Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR): Imperialism Wants a New War in the World

From Unity & Struggle No. 25, Spring/Summer 2013 Brazil To satisfy its thirst for profit, the powerful war industry in the U.S. and other countries want another war in the world, whether it is against Syria or Iran, or against both countries at the same time. To do this, the gigantic propaganda machine of capitalism spreadsContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR): Imperialism Wants a New War in the World”

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE): Stalin

Excerpts from a talk held in the Dominican Republic on the 50th anniversary of the death of Comrade Stalin, at the invitation of the Communist Party of Labour. During his lifetime Comrade Stalin won the admiration and affection of the working class and all the peoples of the vast Soviet Union, as well as theContinue reading “Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE): Stalin”

J.V. Stalin on Tsarism and Imperialism in the Russian Empire

“In fact, Tsarist Russia was the home of oppression under every form, capitalist, colonial and militarist, of oppression in the most barbarous form. The omnipotence of capital was allied there with the despotism of Tsarism, the aggressiveness of nationalism with the most ferocious oppression of non-Russian peoples, the economic exploitation of whole regions of Turkey,Continue reading “J.V. Stalin on Tsarism and Imperialism in the Russian Empire”

Lenin on the Asiatic Mode of Production

Taimur Rahman There is a certain contention as to whether Lenin accepted the notion of the AMP or its appropriateness to Russia. Firstly, Soviet scholars have since 1931 upheld that references to the ‘Asiatic’ mode by Marx, Engels or Lenin merely underscored variants of the slave or feudal modes of production found in Asia. ForContinue reading “Lenin on the Asiatic Mode of Production”

On the Narodniks

“The method of combating tsardom chosen by the Narodniks, namely, by the assassination of individuals, by individual terrorism, was wrong and detrimental to the revolution. The policy of individual terrorism was based on the erroneous Narodnik theory of active ‘heroes’ and a passive ‘mob,’ which awaited exploits from the ‘heroes.’ This false theory maintained thatContinue reading “On the Narodniks”

Long Live the Union of the Fraternal Slav Peoples? No! Workers of the World, Unite!

by Aleksander Budilo This article from Proletarskaya Gazeta is excellent in its exposure of the bourgeois nationalism of parties such as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and other organisations that claim to be communist in the former Soviet Union. Rather than organising the working class against ‘their own’ bourgeoisie, they support the bourgeoisie ‘against’Continue reading “Long Live the Union of the Fraternal Slav Peoples? No! Workers of the World, Unite!”

V.I. Lenin on Anti-Semitism

“Anti-Semitism means spreading enmity towards the Jews. When the accursed tsarist monarchy was living its last days it tried to incite ignorant workers and peasants against the Jews. The tsarist police, in alliance with the landowners and the capitalists, organised pogroms against the Jews. The landowners and capitalists tried to divert the hatred of theContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on Anti-Semitism”

V.I. Lenin on World Imperialism and the Great War

“It is proved in the pamphlet that the war of 1914-18 was imperialist (that is, an annexationist, predatory, war of plunder) on the part of both sides; it was a war for the division of the world, for the partition and repartition of colonies, and spheres of influence of finance capital, etc. Proof of whatContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on World Imperialism and the Great War”

V.I. Lenin on Imperialism and Opportunism in Developed Countries

“Here we must ask: how is the persistence of such trends in Europe to be explained? Why is this opportunism stronger in Western Europe than in our country? It is because the culture of the advanced countries has been, and still is, the result of their being able to live at the expense of aContinue reading “V.I. Lenin on Imperialism and Opportunism in Developed Countries”

Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin”

Please note the posting of this introduction to the book “The Essential Stalin” does not necessarily imply support of Franklin’s political line.  — E.S. I used to think of Joseph Stalin as a tyrant and butcher who jailed and killed millions, betrayed the Russian revolution, sold out liberation struggles around the world, and ended upContinue reading “Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin””

Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP): On the hidden inter-imperialist war and the imperialist plan for Yugoslavia

Article originally printed in 1999 The Nato operation on Yugoslavia has in fact proved once again to be a concealed and indirect inter-imperialist war. It seems that all imperialists were united behind this operation which was claimed to be for humanitarian reasons. However, different plans set for the solution of the problem continue to showContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP): On the hidden inter-imperialist war and the imperialist plan for Yugoslavia”

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations: Resolution on the Situation in Syria

The plenary of the ICMLPO, held for the first time in Africa, reaffirms its support for the right of the Syrian people to live under a democratic regime: a regime that guarantees freedom, equality, social justice and dignity, as well as assures the unity and total independence of the country, including the recovery of theContinue reading “International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations: Resolution on the Situation in Syria”

Roman Malinovsky, the Spy

Bourgeois historians dismiss anybody arrested in the Soviet Union for being a spy or a counterrevolutionary as innocent. But were there no spies and saboteurs in the Soviet Union? Was everyone persecuted by the state a good-willed political opponent and not a spy? History says otherwise.   — Espresso Stalinist  “After the October Revolution the BolsheviksContinue reading “Roman Malinovsky, the Spy”

Lenin on Self-Determination

“Imperialism means the progressively mounting oppression of the nations of the world by a handful of Great Powers; it means a period of wars between the latter to extend and consolidate the oppression of nations; it means a period in which the masses of the people are deceived by hypocritical social-patriots, i.e., individuals who, underContinue reading “Lenin on Self-Determination”

Lenin on National Oppression

“Why should we Great Russians, who have been oppressing more nations than any other people, deny the right to secession for Poland, Ukraine, or Finland? We are asked to become chauvinists, because by doing so we would make the position of Social-Democrats in Poland less difficult. We do not pretend to seek to liberate Poland,Continue reading “Lenin on National Oppression”