Che Guevara on United Fruit

“The last Latin American revolutionary democracy – that of Jacobo Arbenz – failed as a result of the cold premeditated aggression carried out by the U.S.A. Its visible head was the Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, a man who, through a rare coincidence, was also a stockholder and attorney for the United Fruit Company.”Continue reading “Che Guevara on United Fruit”

“United Fruit Co.” by Pablo Naruda

Neruda wrote this poem in 1950 to bring attention to injustices brought upon the native populations of Central and South America that were a result of American companies (and the U.S. government with the help of the CIA) and dictators throughout the region who exploited their labor and forcefully suppressed democratic movements. ENGLISH TRANSLATION UnitedContinue reading ““United Fruit Co.” by Pablo Naruda”

Communist Party of the Workers of France: No to French military intervention in Mali, No to the “sacred union” to support the war!

Position of January 12 The French government has decided to send French troops to Mali. After the Ivory Coast and Libya, now it is Mali. This is a decision that involves France in a war in a former French colony. This option was the only one that has been used since northern Mali has beenContinue reading “Communist Party of the Workers of France: No to French military intervention in Mali, No to the “sacred union” to support the war!”

Privatization in Ex-Communist Countries Killed Over One Million People

As many as one million working-age men died due to the economic shock of mass privatisation policies followed by post-communist countries in the 1990s, according to a new study published in The Lancet. The Oxford-led study measured the relationship between death rates and the pace and scale of privatisation in 25 countries in the formerContinue reading “Privatization in Ex-Communist Countries Killed Over One Million People”

8 Atrocities Committed Against Puerto Rico by the US

by Jose L Vega Santiago Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea. It is a small island with a population of almost four million citizens. On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish American War, United States invaded Puerto Rico and commenced a long relationship between the two.Continue reading “8 Atrocities Committed Against Puerto Rico by the US”

Where did America’s missing millions go? Holodomor Lessons

The posting of this article does not imply endorsement of the views of the author. — Espresso Stalinist U.S. history contains a serious crime against its own people – the Great American Holodomor of 1932/33, which cost the lives of millions. Historian Boris Borisov suggests the U.S. should not lecture Russia on Holodomor in Ukraine,Continue reading “Where did America’s missing millions go? Holodomor Lessons”

The Costs of Counterrevolution: Must We Ignore Imperialism?

excerpted from the book The Sword and the Dollar Imperialism, Revolution, and the Arms Race by Michael Parenti St. Martin’s Press, 1989 The Costs of Counterrevolution p 117 Throughout the 1980s, the counterrevolutionary mercenaries who have waged war against such countries as Nicaragua, Angola, and Mozambique, were described as “guerrillas.” In fact, they won littleContinue reading “The Costs of Counterrevolution: Must We Ignore Imperialism?”

Video: “What Hitler Wants”

Political Cartoon: 39 years later, Chile remembers 9/11 terror attacks

Further Reading Remembering Chile’s 9/11 Cold War Killer File: Augusto Pinochet Augusto Pinochet & the Realities of the Free Market in Chile Source

Jonas Savimbi

Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, a despoiler of Angola, died on February 22nd, aged 67 HIS death had been reported at least 15 times before. So when the news broke that Jonas Savimbi had been shot dead by government troops, Angolans bottled up their glee until they could be sure. Then they saw television pictures of hisContinue reading “Jonas Savimbi”

Peking Review on Environment and Development

Environment and Development by Chu Ko-ping Peking Review May 14, 1976, p. 19 The question of environment and development is of common concern to various countries in the world. The numerous developing countries are speeding up the development of their national economies and, in the course of such development, are protecting and improving the environmentContinue reading “Peking Review on Environment and Development”

French Government Exposed in Rwanda’s Genocide

By Maryam Newly evidence documents the role of the French regime in the 1994 Rwanda genocide — and has, once again, put the spotlight on this tragic event and the role of foreign imperialists in it. In early August 2008, the Rwandan government released a report based on eyewitness accounts that the direct cooperation betweenContinue reading “French Government Exposed in Rwanda’s Genocide”

PC (AP): Public Notice

Monday, 18 June 2012 On June 17, the Central Committee of Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action), PC (AP) has made its plenary meeting, in which have been discussed and decisions taken regarding: National and international situation; Labour Party Masses and Fronts International Communist Movement. We would like to know the following agreements and resolutions:Continue reading “PC (AP): Public Notice”

Alexander Cockburn, Acerbic Writer and Critic, Dies at 71

By COLIN MOYNIHAN Alexander Cockburn, the mordant left-wing journalist and author who though born in Scotland thrived in the political and cultural battlegrounds of the United States, died on Saturday in Bad Salzhausen, Germany, where he had been receiving medical treatment, his family said. He was 71. The cause was cancer, said Jeffrey St. Clair,Continue reading “Alexander Cockburn, Acerbic Writer and Critic, Dies at 71”

On the Day of American Independence

Today is the 4th of July, a holiday celebrated all over the nation as the date of American Independence from the British crown. I was considering burning an American flag to protest US foreign policy, imperial aggression, indigenous holocaust, sponsorship of terrorism, slavery and discrimination of minorities, etc., and promptly began wondering if flag-burning onContinue reading “On the Day of American Independence”