Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP): The struggle and organisation of the youth of Turkey, and the EMEK Youth

From Unity & Struggle No. 25, Spring/Summer 2013 Turkey The youthfulness of Turkey’s population is evident. Although since 2000 a decrease in the rate of population increase has been recorded, this tendency does not alter the existence of a particularly young population. Today as yesterday, the leaders of Turkey consider this young population with pride, as partContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP): The struggle and organisation of the youth of Turkey, and the EMEK Youth”

Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR): Imperialism Wants a New War in the World

From Unity & Struggle No. 25, Spring/Summer 2013 Brazil To satisfy its thirst for profit, the powerful war industry in the U.S. and other countries want another war in the world, whether it is against Syria or Iran, or against both countries at the same time. To do this, the gigantic propaganda machine of capitalism spreadsContinue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR): Imperialism Wants a New War in the World”

The Carve-Up of Cyprus

By the Marxist-Leninist Organisation of Britain; Special Issue of “Class Against Class”; No.7, 1974. Reprinted by Alliance Marxist-Leninist, 2003. BEHIND THE EVENTS IN CYPRUS OF JULY 1974 — THE COUPS AND COUNTER-COUPS, THE MASS GRAVES AND THE INVASION — ARE TO BE FOUND THE BLOODY HANDS OF THE UNITED STATES IMPERIALISTS, STRIVING DESPERATELY TO RECOVER SOME OFContinue reading “The Carve-Up of Cyprus”

Labour Party (EMEP): Current Developments and the Kurdish Question

April 2006 Introduction Different Paths in the Kurdish Movement The US invasion of Iraq has had, among other things, a profound effect on the Kurdish question itself. New alignments, new developments and dissociations are evident and three years after the invasion, there is a need to summarise new factors in this century-old ‘big game’. OfContinue reading “Labour Party (EMEP): Current Developments and the Kurdish Question”

Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey: The Kurdish Movement’s Direction of Development

September 1999 The Turkish bourgeoisie’s war threat to Syria with the support of US imperialism, the driving of the PKK leaders out of Syria, and the bringing of A. Ocalan to Turkey through an international operation – all these events have inflamed discussions about the Kurdish question both in Turkey and in the international arena.Continue reading “Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey: The Kurdish Movement’s Direction of Development”

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s Analysis of Kemalism

Translated from Turkish by Batuhan S. Tumer & Espresso Stalinist Ibrahim Kaypakkaya was the founder and leader of the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML). He was also one of the most prominent Marxist theorists in Turkey, this critique of Kemalism being his most known work. This was the first left-wing revolutionary analysis of Kemalism.Continue reading “Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s Analysis of Kemalism”

Final Declaration of the 17th International Seminar Problems of the Revolution in Latin America: Our Goal Is Socialism; We Fight For an Authentic Social Revolution!

En Marcha #1621  July 26 to August 1, 2013 Modernization of Capitalism or Social Revolution? After five years since the economic crisis of the capitalist system broke out, its effects are still present in the different countries of the world, with greater or lesser intensity in some than in others. The most outstanding thing, in recentContinue reading “Final Declaration of the 17th International Seminar Problems of the Revolution in Latin America: Our Goal Is Socialism; We Fight For an Authentic Social Revolution!”

Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin”

Please note the posting of this introduction to the book “The Essential Stalin” does not necessarily imply support of Franklin’s political line.  — E.S. I used to think of Joseph Stalin as a tyrant and butcher who jailed and killed millions, betrayed the Russian revolution, sold out liberation struggles around the world, and ended upContinue reading “Bruce Franklin’s Introduction to “The Essential Stalin””

Labour Party (EMEP): State terror in Turkey

17th June 2013 The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has, once again, tried to suppress the people’s demand for freedom and democracy expressed in Gezi Park demonstrations with the attack towards Gezi Park on the evening of 15 June. Absolute state terror is being directed at the people manifesting their demands through democratic and peacefulContinue reading “Labour Party (EMEP): State terror in Turkey”

Political Declaration of the PCMLE on the Events in Turkey

The Eurasian country is now experiencing a violent storm created by the massive struggle of various popular sectors of workers, young students, women, school teachers, doctors and other professionals who, with the movement in the streets, are confronting the neoliberal, repressive and sell-out government of the AKP (party of “justice” and “development”), headed by PrimeContinue reading “Political Declaration of the PCMLE on the Events in Turkey”

We Have Won! Hayat TV Is Not Being Silenced!

As a result of the meetings held with the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), the Council has withdrawn its decision to cease our broadcast. RTÜK has also stated that it will resolve the licence issue at the soonest possible date. Hayat Television has eliminated the threat of a blackout with intensive support from theContinue reading “We Have Won! Hayat TV Is Not Being Silenced!”

URGENT: Hayat TV to close down

Hayat TV, a progressive Turkish TV channel of the working people, the youth, women and the intellectuals is facing closure. We believe this is a blow to people’s freedom of information. The decision for the closure is made by the broadcasting regulator RTUK, Radio & Television High Commission with the pretext that Hayat TV hasContinue reading “URGENT: Hayat TV to close down”

Selma Gurkan: Gezi resistance needs to grow

Labour Party (EMEP) Leader Selma Gürkan stated that the resistance started at Gezi Park widened to become an opposition to AKP government policies. Regarding the Prime Minister’s stance she said, “This is not simply insistence on the Barracks. The PM knows that if he takes a back step now others will follow”. Gürkan answered ourContinue reading “Selma Gurkan: Gezi resistance needs to grow”

Labour Party (EMEP): Turkey: Police entered Taksim Square

Riot police have taken partial control of Taksim Square after entering the site around 7.30 a.m. today and surrounded the Atatürk Statue following use of tear gas and pressurized water on the protesters. It was the first time the police entered the square since they retreated from the venue on June 1. The police removedContinue reading “Labour Party (EMEP): Turkey: Police entered Taksim Square”

Labour Party of Iran (Toufan): Long Live International Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Turkey!

In the recent week, the world has witnessed the formation of a wide-spread and massive movement against the policies of the ruling party “Justice and Development Party – AKP” in Turkey. Though the media of the “democratic” countries tried to stop the world-spread of the news about the development of events in Turkey but theContinue reading “Labour Party of Iran (Toufan): Long Live International Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Turkey!”