The Awakening of the Struggle of the Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean Demands a Revolutionary Leadership

Statement of the Meeting of Marxist-Leninist Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean Latin America is the scene of a new wave of social protest. It is the response that the workers, the youth and the peoples are making to the unfulfilled promises, the anti-popular policies, the rampant corruption in the upper echelons of governments,Continue reading “The Awakening of the Struggle of the Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean Demands a Revolutionary Leadership”

V.I. Lenin on the Necessary Conditions for a Revolution

“The fundamental law of revolution, which has been confirmed by all revolutions and especially by all three Russian revolutions in the twentieth century, is as follows: for a revolution to take place it is not enough for the exploited and oppressed masses to realise the impossibility of living in the old way, and demand changes;Continue reading “V.I. Lenin on the Necessary Conditions for a Revolution”

The Assault on the House of Leon Trotsky

by David Alfaro Siqueiros David Siqueiros is well-known as a master of Mexican revolutionary mural art as well as a combatant in the defence of the Spanish democratic republic from fascism. His role in the assault of the house of Leon Trotsky in May, 1940 has long been clouded in obscurity. Siqueiros’ speech in court whichContinue reading “The Assault on the House of Leon Trotsky”

V.I. Lenin on Insurrection

“To be successful, insurrection must rely not upon conspiracy and not upon a party, but upon the advanced class. That is the first point. Insurrection must rely upon a revolutionary upsurge of the people. That is the second point. Insurrection must rely upon that turning-point in the history of the growing revolution when the activityContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on Insurrection”

Enver Hoxha on Africa

“Africa is a mosaic of peoples with an ancient culture. Each African people has its own culture, customs, way of life, which, with some variations, are at a very backward stage, for well-known reasons. The awakening of the bulk of these peoples has only recently begun. De jure, the African peoples, in general, have wonContinue reading “Enver Hoxha on Africa”

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh  (real name, Nguyen Tat Thanh; for many years used various party pseudonyms, including Nguyen Ai Quoc; adopted the name Ho Chi Minh in early 1942). Born May 19, 1890, in the village of Kiem Lin, Nghe An Province; died Sept. 3, 1969, in Hanoi. Figure in the Vietnamese and international communist movementsContinue reading “The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on Ho Chi Minh”

John Reed on the Black Question In the United States

Reed: In America there live ten million Negroes who are concentrated mainly in the South. In recent years however many thousands of them have moved to the North. The Negroes in the North are employed in industry while in the South the majority are farm labourers or small farmers. The position of the Negroes is terrible,Continue reading “John Reed on the Black Question In the United States”

Bill Bland on Just and Unjust Wars

[Excerpt from “The Soviet-Finnish War”] “The Bolsheviks held that there are two kinds of war: a) Just wars, wars that are not wars of conquest but wars of liberation, waged to defend people from foreign attack and from attempts to enslave them, or to liberate people from capitalist slavery, or, lastly, to liberate colonies andContinue reading “Bill Bland on Just and Unjust Wars”

American Party of Labor: Who Started the War?

Anti-Communist Hysteria on the Rise It seems that once again a specter is haunting Europe, if not the world. Yes, the specter of communism, which was supposedly totally discredited, debunked and rendered wholly irrelevant since 1989. The ruling classes of Europe and the industrialized imperialist world are again putting all their efforts into exorcising thisContinue reading “American Party of Labor: Who Started the War?”

When the CIA and MI6 tried to overthrow Enver Hoxha: 1949-1953

“The CIA dropped some of its agents here. Flew them in from Italy and dropped them by parachute. But we got them. They had some fine radio equipment. They were going to set up a base here in Albania. At that time my brother was in the Central Committee and said he thought we oughtContinue reading “When the CIA and MI6 tried to overthrow Enver Hoxha: 1949-1953”

The Communist League: The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War

‘Non-Intervention’? Between ourselves, it’s the same thing as profitable intervention – but profitable only for the other side’. Charles-Maurice Talleyrand (1754-1838) INTRODUCTION In January 1996, the Association of Communist Workers and the Association of Indian Communists held an extremely interesting meeting in the Conway Hall, London, devoted to exposing the slanderous misrepresentation of the Republican forcesContinue reading “The Communist League: The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War”

Political Declaration of the PCMLE on the Events in Turkey

The Eurasian country is now experiencing a violent storm created by the massive struggle of various popular sectors of workers, young students, women, school teachers, doctors and other professionals who, with the movement in the streets, are confronting the neoliberal, repressive and sell-out government of the AKP (party of “justice” and “development”), headed by PrimeContinue reading “Political Declaration of the PCMLE on the Events in Turkey”

Selma Gurkan: Gezi resistance needs to grow

Labour Party (EMEP) Leader Selma Gürkan stated that the resistance started at Gezi Park widened to become an opposition to AKP government policies. Regarding the Prime Minister’s stance she said, “This is not simply insistence on the Barracks. The PM knows that if he takes a back step now others will follow”. Gürkan answered ourContinue reading “Selma Gurkan: Gezi resistance needs to grow”

Labour Party (EMEP): Turkey: Police entered Taksim Square

Riot police have taken partial control of Taksim Square after entering the site around 7.30 a.m. today and surrounded the Atatürk Statue following use of tear gas and pressurized water on the protesters. It was the first time the police entered the square since they retreated from the venue on June 1. The police removedContinue reading “Labour Party (EMEP): Turkey: Police entered Taksim Square”

Tribute to Stjepan Filipović

Filipović was a Croatian Partisan who was executed during World War II. He was the commander of the Yugoslav Partisans’ Tamnavsko-Kolubarski unit in Valjevo. He was captured on February 24th, 1942 and subsequently hanged on May 22. As the rope was put around his neck, Filipović defiantly thrust his hands out and denounced the AxisContinue reading “Tribute to Stjepan Filipović”