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PCB: Statement on the Occasion of 1 May 2011

National Forum of the Salaried Workers of Benin DECLARATION ON THE OCCASION OF 1 May 2011

Like the other workers of the world, those in Benin, for the purposes of taking stock of claims and to consider prospects, commemorate this day, International Workers Day. May 1, 2011, a day of demands from U.S. unions in 1884. Adopted in France by the Socialist International in 1889, it became a legal and public holiday in 1947.

As everyone knows, in fact, May 1 as a cause for celebration and festival is first and foremost a dedication to a great struggle conducted since 1886 by the workers of Chicago. This struggle has left important gains for generations of workers one hundred twenty to five (125) years later, such as the eight (8) hour work day.

In respect to that part of history, and in order to glorify the significance of past struggles and sacrifices, it is customary to celebrate May 1 as a day of struggle by active events such as marches and rallies, or the worker’s forum today under the theme: “Understanding how and why we must organize resistance to the new autocracy and pave the way for the power of the workers and peoples.”

In this sense, and to raise high the demands, the struggles and sacrifices made by workers of CHICAGO, workers in Benin and elsewhere have a duty to rise without restraint today against the constant manifestations of the cruel confrontation between capital and labor, and the hands of the imperialist powers through the channel of their multinationals (Bolore, Bouygues, Monte Santo etc.) Bretonwood and institutions (IMF , World Bank) and WTO. They want to maintain their hold on the neck of the oppressed by all possible means in order to preserve the chain of domination that is perpetuated as smoothly as economic exploitation and cultural alienation.

This, the source of colonization is also that of the neo-colonization and the most brutal attacks of imperialist re-conquest observable here and there, everywhere in the world today with the English, French and U.S. imperialists in particular at the head. For them, the economic re-conquest is almost complete regarding the essential states, especially holding a big reserve of raw materials, especially energy. It must be brought to an end by taking the top political leadership of these countries by force if necessary.

Looking back a little, (1990 for example), we can realize that the IMF and World Bank have prepared the groundwork by requiring disengagement of the state from activities of production and trade, consequently ushering in the all-out fire sale of state enterprises for the benefit mainly of multinationals retained either directly or as strategic buyers.

Thus, in West Africa for example, from Senegal to Benin through the Ivory Coast and Ghana, Bolor is the master of transportation, Bouygues that of telecommunications, the CFDT cap most of the cotton sector, etc. Coffee and cocoa in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana are the preserve of American and French companies.

No state budget is made or adopted by the National Assembly without the express permission of the World Bank and IMF. There is no sectoral policy adopted without the agreement of the imperialist powers and their pharmacies discreetly arranged recently under the title of technical and financial partners (TFP). Even the constitution of Benin is without the sovereignty of the people, the agreements signed with foreigners by these institutions. It is well-known that since colonial times, the currency, the CFA franc, was already firmly hitched to the French Treasury by its management.

It is clear that with all these tricks on their robust hand, they only needed a firmer hand on the heads of state, whether those hands are much more visible than Focart or Françafrique.

The U.S. has given the ultimate in arrogant and crumbling pretexts, such as Afghanistan, Iraq. SARKOZY joins them after the bitterly-contested elections in helping to install a son of a personal friend, Ali Bongo Ondimba, a son of Eyadema (Faure); There is ferocious force, under the cloak of United Nations here or NATO there, by installing the friend whom he performed the marriage as mayor in Côte d’Ivoire. With its American, British and Italian allies, it takes part in LIBYA as everyone knows, since energy issues, including oil, are great.

The brutality of the reconquest is even stronger than the competition from emerging countries grouped under the acronym BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Similarly, to stem the financial crisis in the United States triggered in 2008, caused by the colossal benefits, fraudulent practices and huge profits that arrogant leaders of banking and financial institutions, has expanded rapidly in Europe. The victims are all designated workers, including Turkey, Spain and elsewhere in the world to take the bitter medicine of layoffs, restructuring, etc.

It is therefore clear that the greed and cynicism of capital in the service of imperialist powers have never let gains of the workers become or remain permanent unless constantly backed up and maintained in struggles.

In Benin, the recourse of Boni Yayi to tyranny, fascist methods and his own personal references for the management of political power will be seen sympathetically by SARKOZY and other masters as he continues to provide proof of security for the interests of French multinationals Bolor, Bouygues and others. The new autocracy takes its source of justification of this particular provision of security from the growing awareness of the people of Benin, who are likely to struggle in many areas to extract the necessary subsidies for survival. It shows its teeth and claws at the slightest unfavorable event, it banned all public demonstrations about the CEN-SAD, DANGNIVO affairs and the presidential election; it stops and beats peaceful demonstrators. This will not cause any commotion from his masters. It protects and incorporates into its ranks criminals known for dirty work underway or planned. The court and the lower court of Yayi multiply initiatives in order to maintain of power in their hands.

The 2011 presidential election has been an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of these initiatives (vote without voters’ list, no list of polling, the fraud of all kinds of pre-stamped ballots etc.) and logically led to unprecedented results in Benin, an electoral coup that reinstalled the power-hungry autocrats.

At the head of demonstrations relating to these elections, then the electoral hold-up, the labor organizations including in particular the CSTB and FESYNTRA-FINANCE, organizations of Human Rights, ODHP, political parties, including the PCB and many other organizations have rightly called for resistance and have established a committee for this purpose.

To complete the building of the new autocracy, the actors of the coup election have been campaigning during the general election being called for a comfortable majority in the National Assembly.

The people of Benin who experienced the horrors of autocracy will not allow themselves to be new victims.

Workers, better than other classes, have by their experiences of the past six months, given the evidence of their rejection of the decadent power of renewal and change along with their desire for their own power and that of the peoples from which they come.

Those who by this new misfortune happening to our people, those who went for making Boni Yayi President of the Republic, are, even if it could be a calamity for the country, going for a new trap for the people in an attempt to legitimize him, his court and his courtyard, after the robbery of political power in broad daylight from which he can neither win nor draw any glory.

It is for these reasons that the only response that such a deal, this new trap deserves is the firm rejection without appeal.

It should be remembered for those who have forgotten or pretend to have forgotten that political struggles are declared as such, are not painted or hypocritically masked under terms such as “citizen control” triggered at various moments in the history of the peoples and especially the workers, which have in turn led to the advent of the “Democratic Renewal” and “change.”

Workers, in tandem with all other strata, will fight through the necessary resistance to the new autocracy in order to pave the way toward their own power and the satisfaction of their basic demands. Meanwhile, they require:

  • enjoyment of fundamental freedoms and the broader union;
  • the removal of NPE in accord with the sentiment of the majority of the people, education in our mother tongues;
  • stopping the incessant insults made to workers, the dictates of imperialist institutions to justify the non-satisfaction of claims;
  • the election and the revocability of the managers o services and public enterprises (DG, DT, Directors and Project Coordinators, Heads services etc..) for an effective fight of the people against corruption;
  • the halting of the privatization of Benin Telecom SA Sonapra, OCBN, Port, Sobemap, SBEE SONEB and all other public utilities;
  • halting of layoffs in the public and private companies;
  • recovery and publication of audits of departments of all companies and state institutions;
  • shedding light on the current scandals (Cases of DANGNIVO, CEN-SAD Presidential Plane, agricultural machinery, ICC Services, not to mention the no less important deeds of the previous governments) and punishment of perpetrators;
  • guaranteed freedoms, the judgment and punishment of perpetrators of violations of freedoms, the rehabilitation of victims;
  • halting the infringement of gains in bonus and other benefits;
  • the end of impunity for political crimes of blood (murder of Judge Coovi, the Commissioner of Police and Tossou Koundé) and economic crimes, including main leaders in government or the National Assembly.
  • the development and rapid implementation on behalf of workers of the MEF, of all the achievements of recent union negotiations Confederation / Government and the wider wage Coëffic (at least factor 2) to all state employees on active duty or retired (pension).

Workers from all walks and backgrounds must reinforce confidence in ourselves for our major achievements and victories of the past.

Contrary to false propaganda networks developed by unscrupulous authority among workers, Treasury securities to pay back wages, the coefficient of 1.25 on the salaries of Teachers, the repayment of the contract are far from the results of the magnanimity of the power of Yayi Boni. In the minutes of the working meeting chaired Friday, March 7, 2003 by Kerekou, he said to save the academic year. It noted prominently:

  • the lifting of the suspension of payment of financial effects of promotions, reclassifications and promotions, which give rise to Treasuries;
  • lifting the hiring freeze imposed by PAS since 1987 and a rapid offset staffing, which will end the recruitment dropper according to retirements;
  • the “dropping out of sectors on the Training of Public Service” which will give rise among other things to the coefficient of 1.25;
  • the “contractual issues” which then lead to the reversal of the decrees;
  • “problems of pay structures” the result of which consists of the institution of certain bonuses which are then removed.

Moreover, as workers and peoples of other countries, workers in Benin fought the PAS and contributed to to end it;

Workers have fought and prevented the application of merit-based promotion;

Workers have fought and prevented the enactment of Act 98-035 intended to modify the general status of APE for promotion on merit;

By their vote, workers were cornered, beaten and inflicted shame upon by opportunists by electing twice successively already CSTB as the most representative trade union confederation.

Similarly, in response to the multifaceted assaults and organized attacks of imperialist institutions, it is imperative that workers in the West African region, Africa and the world adopt appropriate crucibles to dispel these harmful actions, to incapacitate them and spawn in each country the way to revolution, the true power of workers and the peoples. The Forum of Workers in Benin launches a solemn appeal to workers of all countries.






Cotonou, May 1, 2011

The Workers’ Forum

Communist Coordination Unit: May 1, Workers Day

These times of acute economic crisis that have created big business and banks in the capitalist countries mainly by speculation, greed and lack of control of an unplanned economy, paradoxically, are exploited by the perpetrators to rest on the shoulders of the class working and popular classes countless new social cuts and labor to ensure increased benefits for large employers continue to amass huge fortunes.

The government of the PSOE, as the opposition of the PP, have clearly shown which side they are. Public meetings with big business in this country, they have served to be giving instructions on what steps were: labor reform, reduction of wages to public employees, delayed retirement age and lowering of pensions … All this after having allowed an orgy of EREs and layoffs to large companies with huge profits. The last example is intended to fire directly at 6,400 workers, while its senior officials will be distributed 450 million euros.

Thus, the vast majority of the population suffer unfair eviction or mortgage while a few are shared billion euros (our money) with which the state “saved” the banks. We are listing more years to be entitled to receive pension, where representatives and senators charged the maximum with only 7 years of parliamentary activity. In addition, they put us in another war of plunder, which generates thousands of deaths of innocent Libyans, to steal their oil, and wasting in arms spending that have cut social spending. The crisis is not the same for everyone!

With demonstrations and call for general strike, workers try to prevent these attacks. However, the lack of conviction and the hesitant attitude of some union leaders missed the force that demonstrated the working class and the demobilized, giving the government and the employer another retreat from our duties.

We can not resign, nor why we beg anything. Workers and we are working with our effort we all wealth, are the engine of society and the economy, and therefore, we must unite to demand a government that responds to our interests, the interests of the Most of the population and not those of the powerful few.

We must keep fighting against all anti-worker and anti-social measures, from the labor reform to privatization, through the “pensionazo”, and for this we need to rebuild all our party, the working class, always ensure that our interests: the Communist Party. The PCE history of the Second Republic and the anti-Franco has been developed by reformist leaders in an instrument incapable of dealing with the domination of capital, despite the efforts of much of its membership base. But the Communists did not give up: we are uniting and rebuilding the party on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism. Join us to keep fighting!

Saturday April 30, 2011





September 27th Communist Collective

The Working Class & the Labourers have won in the May Day

From the Labour Party of Turkey on May Day:

The May Day celebrations held all around the world and in Turkey has been a day on which the working class and the labourers have declared that they do not want to pay the cost of the crisis. The massive character as well as the prevalence of the celebrations has stood out and they have also revealed both the periodical weaknesses and the opportunities for improvement and reinforcement within the workers’ movement and the trade union struggle.

Both around the world and in our country, the May Day of 2009 has been witnessed to the most prevalent and massive May Day celebrations of the recent years.

The capitalist system is undergoing its most severe crisis after the Second World War. The role of the capitalist system’s attacks (such as dismissals from work, wage reductions, all the different forms of leave without pay and flexible work being implemented etc.) channelled by the hands of the states and governments and directed towards the sections forming the main body of the working class has been significant. In many countries, beginning with France, the trade unions and confederations have put aside the competition between them and have celebrated May Day together against the attacks of the capital.

The economic crisis collectivising the demands, to such a degree, in the celebrations held on an international scale has brought out the international character of the working class movement in the same degree.

More than 300 thousand workers and labourers have participated in the celebrations held around 100 different venues in our country. Another characteristic to stand out in the celebrations has been the Kurdish workers and labourers participating massively and in a widespread manner and claiming the May Day celebrations this year. The Kurdish workers and labourers have expressed their economic and democratic demands together with their class sisters and brothers. This picture gives strength and hope in terms of the future of the common struggle of the Turkish and Kurdish workers and labourers.

However and unfortunately, on the contrary to the tendency around the world, the confederations and trade unions in our country following a “dividing” line of action rather than one respecting the unity of the workers and labourers, has caused participation to remain at the current levels when conditions for different results actually existed. To such an extent that some of the confederations, not content with limiting the division based on “we must go to Taksim Square” to Istanbul, have resorted to dispatching written instructions to the trade union branches in other cities around the country telling them to stay away from joint celebrations.

It is gladdening to see that, despite these negativities the workers, labourers and the trade unionists feeling responsibility towards the labour movement have not paid attention to the “imposing from the top”, subjective approaches of the confederations’ and trade unions’ central administrations disregarding the unity and interests of the labourers and not taking the will of the grassroots into consideration at all and these forces have organised joint celebrations everywhere except for Istanbul and a few other locations around the country. This situation has demonstrated that the idea of the capital’s attacks being only repulsed with a complete struggle has been accepted among the labourers at the grassroots.

This attitude that is pro-unity has shown both that our Party’s May Day tactic has been claimed by the working class and the labourers and has, once again, put forward the path that needs to be trodden by the movement of the workers and the trade unions.

At the point reached today, the central administrations of confederations and trade unions should regard the class movement from a position in accordance with this tendency of the grassroots rather than their own positions and should immediately take the steps in order to build a united line of struggle. In addition to this, insistence on the policy of “We must go to Taksim Square” is one of the most fundamental obstacles in front of maintaining class unity. We must know that the discussions currently carried out around “Taksim Square”; beyond being a simple discussion among the working class and the labourers as to whether the “march took place or not in Taksim Square” or whether the “number of participants was reasonable or not”, is in fact an ideological problem existing between the working class and the elements outside of the class.

May Day will only correspond to the values it represents both historically and in terms of today as long as it is celebrated as a day on which the widest unity of the workers and labourers is maintained around the most urgent economic, social and political demands. A platform on May Day that does not ensure the unity of the workers and disregards their demands cannot be defended on behalf of the working class; no matter what the pretexts put forward happen to be. This is the reality that those insisting on “Taksim Square” refuse persistently in seeing.

Undoubtedly; celebrating May Day in Taksim, beyond being a wish, is the right of the working class of Turkey. However; a genuinely workers’ May Day will have been celebrated in Taksim Square when the workers and labourers have defeated with their own forces the restraints and bans pertaining to this issue imposed by the capital’s governments and the state and have rendered sovereign their own platform with their unity and their demands. What has been experienced in Taksim on the May Day of 2009 has nothing to do with this situation.

The subjectivist attitude and understanding put forward by those setting forth the symbols of the past and their own feelings in a manner alienated from the duties of the present day is a typical indication of the position they have been flung to that is outside of the class.

On the other hand, another reality made obvious one again by the events in Taksim is that the government as well as the Governor and the Chief of Police that are “at the head” of Istanbul as the government’s representatives, deem running this city with police terror as an accomplishment. The police terror storming around Taksim on May Day cannot be accepted by anybody or any organisation on the side of democracy nor can it be justified. The Governor and Chief of Police of Istanbul should immediately resign as those responsible for these actions.

Taking all of these facts into consideration, our Party will continue to offer all its accumulation and means of struggle to the service of the working class and the trade union struggle.

Long live May Day; the day of international unity, struggle and solidarity of the working class!

Long live the unity of the working class!

EMEP: May 1 – Workers of our Country & All the World, Happy Worker’s Day!

Unity, struggle and solidarity to all workers and toilers of our country and the world. Happy May Day 1. Unfortunately, the 20,011 in a Mayıs’ına peace, democracy and freedom in front of the demands of international capital, the imperialist powers and their collaborators sought by the conditions of blood and violence are going to repression.

The neo-liberal economic crisis of 2008 with the ship thoroughly rampant aggression is endless. Snow ambition eyes darkened in such a period, the country’s workers, victims of crimes over the business of death is news. The last two years, the economy grew significantly, while the social welfare of workers and working people’s share of unemployment, hunger and poverty.

On the other hand, the number of dollar billionaires s taking it to 36 while 3000 new millionaire. In short, the full capital and the AKP government vurgunculuğudur a crisis.

In this environment, to search for the right to organize trade unions, workers and workers who want to strike, Prime Minister Erdogan’s response, “do not ask me to strike” is. This attitude of Prime Minister Erdogan and the AKP government is not the first example showing that the levels of labor in which enmity. For miners who died in the mines of Zonguldak “would die knowing that entered the mines,” said the same Prime Minister.

Obstructing the search for ways to organize and the rights of the working class trade union, anti-democratic laws and practices of political extensions June 12 elections, the working class and toiling in front of our people was increased once more. Parties in order to help the trillions of treasure, while independent candidates to be nominated for the workers actually removed from the application fee of 7,800 pounds are prevented.

June 12 elections, wills have been obstructed from work the other cutting the Kurdish people. Anti-democratic Election Law (10% threshold), because “Labor, Democracy, Freedom Block” of the candidates participating in elections as independent candidates brought to the desired YSK veto of Turkish and Kurdish workers in all nationalities, workers, intellectuals and the people’s struggle püskürtülebilmiştir. ODP is the “missing paperwork” to enter the grounds that the elections are prevented.

It seems that he is, the AKP government, the working class, working people plugging their ears and attitude of the Kurdish people will continue to justify the demands. 1 million 700 thousand students in the future that it obscures the password rezaletindeki a continuation of the attitude of the government’s impassive.

There is no doubt that another compilation, Kürdüyle, Alevisi, all nationalities and all faiths Sünnisiyle workers and laborers, young people and women on May 1 in the attitudes and practices do not recognize the AKP government and the capital account front Pervan ask, before the June 12 elections, the AKP’s first big slap will take.

May 1: Workers of our country and all over the world, Happy Emekçilerine (Workers Day)!

Haydar KAYA

MLKP on May 1, for freedom and socialism!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

The working class unity, solidarity and struggle on the May 1st is approaching!

May 1, from production to the power of the working class struggle for freedom and socialism per day pass!

May 1, workers and workers exploitation, misery and oppression, the double exploitation of women as the second sex, geleceksizliğe young people, the oppressed nations condemned the destruction and denial of the bourgeois order in which accountability is the day!

May 1, the working class, workers, youth, women, the fate of the oppressed nations and national minorities to get into their own hands, for equality and justice, freedom and socialism is the day to fill squares!

Popular revolts in North Africa and the Middle East, the so-called dictators defetti indestructible. “It does not go like that came,” said the Middle East’s rights, not only of imperialist competition in the region, oil conflicts, but also the will of peoples is peoples yaptırımcı, solvent and the result is catching the action and the power of the sovereignty of the most powerful appears to be able to show that precipitation mechanism of the knee.

In the Middle East is part of the future in our region, the rights and the power of united action to be written. The Kurdish issue, the laws of capitalism, and capital policies of the government from the political, social and economic problems, the solution will bring the working class and peoples.

The working class, laborers, women, young people, Kurdish people and other national minorities, religious and sectarian communities, the oppressed and the pressures on the political prohibitions continue in full force. Kurdish politicians, including dozens of elected mayors, hundreds of revolutionary, such as Ahmed Stylish Turkish bourgeois state, including dozens of journalists are turning to expose the dirty policies of the revolutionary and progressive journalist dungeons. Ayhan, such as the wheel is a registered confessions of murderers, practices dirty war in Kurdistan until December 19 dungeon massacre massacre exposed a number of government documents, despite the ostensible yargılamalarla aklanırken cuts off the line is being liquidated. Currently, “There is no Kurdish problem,” teraneleri continuing. The Supreme Electoral Council, the Kurdish liberation movement and the socialists show for the upcoming parliamentary elections, the political conspiracies will continue to veto candidates put forward. These are moves to promote institutionalization of the AKP government’s own fascist.

Still be trapped in the Kurdish politicians and elected YSK’nın veto, that phony elections, how, the will of the people on the street can have their own evidence among the action to life.
Economic crisis, dismissed the bill is still pulses, indirect tax hikes, the provisions of the basic livelihood of the working class and working people are paying zamlarla. Crisis of the bourgeoisie the opportunity to know, all the strikes and resistance, all the rights acquired at a price of trying to bury history, subcontracting and climbs bounce attacks.

Misery of the working class and working people in the imperialist world system of capitalist conditions etmekle not convicted, the sources of life suffered in the destruction of all humanity faces the problem of asset poverty brings. Energy radioactive nuclear crisis following the earthquake disaster in Japan, Japanese people living in both the earlier catastrophes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear destruction once again brought face to face, and the continents beyond Europe, America and even reached our region. The energy crisis of the imperialists for the competition and arms race of mankind is pregnant once again showed what a great disaster.

The workers, laborers!

Unemployment, hunger, poverty, political bans, sendikasızlaştırma attacks, all in the Middle East and the world takes similar forms. Against imperialist capitalism, regional and international organizations, international unity of the working class, the future is important to win. The working class unity and solidarity in the struggle can change the world. The workers all over the world will conquer the streets on May 1 and will show once again the fact that the will of the people. However, even the organization of trade unions of the working class is low, unorganized, disorganized, fragmented state, the action weakens. Inciting Turkish chauvinism, not only the destruction of the Kurdish people and deny the leaves exposed to attacks, but also by the Turkish workers and emekçilerini tool in this dirty politics, unemployment, work, pulses, poverty, misery taşeronlaşmaya hikes and against the AKP government against the fascist kurumlaşmasına break the power of action, the will of to break. The imperialists of the working class in this fragmented, dispersed and disorganized state of the class to take power from attacking.

Trade union and political örgütlülüğünüzü enlarge on May 1, working women, youth and oppressed peoples in the student union and social struggle to walk in the front ranks of the exit squares!

The Kurdish people!

Workers connect people with the Turkish workers and the fire burned Newroz’da Taksim Square! Maximize the power of the struggle for national democratic rights in the Middle East rebellion! Solution to the problem of Kurdish counterpart, Turkish workers and laborers! And an act of the will of the People!

Labor and laboring women!

Ongoing inequality in all areas of society, women’s murders, sexual assaults, family, society and state violence against women is not destiny! Just as in the front of the barricades Revolts in the Middle East, such as women, to cry out that the destiny of this life, March 8 at the forefront in the spirit of May 1 take place in squares!

Student youth!

YGS’de released May 1 this year have shown the face of scandal password magnification power of action, demands the general demands of combining working-class and working people, free, democratic, the struggle for education in mother tongue, do the springboard!

The workers, laborers, youth, women, Turkish and Kurdish peoples!

More than 30 years in a row, won the resistance and rebellion in Taksim Square, hundreds of thousands of workers, laborer, women and youths preparing to welcome one more time.
Taksim Square, united struggle, a symbol of solidarity and resistance.
Taksim Square, the symbol of the persistent and effective, action.
Taksim Square, in front of peoples yaptırımcı no action will not stop a symbol of power.
The capitalist system, working-class and working people, the source of all political and social problems. If the only alternative to revolution and socialism. For freedom and socialism on May 1 in Taksim Square to fill the ranks of MLCP!

Long live May 1 Long live socialism! Biji Biji Yek Gülan Socialism!
Long Live Long Live the People’s Fellowship of the Revolution! Biji Biji Biratîya Gela Sores!

The Central Committee of MLCP

PCM-ML: May 1st – Class Unity, Solidarity, Protest!

No Gratitude, No Order!

Work Against Labor Reform; The Mobilization of Workers!

Year after year, from 1887, a proposal of Frederick Engels and Karl Marx to the First Founding Congress of International Association of Workers says the world’s working class should take to the streets to show the capitalists and their governments that without the strength and intellect of workers, the company will not moving and their wealth will not reproduce.

The bourgeoisie and their governments have always wanted to confine the first of May to a most senseless event. But this day, did not come from a nostalgic inspiration of workers to create a festive day in the calendar, but by the need to be organized and act together before the greed of the bosses for the 8-hour workday, employment security, collective bargaining, the right to strike, freedom of organization, trade union autonomy and a fair wage.

What Can We Do to Master the Nobility on this First of May?

Incomplete schools through the readjustment of personnel, managers and supervisors without the corresponding key, mayors and prefects creating teacher shortages, teachers working hours for merit; teacher entrance exams whose results are not respected. Schools falling for years without repair, accusations of right-wing organizations towards teachers of being responsible for low test results ENLACE and PISA, instigating society to press us to raise the quality of education. Teaching careers largely remain stalled; the bulk of teachers are in the lower levels and they always have excuses not to promote you.

Along with this, the Federal Government’s obsession to end the six-year scope of their educational measures, a competence education that replaces an comprehensive education, humanist and nationalist teacher entrance exams, recruitment fees, periodic certification of teachers, and soon a performance card to be given to parents to verify the results of their children, accountability for results, to which the government washes its hands, ignoring the economic, social and cultural situation, the unemployment and social crisis in which the PAN and PRI have left the country.

Do the SEP & the Government Really Want the SNTE (National Union of Education Workers) to Disappear?

Absolutely. Not only that, they removed all our rights and victories. Do not forget that the neo-liberal model is designed to operate without unions.

Now, the bourgeoisie and its main parties PAN and PRI have agreed to deal a blow to workers, and have submitted to Congress a bill to amend Article 123 of the Constitution, a regulatory law known as known as the Federal Labor Law. This reform has been for many years a demand of COPARMEX and other bourgeois agencies and and will have a catastrophic effect on the general working conditions of teaching.

This is a counter-reform intended to override collective agreements, the right to strike, and even responsibilities to workers when they try to organize and defend against employer abuses, to make it easier for employers to fire workers, making personnel adjustments in whatever way they please, reduction of salaries, and implement wages based on productivity and hourly pay, impose temporary contracts and work for periods of initial training or testing, at the end of which the employer is not required to concede space.

To ensure that this law passes, they are trying to override the role of unions as organizations for the defense of workers, making them apolitical and merely puppets of the bosses, pacts with the union leaders create strategies to divide unions, promoting the creation of others as in the SNTE, confront and repress others, such as the Mexican Union of Electricians and the miners’ union at Cananea. In response, only unity and mobilization make us strong.

All to March May 1st!

Totally Repudiate the Labor Reform!

Solution to all the Problems of Teachers!

Stop the Attacks against SME!

KPML: Good Commitment to 1 May

In Oslo, it was brilliant morning of 1 May. About 8500 were gathered at the Young Market, which is one of the best showings ever. KPml was present and handed out our magazine, both on and off the Youngstorget Grünerløkka solidarity event in Birkelunden earlier in the morning.

Special pensions were naturally the focus of the union’s slogans this year. Postkom highlighted strong opposition to EU 3 postal directive, a directive that paves the way for full liberalization and threatened einskapsporto in Norway. From the slogans, it is clear that the services directive is considered as the biggest threat to the academic rights today and it will open up even more social rollbacks. This is in contrast to the so called “guarantee” from Stoltenberg, who simply can not guarantee what the EU and the EFTA Court will add to the service directive.

In the international section, the Tamils​was by far the largest group, about 2000! Many Europeans also supported the slogans of their national rights and the genocide that the Sri Lankan government now finally leads. The same was the case with slogans against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

KPml handed out its free magazine in several places in the country, and the impression is that the audience around 1 May was good not only in Oslo.

UJC Madrid: May 1, Youth Respond to the Crisis of Capital

We are the first generation that will live worse than the one before. Currently, youth unemployment exceeds 43%. Almost half of young people cannot work when we leave the school and thus, it complicates the possibility of emancipation and subsistence in society.

Want to live in your parents until age 50? You think it’s more important to party, buy an iPhone or a Playstation then to fight for your future?

In addition, higher retirement age further complicates the ability to find work. While young people are unemployed, the elderly have to work longer. How do you intend to work more years if we don’t find work? And besides, we must add our job insecurity (grant contracts, temporary, training, etc …) that has facilitated the dismissal of many of us (and the threat of dismissal to those who still have a job) by employers (los Botín, Florentino Pérez, Entrecanales, Amancio Ortega, González, etc, the biggest culprit in the crisis) to sustain their huge profits and exploitation of labor in this time of crisis, in unsustainable conditions, young people, to compete for control the market and, therefore, to obtain the maximum benefit, have gained a lot of money speculating, when the economy was doing well and still winning it in the crisis.

There are possible solutions to the crisis that will not make our living and working conditions worse as public employees, end with garbage contracts and the Plan Bolonia, etc. But do you favor business? The answer is no. Entrepreneurs do not accept and will not accept progressive measures for improving the working and living conditions of workers because it undermines their private profits and makes them less able to control competition for the market, which props up capitalism itself.

They have demonstrated this over the years with all the labor reforms, including the last, and the recent Pension Reform. Through the various governments and purchased major trade unions they have been removing all social progress and struggles of their workers.

Who are the majority in society? Workers or employers? Why is the crisis more beneficial for the employer and the employee must pay? So in this “wonderful” democratic capitalism have all that we preach, or less?

It is necessary to build a different type of society to ensure economic survival and the decision-making ability of the worker, young or old. All young people, students and workers, we must fight for our future. In a future where working and living conditions of the poor are not precarious like the nineteenth century. A society that is more just, equitable and democratic for workers is outside the foundations of capitalism.

Do not stay at home. Fight for your future wherever you are: in your school, your neighborhood, from a union struggle at work, etc. Do not let your boss and the State squeeze you out of being young and hard-working. Your future is at stake. Defend your work and social rights.

Organize and fight! 


JCE-ML, CJC, UJC-Madrid.

APK: May 1, 2011 – the Character of the Class Struggle

Stop the wars! Start the welfare!
Endorsed by APK

We have seen people stand up in the struggle against dictators and tyrants, against thieves who live like kings and parasites, living on our labor. Most of North Africa is in turmoil and the people are demanding freedom, justice and work. A revolutionary storm has arisen – but imperialism and reaction will try to crush it and stop it before it seriously threatens the deeply unjust ruling world order based on plunder and exploitation of the proletariat and peoples.

Wars and occupations under false pretexts are everyday life in the ‘new world order’ – in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya – and more are under preparation.

In Denmark, as elsewhere in Europe, we are working under increasing pressure. Hard-won rights are undermined by terrorism legislation and the collective responsibility of caring for the weak through our welfare system is being dismantled piece by piece.

Extensive attacks on education, unions, retirement and wages are all coordinated from the neo-liberal Europe.

War criminals form the government, while we participate in an illegal war, the persecution and oppression of other countries is also pursued here. But the rift and mistrust between the oppressed only reinforces power.

VKO’s government deserves, after 10 years of casualties, to be sent off into the murk of history. But S / SF / R does not represent a real alternative to war policy and EU policy with its welfare slaughter. Only a comprehensive popular resistance from below – from workers, civil servants, the working people and student youth – can slow down the capitalist crisis policy and set a new agenda that begins with stopping the wars and starting welfare!

Neither cuts or longer hours!

Unite against welfare slaughter!
Let the rich pay for the crisis!

Denmark out of the EU!
Stop the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya!
Stop U.S. and NATO! Denmark out NOW!

Stop force and climate destruction, NOW!

Unity and solidarity across borders!

Socialism is the future!

27. April 2011


PCE-ML: For a First of May of Unity and Struggle

In the last year, Zapatero and his government have adopted the toughest adjustment plans, assuming the positions of the major bourgeoisie. They have cut public spending, frozen pensions, reduced the salaries of public employees and increased the IVA. This does not make a left-wing politics, nor does taking measures to cut rights, labor reform, increased retirement age, etc. The government is fully aware that it acts on behalf of a handful of speculators and unscrupulous businessmen, and causes an untenable situation for millions of working families.

Let no one think that pressure will cease: The European Central Bank, instructed by the German government has just increased interest rates, but this more expensive debt will worsen the budget deficit of the Spanish economy and even more difficult things for working families and pymes. The European Union has ordered the prohibition by law of member states’ indebtedness and obligation to set wages based on productivity of enterprises. Zapatero and Rajoy must have committed to this must have for years, even if it means prolonging the crisis and its social consequences in Spain.

In the last three years have proved that they are unwilling to spend money to create jobs for all groups, improve social services, implement the Dependency Act or guarantee a minimum income to the unemployed, but they are willing to spend thousands of millions of euros to support bankers, merge and privatize the Savings Bank, and engage in military interventions decided by the imperialist powers: the latest aggression against Libya.

Very hard times ahead, further ahead are new blows coming to the rights, living conditions and wages of millions of workers. We cannot cope with these challenges, if we remain scattered and disorganized. The irresponsible fear of most of the direction of CCOO and UGT, their distrust of the strength of the working class that was shown in the General Strike of September 29 has led them to engage in pension reform, and perhaps also in collective bargaining, which remains open, rather than continue the fight.

But the conciliatory and cowardly attitude and Toxo and Mendez cannot be  the argument to further disperse the forces of the proletariat and weaken their organization. The Communists call on the working class to prepare for the fighting that will come by strengthening their organizations, and firstly, unions, developing unity and fighting to disperse the enemy forces and weaken their political objectives.

We need unity, but the trade union unity cannot be an excuse to give up the fight. On the contrary, within the unions we have to do battle against opportunistic leaders who are committed to the reconciliation of classes and social peace, supporting trade unionists in class; in the special manner of the CCOO Critical Sector, which is the only organized reference.

The political forces of the bourgeoisie, led by the PSOE and the PP (and there is no difference between them, neither between the Catalan or Basque nationalists) have made clear their aim is to go as far as we let them in reactionary reforms. They openly acknowledge that unemployment and recession will extend at least until 2015, however, they insist over and over again in new cuts, as announced by the Generalitat of Catalonia.

In these circumstances, to face the future, we need to unite against the common enemy: those 1400 families who take more than 70% of the wealth we create, and those who represent their political interests. So far, we have responded to adjustment plans adopted by different governments and we move on to define our own alternatives. We need to express our goals in a political agenda.

The measures required by the working majority have already been exposed by workers: a deep fiscal reform to ensure more resources to the State, to make the wealthy and privileged pay and end the employer tax fraud, business leaders and financial resources, increased public spending to ensure the protection of the unemployed, the coverage of public services and improved social benefits, measures to ensure loans to pymes and families and stop the antisocial attitude of the financial sector, leading to the nationalization of banks; momentum industrialization, etc.

Without these and other measures to put the state’s role in the general interest and collective rights at the heart of economic policy, it will take a long time to overcome the crisis and what will we do with a brutal loss of employment, a weakened ability to organize and defend our achievements, and having sacrificed the rights of an entire generation, doomed to live in worse conditions than their parents and respond in a massive debt, incurred to further the interests of the handful of parasites that caused the recession.

The problem we face is that this program is diametrically opposed to a political structure, economic and administrative, controlled by unscrupulous elements, educated in the impunity of fascism, a political class is undermined by corruption and judicial system increasingly right-wing.

The monarchy continues a political cycle drowned in scandal and misery, overwhelmed by a continuous spectacle of miserable confrontation between institutions and corrupt politicians, with the levers of power in the hands of bandits who are allowed to give advice to a working class which have been forever fleeces, among the rustle of robes and the false glitter of his old and reactionary imperial dreams.

If we do not sweep away this scum, we cannot dream to change the course of events. They continue sending their markets, they apply their policies and continue to accelerate democratic degradation.

On this first of May, at the gates of separate elections which may make a radical shift to political landscape, with a government thrust into the hands of the big business, an emboldened right and a weak and dispersed left, we must realize that the coming months will not be sufficient to recover the social mobilization. We must move to raise the struggle in political terms, to change the regime and conquer and the Federal Republic, to hold against the reactionary oligarchy and lay the groundwork for further progress in the struggle of the proletariat for its emancipation.

There’s no escape – continue or else they will consent to follow marked public policy, make laws and ignore them at will and destroy the gains that our class has won after more than a century of hard struggle.




Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist)

MPD: May 1, combative unit to say NO to Correa

The National Director of the MPD, Luis Villacis Maldonado, said the Labor Day of May 1 is the expression of multinational unity of workers, peasants, students, indigenous people, teachers, shopkeepers and other popular sectors. He reported that the MPD will participate in the parades that are organized in 24 provinces to vindicate the rights of workers and to say no to Correa in the referendum of May 7.

Villacis said that Labor Day is celebrated with joy and courage and combative unity, to defend labor rights such as organization, collective bargaining, the right to strike for better wages, etc. This date is on a journey to say no to bullying, no to authoritarianism, the assault on justice and the prosecution, NO to the criminalization of social struggle, NO to the persecution of journalists, NO to attacking freedom of expression and thought and, NOT covering up corruption.

Villacis said that in these 4 years, the government has affected workers in their legitimately acquired achievements with anti-labor,  anti-popular, and neo-liberal laws that demonstrate that the scheme is the service of capitalism and represents the right-wing of the XXI century.

Communist Ghadar Party of India (CGPI): Video of May Day 2011 Celebrations in Delhi, India

PC (AP) on May Day


In this 1st of May 2011, a new day of the International Solidarity of Workers, the following criteria, expressed in simplified form, against its political and organizational, that in many others, are unavoidable and essential to address the development of policy and successful struggle of workers and peoples:

1 – Internationally

It is urgent to raise to a new level of consciousness the development and the mobilization of workers and peoples against the imperialist powers, which with some degree of disputes between them and with unity in essence, attack people and nations with impunity, subjecting them to exploitation and destruction, leading to the virtual annihilation of the economies of regions and even continents, as in much of Africa.

Support and help from the interests of workers and peoples to the struggle for democracy, people and socialism carried out at different locations, particularly in Arab towns, greeting the Iraqi and Afghan resistance, and the people of Libya to the imperialist military intervention and sovereign governments with varying degrees of resolution facing reactionary policies and imperialist domination such as, among others, the governments of Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Belarus, Nepal, Venezuela and Bolivia.

We encourage and promote coordination and unity of workers, the union movement internationally, from the common interests of the proletariat and the radicals to the anti-capitalist struggle for popular democracy and socialism.

2 – In the national

We decisively promote the revitalization of the trade union movement on a class basis, unity, struggle and the construction of trade unions independent of the bosses’ parties and government agencies. It is time that the current union leaders live up to the struggle to rectify a long, demobilizing and submissive period of inactivity and conciliation with governments and employers. It is time for a new and superior labor movement, for union leaders and worthy fighters, or to leave our old union leaders and appeasing political passivity or must be replaced by new and superior leadership willing to defend both the immediate interests as working class and workers in general.

We must continue with greater energy by putting the political demands in the center, and with it, the Constituent Assembly and a new Constitution, through which we can and must place the various demands for the current historical period presented to the workers and people of Chile.

In terms of the trade union, it is urgently required, through mobilization or imposition of demands in the areas of trade union rights, labor laws and union operation. We must remember that beyond the legal guarantees that may be imposed, the focus is on organizational strength, ideological and political union – the only guarantee to fulfill its natural role in the organization of the working class and the workers.

In the face of ridicule and the shameless profit from monopolies and banks, and the cheerful figures from the corporate government of Piñera, it is URGENT that decisions are made to build from the active trade union movement, using practices of workers’ democracy and association, a platform of fighting for the period, which must account for the immediate demands in defense of life, salary, job security, pension rights, health, etc.

For the workers, the immediate aim, and only as a starting point to build the platform, is demanding a minimum wage of 350 pesos a month and a bonus for locomotion not less than 40 thousand (apart from salary) for each worker.

The first of May is for Chilean workers a day of Unity and Struggle determined by their economic and political demands, not a party with their employers and the government. This day is when we remember that the working class is one and international, which is own project of society, socialism.

We have to remember, otherwise we cannot pay homage to the martyrs of Chicago!

Long live the workers and their struggles for better living conditions and for socialism!

Long live international solidarity of workers and peoples!

Forward, a unionism of anti-capitalist struggle, anti-boss, anti-Piñera!

Only the fight given that the laws, standards and refuse Piñera!

Central Committee Political Secretariat

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

May Day: From the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) to the ICMLPO (Unity & Struggle)

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of the Soviet Union, on behalf of working people in Russia and the various republics of the former Soviet Union, received fraternal greetings and congratulations on the 1 May Labour Day.

The proletariat of Russia celebrates the day in the fight against semi-fascist dictatorship Medvedev-Putin that each passing hour, more is revealed as the regime of capital, the Mafia and genocide.

Despite the brutal repression, the announcement of “lawless”, equivalent to a death sentence for the leader of the PC (b) Smirnova Zinaida, despite the prohibition of our newspapers and endless attempts to defeat the masses, the Bolsheviks in Russia are in the front ranks of the fighters against the dictatorship.

This year marks 20 years since the breakdown of the USSR and the ultimate recovery in the homeland of Lenin and J. Stalin of the powers of capital. The experience of the Socialist State, first in the world, the experience of past victories and defeats of socialism remain valid today, for the revolutionary forces in the world. The Communist Party throughout the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) is addressed to all parties and organizations with the proposal to hold together the first of May.

With communist greetings:

Alexander Lapin, First Secretary of Central Committee PC (b)
Dr. Zinaida Smirnova, PC Central Committee Secretariat (b).

PCR: Long Live May Day!

From Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil (PCR):

In the nineteenth century, workers of all countries resolved to celebrate this day every year, the first of May. That was in 1889 when, at the Congress of the Socialist Toureza is waking from its winter sleep, when the forests and hills are wearing their robes and green fields and meadows are adorned with flowers, when the sun shines more warmly and when joy fills the air of rebirth and nature surrenders to dance and joy – they decided to declare openly and loudly to everyone, on this very day, that employees are bringing spring to humanity and its liberation from the chains of capitalism.

That is the mission of the workers – to renew the world based on freedom and socialism.

Every class has its own festivals. The nobility introduced its festivals, and they proclaim their “right” to rob the peasants. The bourgeoisie have their festivals and their dates “justify” their “right” to exploit workers. The clergy also have their festivals, and they praised the existing system under which workers die in poverty while the lazy swim in luxury.

Workers also need to have their festivals, and they shall proclaim universal labor, universal freedom, universal equality of all men. This festival is the first of May.

That’s what the workers have decided to make that date, in 1889.

Since then, the battle cry of the workers for socialism has echoed louder in the meetings and marches of May 1st. The ocean of the labor movement grows more and more, spreading to new countries and states of Europe and America to Asia, Africa and Australia. In the course of a few decades, the previously weak international association of workers has become a powerful international brotherhood, holding regular meetings and join millions of workers in all parts of the world.

The sea is rising proletarian fury of giant waves, and moves increasingly staggering menacingly against the citadels of capitalism. The big miners’ strike broke out recently in Britain, Germany, Belgium, America, etc., a strike that has put fear into the hearts of explorers and government officials from around the world, is a clear sign that the socialist revolution is far away …

“We do not worship the golden calf!” We do not want the kingdom of the bourgeoisie and the oppressors! Condemnation and death to capitalism and its horrors of poverty and bloodshed! Life in the realm of work, live socialism!

That is what the class-conscious workers of all countries proclaim this day.

And confident of victory, serene and strong, they march proudly along the road to the promised land, towards the glorious socialism, step by step carrying out the great call of Karl Marx: “Workers of all countries, unite! ”

This is how the workers in the free countries celebrate May 1.

So let’s extend our hands to our colleagues around the world and together they proclaim:

Down with capitalism!

Long live socialism!

This pamphlet, entitled “Long live May 1!” Was written by JV Stalin in Moscow in early April 1912. It was secretly printed at a printing legal in Tiflis and all copies were subsequently sent to St. Petersburg.