comic Book Company, the largest American provider of educational comics. The script is by Malcolm Ater and theContinue reading “1984 CIA Propaganda Booklet on the U.S. Invasion of Grenada”

Karl Marx on how the Value of Labor Power is Determined

“We must now examine more closely this peculiar commodity, labour-power. Like all others it has a value. How is that value determined? The value of labour-power is determined, as in the case of every other commodity, by the labour-time necessary for the production, and consequently also the reproduction, of this special article. So far asContinue reading “Karl Marx on how the Value of Labor Power is Determined”

Karl Marx on Labor Power as a Commodity

“By labour-power or capacity for labour is to be understood the aggregate of those mental and physical capabilities existing in a human being, which he exercises whenever he produces a use-value of any description. But in order that our owner of money may be able to find labour-power offered for sale as a commodity, variousContinue reading “Karl Marx on Labor Power as a Commodity”

The Beijing Olympics and the Question of Tibet

Vijay Singh In the run-up to the Olympic Games which are to be held in the Beijing, US imperialism is conducting a campaign of disinformation against the nationalities policies in Tibet using the remnants of feudalism such as the Dalai Lama as their instrument, alongside the normal imperialist accredited newspapers, ‘human rights institutions’ and HollywoodContinue reading “The Beijing Olympics and the Question of Tibet”

Resolution Supporting the Revolutionary Forces in Ecuador

[Update Jan. 15, 2011: “The Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE) was born in August, 1964 in rebellion against the revisionist leadership of the Communist Party of Ecuador (PCE) and its endorsement of the then Soviet-line of peaceful transition to socialism, the parliamentary road and peaceful coexistence with imperialism. Over the years the PCMLE, thoughContinue reading “Resolution Supporting the Revolutionary Forces in Ecuador”