Buses from 40 Russian cities remind of Stalin on the Day of Victory over Nazism

A total of 40 cities in the former Soviet Union (including Moscow, St. Petersburg-Leningrad, Stalingrad-Volgograd, Kiev, Minsk, Tallinn and Riga) decorate their buses with the image of former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, on the occasion of the upcoming May 9, commemorating the Day of Victory over Nazism by the Red Army in the so-called “GreatContinue reading “Buses from 40 Russian cities remind of Stalin on the Day of Victory over Nazism”

Successful Conclusion to the Celebration of Victory over Nazi-Fascism Day!

Santiago, Chile, May 7, 2011 May 7, 2011 successfully concluded the series of events that the Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action) held in commemoration of the 66th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi-Fascism. As part of the cultural celebrations, Party musicians and singers gave performances of high quality and interpretative content. We especially saluteContinue reading “Successful Conclusion to the Celebration of Victory over Nazi-Fascism Day!”

Stalin in the Distorted Mirror of History Falsifiers

All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks At the present time, anti-communism is losing its priority place in the ideology of bourgeois reformism, because today, the people of Russia can clearly compare “how it was in the communist time and how it is in Yeltsin’s time.” Another thing is that the Stalin epoch is separated byContinue reading “Stalin in the Distorted Mirror of History Falsifiers”

Why Yugoslavia Was Expelled from the Cominform

Below is a commonly-reprinted argument, the idea that the Titoites broke with the USSR over the question of not helping the Greek Communists enough. Is this true? Not according to Nikos Zahariadis, General Secretary of the KKE and the symbol of Marxism-Leninism in Greece. This Yugoslav-leaning article will be followed by his essay. — EspressoContinue reading “Why Yugoslavia Was Expelled from the Cominform”

Expose Ryan Towne for the Racist Fascist That She Is

As some of you may know there is a young woman out there claiming to be a Marxist-Leninist of the Pro-Enver Hoxha tendency with a bombastic and abrasive attitude towards anything in contrast to her views. This young woman goes by the name of “Ryan Towne” and some of you may well be FB friendsContinue reading “Expose Ryan Towne for the Racist Fascist That She Is”

My Father, Enver Hoxha

My Father, Enver Hoxha by ILIR HOXHA (published in Albanian in Tirana, 1998) FOREWORD I wrote these memoirs during a year’s imprisonment by the ‘democratic’ state of Albania because I gave an interview in which I answered questions put to me by a journalist from the newspaper ‘MODESTE’ about my father, Enver Hoxha. In courtContinue reading “My Father, Enver Hoxha”

Prelude to Genocide: How Capitalism Caused the Balkan Wars

The U.S. claims that the Balkan people are gripped by irrational hatreds. And that the U.S. (the self-appointed “cop of the world”) and their allies have no choice but to step in, bomb, impose, threaten and dictate. The imperialists insist that the people of the Balkans need outside forces to dominate them–to save them fromContinue reading “Prelude to Genocide: How Capitalism Caused the Balkan Wars”

Free Libya is Green Libya: Supporting the Real Libyan Revolution

by W. Yusef Doucet “Will they now stand up and assume the real leadership necessary to make themselves relevant, or is overcoming their class allegiance to the Western bourgeoisie just too much to fathom? That’s probably too much to expect from a class trained to protect the interests of its benefactors in order to protectContinue reading “Free Libya is Green Libya: Supporting the Real Libyan Revolution”

Forbidding the “G-Word”: Holocaust Denial as Judicial Doctrine in Canada by Ward Churchill

“Where scholars deny genocide, [they] contribute to the deadly psychohistorical dynamic in which unopposed genocide begets new genocides.” —Roger W. Smith, Eric Markusen and Robert Jay Lifton, “Professional Ethics and Denial of the Armenian Genocide” (1995) Denial of genocide has become a matter of increasing concern in recent years, primarily as a result of effortsContinue reading “Forbidding the “G-Word”: Holocaust Denial as Judicial Doctrine in Canada by Ward Churchill”

Liberal Holocaust: Imperialism and the Democratic Party

This is a good article from a website that is now down. I disagree with several parts, particularly the labeling of North Korea as a “Stalinist dictatorship,” referring to the Soviet Union as an “empire,” saying that Titoite Yugoslavia was a “Leninist revolution” and denying the genocidal actions of the Milošević government. Regardless, this article makesContinue reading “Liberal Holocaust: Imperialism and the Democratic Party”

On the Ukrainian Famine “Genocide” Myth: The Years of Hunger

The original photo is from 1922 and was used in the“Exhibition of American humanitarian aid to Russia during the Soviet Famine of 1921-1923”.  The following article was written by Kaan Kangal, a Turkish Communist in response to David Myrple’s Op-ed in the Kiev post. The Ukrainian famine, a tragic event as it is, has beenContinue reading “On the Ukrainian Famine “Genocide” Myth: The Years of Hunger”

Stop Killer Coke!

Death squads have assassinated eight trade union leaders in Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia. The Stop Killer Coke campaign holds the beverage giant responsible. MADELEINE BARAN This article is from the November/December 2003 issue of Dollars & Sense magazine. On the morning of December 5, 1996, two members of a paramilitary gang drove a motorcycleContinue reading “Stop Killer Coke!”

Georgi Dimitrov in Nazi Court

From Dimitrov vs. Göbbels – Minutes of Speech before the Court: “I admit that my tone is hard and grim. The struggle of my life has always been hard and grim. My tone is frank and open. I am used to calling a spade a spade. I am no lawyer appearing before this Court inContinue reading “Georgi Dimitrov in Nazi Court”

Factoid: the Nazis Invented Fanta Soda

From “Fanta” Wiki: Fanta (pronounced [faːnta]) is a global brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks from the Coca-Cola Company. There are over 90 flavors worldwide. The drink debuted in Germany in 1941 and originally sold only in Europe.[1] [….] Fanta originated when it became illegal to import Coca-Cola into Germany during World War II dueContinue reading “Factoid: the Nazis Invented Fanta Soda”

Iran-Contra and the Religious Right

Oliver North worshipped in a charismatic Episcopal Church in Virginia called Church of the Apostles. It turn out to be one of those Shepherding churches, a cult movement within the charismatic movement. North’s pastor was Rev. Brian Cox, a National Coordinator of Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA), a right-wing political orgainization in guise of ofContinue reading “Iran-Contra and the Religious Right”