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Video: A 100 años del Natalicio de Kim Il Sung

Actividad en conmemoración de los 100 años del nacimiento del Camarada Kim Il Sung realizada por el Partido Comunista Chileno (Acción Proletaria) PC(AP) el día viernes 13 de Abril.

Los comunistas chilenos recalcamos la importancia de esta actividad, ya que apoyar a la República Popular Democrática de Corea es parte importante de la lucha anti-imperialista y por la revolución y el Socialismo.


El 13 de Abril en la ciudad de Santiago de Chile, el Comité Regional Metropolitano, por encargo de la dirección del Partido Comunista Chileno (Acción Proletaria) PC(AP), realizó un significativo acto de homenaje a los CIEN AÑOS DEL NACIMIENTO DEL CAMARADA KIM IL SUNG.

En la ocasión junto a los vídeos, intervenciones y a la música revolucionaria de homenaje al camarada Kim IL Sung, se dio lanzamiento a la edición del libro titulado ” A CIEN AÑOS DEL NACIMIENTO DEL CAMARADA KIM IL SUNG”, el contiene un artículo del camarada Eduardo Artés titulado: ” A CIEN AÑOS DE SU NACIMIENTO, EL CAMARADA KIM IL SUNG VIVE EN LAS MENTES Y CORAZONES DE LA CLASE OBRERA Y DE LOS PUEBLOS” y la obra del camarada Kim IL Sung titulada ” ALCANCEMOS LA GRAN UNIDAD DE NUESTRA NACIÓN”, escrita el 1 de agosto de 1991.

Es de destacar el gran entusiasmo de los asistentes, reflejado, entre otras cosas, en el hecho de que compraron varios ejemplares del libro en lanzamiento, de manera de hacerlo llegar rápidamente a otros camaradas y compañeros. El libro en estos momentos se está distribuyendo por medio de los militantes del PC(AP) en todo el país.

Chile, sus trabajadores y pueblos, desde el PC(AP), no nos hemos quedado al margen de los actos de homenaje que en todo el mundo, partiendo por la República Popular Democrática de Corea RPDC, se llevan a cabo en este primer centenario del gran dirigente comunista, del camarada Kim IL Sung.

¡Honor y gloria al camarada Kim IL Sung!

Comisión Nacional de Comunicaciones
Partido Comunista Chileno (Acción Proletaria)

With the Workers and the Peoples in the Independent Struggle for the Revolution and Socialism

16th Seminar on the International Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

Final Statement

In Latin America the new millennium arrived with the struggle of the workers, youth, peasants, women and peoples against the structural adjustment policies implemented by governments at the service of powerful local oligarchic groups and imperialist finance capital. The increasing social discontent, manifested in street mobilisations, partial and general strikes and even popular uprisings that put an end to reactionary and pro-imperialist governments, split the bourgeois institutions and accelerated the wearing out of the current model of capitalist accumulation, monitored by the centres of imperialist domination.

The fear grew among the socio-economic elites that the yearning for change and the desire to be protagonists of deep transformations was taking shape among the people. The progressive and left-wing political programmes, once seen as being obsolete and inapplicable, were embraced by the working and popular classes.

While in various countries of Latin America there are still openly right-wing governments explicitly sold out to imperialism, in others countries so-called alternative and progressive governments have emerged; in some of these, on certain occasions there have been actions of resistance towards policies of imperialism, which deserve the support of the peoples.

Recurring to their own political experience, bourgeois factions of various countries have manoeuvred to take advantage of the discontent of the masses for their own interests. They appear to make their own the programmes and proposals raised for years by the popular movement and the left-wing organisations against neo-liberalism and to achieve a sovereign development, under conditions of social fairness.

Nevertheless, the expectations and enthusiasm of the masses with those governments that promised to leave behind the past of disgrace and backwardness clash with reality when these governments carry out their real political programme and give away the natural wealth, at present mainly mines, to the foreign companies; when the foreign debt persists, although the capital comes from other imperialist centres; when popular protest is criminalised; when free trade negotiations and agreements are going ahead under different names; or, when governmental propaganda says more of what in reality is being carried out in the social sphere.

Even though discontent is arising among the workers, youth, peasants, women and peoples, it is a fact that, so far, these governments have had, to a certain degree, the capacity to neutralise and contain the social mobilisation. Without a doubt, that is a fruit of the ability of ideological-political manipulation by the bourgeois factions that, with the support of imperialism, are in the government; it is due to the carrying out of social welfare and patronage policies, to the presence of authoritarian leaders as heads of government who make wide use of demagogy and populist policies; but it is also due to the existing limits in the consciousness of the masses and the weaknesses from which the revolutionary and left-wing organisations still suffer.

Under these new conditions, the struggle that the workers and revolutionary organisations are unfolding is becoming more complex, since it is relatively clearer for the masses that they must confront and fight a government that is openly right-wing and linked to foreign capital, than one that demagogically claims to promote change and to affect the interests of the rich, even though in reality it is doing nothing more than propping up the whole system of domination by capital and defending the interests of the local ruling classes and of imperialist finance capital.

For the advance of the revolutionary struggle of the peoples, it is essential to unmask and defeat these sell-out, demagogic and populist governments that are causing serious damage to the development of the popular organisation and struggle. It is necessary to combat these governments functioning on behalf of the ruling system, but by no means should we play into the interests of the other bourgeois factions of the ‘right’ The struggle of the workers and peoples, with a class independence, to win social and national liberation forces them to fight and defeat one and the other bourgeois faction.

In order to fulfill the strategic intentions that drive us, we the political organisations, movements and parties committed to leading the revolution and socialism to victory must redouble our efforts to develop the political consciousness of the masses. That is possible mainly by unleashing the struggle for their particular demands and political banners in order to unmask the true nature of those governments. It is vital to promote an intense and systematic ideological-political offensive of the revolutionary ideals among the workers, youth, peasants, women and peoples; it is urgent to take advantage of all the opportunities that the bourgeois institutions allow for the political task and even to surpass these; it is necessary to persevere in the unity of the popular movement and of the political organisations of the left in order to isolate from the social movement those who, at the present time, are manipulating the yearnings for change of the peoples from positions of power.

Although, circumstantially, the populist governments have managed to partially restrain the struggle of the masses, it is certain that their material conditions of life and the historical limitations of these governments are forcing the masses to protest. Still more, the world scenario is inevitably affecting them from all sides and the sharpening of the general crisis of the capitalist system is causing the fighting response of the peoples, as can be observed in our region and in particular in Europe, with whose working class and youth we express our solidarity.

We, the organizations taking part in this 16th Seminar on the International Problems of the Revolution in Latin America, united in Quito from July 16 to 20, reiterate our internationalist duty and commitment to continue fighting for unity and solidarity among the peoples, to form – by means of concrete actions – a great anti-imperialist front. We uphold the right of the peoples to self-determination; we condemn all forms of foreign intervention and all actions of the ruling classes to thwart the will of the peoples.

The views summarised in this Statement are the result of open and democratic debate in this seminar. We present them to the world so that the workers, youth and peoples may know them.

From Quito, Ecuador, we express our commitment to continue this event and, for that reason we are convening the 17th International Seminar for next year.

Quito, July 20, 2012
Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina
Revolutionary Communist Party – Brazil
Movement for the Popular Constituent Assembly – Colombia
Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party of Labour of the Dominican Republic
Communist Party of Mexico (Marxist-Leninist)
Revolutionary Popular Front – Mexico
Communist Party of Palestine
Communist Party of Peru – Red Fatherland
Peruvian Communist Party Marxist-Leninist
National Democratic Front – Philippines
Caribbean and Latin American Coordinator of Puerto Rico
All Union Communist Party (Bolshevik) – Russia
Communist Party of Spain Marxist-Leninist
Gayones Movement – Venezuela
Emancipator Pedagogic Movement of Venezuela MOPEZ
Movement of Education for the Emancipation of Venezuela MEPE
Marxist-Leninist Trade Union Current – Venezuela
Ana Soto Women’s Movement of Venezuela
Preparatory Committee of Venezuela for the 23rd International Camp of Anti-Fascist and Anti-Imperialist Youth
Socialist Revolutionary University Front – Venezuela
Socialist Movement for the Quality of Life and Health – Venezuela
Democratic Popular Movement – Ecuador
Revolutionary Youth of Ecuador
Revolutionary Front of the University Left
Teachers Vanguard Front
Revolutionary Trade Union Current
Confederation of Ecuadorian Women for Change
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador


Political Cartoon: 39 years later, Chile remembers 9/11 terror attacks

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PC (AP): Public Notice

Monday, 18 June 2012

On June 17, the Central Committee of Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action), PC (AP) has made its plenary meeting, in which have been discussed and decisions taken regarding:

National and international situation; Labour Party Masses and Fronts International Communist Movement.

We would like to know the following agreements and resolutions:

A) It reaffirms the campaign against the two neoliberal blocks consensus and the alliance, and the forthcoming municipal elections, our policy of abstention to them; The demand and struggle for a constituent assembly for a New Constitution with popular movements. Subjects that will increase the propaganda and activism permanent fronts respective masses.

B) They greet advances in the development of the Party’s mass work in the front student union, art and culture and population, noting an increasing influence on important sectors. Measures shall be taken to achieve new and greater achievements in the tasks. In the areas of union work, we welcome the participation and integration of leading activists and trade unionists to work on developing an alternative class and combative, both within and outside the CUT.

C) The need to develop, in the interests of workers, a line that accounts for the tasks related to the effects of the general crisis of capitalism, which allows us to affirm the correctness of the struggle of peoples for national sovereignty against imperialist intervention. The rejection of the aggression of NATO against the Middle Eastern countries, reaffirm our solidarity with the processes of struggle for independence and national sovereignty of countries like Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador in Latin America. Also, we reaffirm our support to countries that support and build socialism as in the cases of Cuba and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The International Communist Movement, reaffirmed the need for unity from the principles of Marxism-Leninism, respecting the peculiarities of the processes of struggle in each country, keeping the discussion on secondary situations miscarry the necessary unity of the international communist claiming the materiality of the class struggle.

Central Committee of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

Chile: Anniversary of the Birthday of Salvador Allende

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The anniversary of the birth of one of the great presidents have had democratic Chile was commemorated with a massive event.

This activity took place on June 24 in the municipality of San Joaquin, in the front of one of the greatest monuments in the country, which was the martyred president who dared to nationalize the copper industry and to promote measures for the people and against big corporations and Yankee imperialism, which was overthrown by a brutal and bloody fascist military dictatorship in 1973.

This event became present our Party, the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) – PC (AP), extensive spreading revolutionary literature, as well as lift up their red flags.

Also present at the occasion, along with other organizations, the Command Comprehensive Solidarity with Cuba and the Peoples Bicentennial – Chilean Chapter, who laid wreaths and whose deliveries took Comrade Alejandro Aravena, the PC (AP) , along with other colleagues, on behalf of both organizations.

National Communications Commission
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

On the Day of American Independence

Today is the 4th of July, a holiday celebrated all over the nation as the date of American Independence from the British crown. I was considering burning an American flag to protest US foreign policy, imperial aggression, indigenous holocaust, sponsorship of terrorism, slavery and discrimination of minorities, etc., and promptly began wondering if flag-burning on public property is considered to be a fire hazard. Today is a holiday that is spent trying to spread patriotic feelings among our people, and thus in effect to try and goad them into flag-waving, chauvinism, jingoism and xenophobia. Patriotism, the way the imperialists see it, means love for their government and love for their class of oppressors. It means love for the police, the prison complex, the courts, the army and the ruling class dictatorship. It means love for the exploitive system of capitalism and the settler-fascists that have run it from the start.

On this celebrated day of the creation of the American state, it is time to take a look back at our long, star-crossed history, and it is time to present a challenge to ourselves—what has American really been about all this time? As Frederick Douglass famously said about this particular holiday in 1852:

“What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sound of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants brass fronted impudence; your shout of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanks-givings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are to him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy — a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of the United States, at this very hour.

He continues,

“Go where you may, search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the old world, travel through South America, search out every abuse, and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me, that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.”

There are those who might say that Douglass’s words no longer ring true because of the Obama presidency, and then there are those who know that a change in the ruler’s skin color does not abolish racism and oppression overnight. In addition, Major General Smedley Butler from the US Marines speaks about what real role the US military has been playing over the years:

“I spent 33 years and 4 months in active service as a member of our country’s most agile military force – the Marine Corps… And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect money in. I helped in the raping of a half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street… I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped get Honduras “right” for American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was operate in three city districts. We Marines operated on three continents.”

These revelations are by no means new, since they have been given by many anti-imperialist and anti-colonialists since the beginning of the domination of American imperialism, which started after World War II and strengthened itself through the selling-out of the Soviet Union during the Cold War and the collapse of socialist Albania.

To give a more detailed or complete account of American foreign policy, which has always been driven by nothing more and nothing less than the capitalist system’s desire for global hegemony under American leadership, would take many pages and several lifetimes of research into the history of the modern-day Roman Empire. But this 4th of July, and keeping with our challenge to ourselves, a few examples taken from the recent history of the United States alone should serve to give an idea of what this class dictatorship has really been about since the beginnings of its foundation.

A History Lesson

In 1945, the US invades the Korean peninsula and declares a “temporary” partition of Korea. America installs an illegitimate American-friendly regime in the South, backed by a force of 50,000 troops. After 2,617 troop incursions in the Northern Pro-Soviet half, sometimes with as many as a few thousand troops, a war ensues when North Korea finally invades South Korea in response. A three-year war takes place and millions are killed. Thousands of American troops remain in South Korea to this day.

In 1966, a US-backed coup ousted President Sukarno of Indonesia and replaced him with the fascist butcher Suharto. Over a million people were hunted down and killed, including thousands of popular leftist leaders, whose names were given to the military by the American Embassy. Suharto would go on to rule Indonesia with an iron fist for decades. Newly-liberated East Timor was then invaded by Suharto’s Indonesia the day after President Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (both butchers of the Vietnam War) gave them permission. By 1989, over one-third of East Timor’s 700,000 people had been killed. Indonesia had US backing, including armaments, throughout its 24-year occupation.

In 1967, a US-backed military coup took place to prevent Greek politician George Papandreou being elected Prime Minister. The colonels declared martial law, implemented torture, beatings, arrests, leaving 8,000 dead in the first month. The coup leaders were fiercely anti-communist and pro-American, working closely with the CIA. The colonels held power until 1974.

In 1970, Marxist reformist Salvador Allende was elected as President of Chile. He nationalized the giant US companies. Soon, the right-wing, backed by the CIA and US foreign policy, engineered a 1973 coup lead by the infamous General Augusto Pinochet. Allende was overthrown and replaced by a fascist military dictatorship that used mass executions and torture. Thousands were murdered and disappeared. Chile became an economic experiment that led to economic growth for the richest while leaving many homeless and greatly decreasing economic equality.

In 1978 in Nicaragua, the popular and progressive Sandinista movement overthrows the US-backed dictator Anastasio Samoza. The US then launches a military occupation in order to prevent “another Cuba.” A program of terrorism and economic sabotage is begun, which leads to the US support of the infamous Contra death squads. The Contras prove to be one of the most brutal fighting forces Latin America has ever seen, infamous for burning down schools, churches and hospitals as well as using mass murder, rape and torture. The Contras massacre whole villages though to be sympathetic to the Sandinistas. Over 60,000 die. President Reagan labels them as “freedom fighters.”


From these examples alone—Korea, Indonesia, East Timor, Greece, Chile and Nicaragua, which are merely the most prominent of many dozens more ready-made examples including the Vietnam War—we can see that United States foreign policy has never been driven by a devotion to any kind of morality, nor by any kind of longing for freedom or democracy. From the start, the United States has been driven by the necessity to make the world safe for investment by capitalism, to enrich US armaments who contribute generously to Congress members, to prevent the development of any society which becomes an example of an independent alternative to the capitalist model and to extend its political and economic control over as much of the globe as possible.

Everyone alive today remembers the media immediately after the events of 9/11. “Why Do They Hate Us So Much?” the newspapers asked. Gee, I don’t know. Perhaps dropping bombs really pisses some “less civilized” people off. This is a simple list of the nations bombed since World War II:

China 1945-46, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-60, Guatemala 1960, Congo 1964, Peru 1965, Laos 1965-73, Vietnam 1961-73. Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69, Grenada 1983, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s, Nicaragua 1980s, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991-2002, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia 1999, Afghanistan 2001 and Iraq 2003 (1).

It is worth noting that violence and exploitation are also not limited to outside the US borders, either. Of all western nations, the US has the greatest income inequality. 40% of the wealth is controlled by 1% of the population. The US has the greatest discrepancy in the world between the wealthy and the poor when it comes to health care, and also when it comes to life expectancy.

Finally, the Land of the Free has the highest number of its population in prison than any other state in the world (2). And all this is without mentioning the minute details of the oppressive structure of the class society as it exists for us every day. These sorts of atrocities will continue until this capitalist system is done away with through struggle and revolution in the US.

On the day of American Independence, among all other days, this is a fact for all of us to remember.


(1) Taken from Australian Options Quarterly No. 31, Summer 2002.

(2) From Scientific American, Dec. 2005


US Military Base in Concon, Chile

Under the mantle of the UN, the Yankee imperialists have established a military training base to train the police forces and police from other countries in the “art” of repressing social protest and struggle for sovereignty that is developing in Chile and Latin America.

It is necessary to make this news widely known, TO DEMAND that the government IMMEDIATELY CLOSE this base; we must mobilize and call upon all the residents of the country to denounce this violation of our national sovereignty, the submission of the government in total complicity with the Concertation and the leadership of the misnamed “Communist Party of Chile”.

Yankees Out of Chile and Latin America!

Down with the government, which is a puppet of Yankee imperialism!

National Communications Commission

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP)


PCMLE: 2011 – A Year of Youth Mobilization & Struggle

En Marcha, January 5, 2012

The crisis of capitalism and its effects on the world worsened in the 2011, the demonstrations, protests and launched shots of places young people and made them key players in an intense struggle against unpopular regimes and policies demanding democracy, freedom and better living conditions.

The first country to move was Tunisia, which together with the leftist movement led to the overthrow of dictator Ben Ali Zine el Abidinee, for the January 14 fight was the center of Egypt against Mubarak’s government, who left office in spite of the help they received from U.S. imperialism, under pressure from workers, youth and workers in the streets demanding his departure.

As a Sunday May 15 young men called themselves the “outraged” completely filled Puerta del Sol in Spain and 150 seats, meeting under the cry of “real democracy now.” Despite trying to be evicted by the police, the youth confessed to have no more fear, “The voice of the people is not illegal,” shouted the protesters after hearing this news. They realized that failure is not the economy, is not corruption, is the capitalist system that unleashes the infamous dictatorship download the crisis on the shoulders of the people sparking outrage in Spain.

Education was the right on to South America, high school students in Argentina were the first at the Southern Cone ignited massive mobilizations in Buenos Aries expanding to the rest of the country, they ceased not put on alert the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

The Chile government repression stirred the minds of students and workers who were brutally suppressed, the style Pinochet, the student movement called for a national day of action twice for 18 and 19 October, and demonstrated in different cities, to demand a free, quality education, looking at new measures as “cacerolazo” already reaching 7 months of continuous protest.

By September hundreds of young Americans filled the area of​Trinity Place in New York, meeting under the slogans “Enough of corruption,” “curb cuts” and “do not market our future.” Despite the police evicted the outskirts of the Wall Street Center. There is no force to press the voice of young people and so many fans of all ages acted on behalf of “a new society that gives priority to people over the economic and political interests.”

The youth became in 2011 an example of combat. Threats and other attacks on freedom not undermined the rebellious spirit of youth, much less have failed to intimidate his liberating power. Spain, Greece, Libya, England, Chile and the U.S. were built and continue to ignite the flame of youth protest and the workers and peoples and give added strength to continue fighting for higher wins.


Launch of “Foundations of Leninism” in Chile

Under the 132 anniversary of the birth of Comrade Joseph Stalin, the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) under the responsibility of the Regional Committee “Luis Emilio Recabarren” held in Santiago to launch a own edition of “Fundamentals of Leninism”.

Along with musical performance and an excellent video related to the life and revolutionary struggle of Joseph Stalin, had a clear, strong and emotional involvement of Comrade Eduardo Artés, first secretary of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP) who I urge this to deepen understanding of Marxism-Leninism and particularly in the theoretical legacy, endorsing with his life, with Comrade Stalin revolutionary practice.

On occasion he noticed a salute to the activity of a great-grandson of Comrade Stalin, which was extended to the entire PC (AP).

A moment of emotion and expression of strong feelings of solidarity and place tube at the end of Communist activity, moments before singing the Internationale, when all standing in silence provided a moment of silence in honor and tribute to the memory of Comrade Kim Jong IL, leader of the people of Korea and the Workers’ Party of Korea who died on December 17 and now mourns his people and the revolutionaries of the world.

National Communications Commission
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)


Kissinger Telcons on Chile

Kissinger meets Gen. Augusto Pinochet, June 8, 1976.

The Kissinger Telcons: Kissinger Telcons on Chile

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 123

Edited by Peter Kornbluh

Posted May 26, 2004


New Telephone transcript records conversation with President

TELCON: September 16, 1973, 11:50 a.m. Kissinger Talking to Nixon (pages 1,2)

Washington D.C. May 26, 2004 – In one of his first conversations with President Richard Nixon following the bloody military coup in Chile, Henry Kissinger stated “we helped them,” according to declassified transcripts of a telephone conversation obtained today by the National Security Archive. “That is right,” Nixon responded.

The transcript records a call made by President Nixon to Kissinger’s home on the weekend following General Augusto Pinochet’s violent overthrow of the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile. Kissinger reports to the president that the new military regime was “getting consolidated” and complains that the press is “bleeding because a pro-Communist government has been overthrown.” When Nixon notes that “our hand doesn’t show on this one though,” Kissinger responds that “We didn’t do it” [referring to the coup itself]. I mean we helped them….created the conditions as great as possible.”

The September 16, 1973, “telcon” was found by the Archive’s Chile analyst, Peter Kornbluh, among thousands of pages of transcriptions of Kissinger’s telephone calls dated between 1969 and 1974, declassified today at the initiative of the Archive. Kornbluh, the author of The Pinochet File, called the new document “damning proof, in Kissinger’s own words, that the Nixon administration directly contributed to creating a coup climate in Chile which made the September 11, 1973, military takeover possible.”

In his confirmation hearings as Secretary of State that very week, Kissinger denied that the U.S. Government played any role whatsoever in Allende’s overthrow. A year later, after details of a CIA destabilization program had leaked to the press, he again testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “the intent of the United States was not to destabilize or to subvert [Allende]….Our concern was with the election of 1976 and not at all with a coup in 1973 about which we knew nothing and [with] which we had nothing to do….”

In his conversation with Nixon, Kissinger suggested that the press should be “celebrating” instead of being critical of the coup. “In the Eisenhower period we would be heroes,” he tells the President. “But listen,” Nixon replies to his national security adviser, “as far as people are concerned let me say they aren’t going to buy this crap from the Liberals on this one.”

Watch this site for more “telcons” on the U.S. role in Chile.


Pinochet dictatorship may have poisoned Pablo Neruda

The Communist Party of Chile (CCP) has requested the exhumation of the Communist poet Pablo Neruda, who died in 1973. The party says that the conditions of Neruda’s death have never been explained, and believes that the Chilean poet may have been poisoned by the Pinochet dictatorship.

Neruda was winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1973 and died just 12 days after General Augusto Pinochet gave the military coup and took power. The death certificate indicates that Pablo Neruda died of prostate cancer.

Recently, the poet’s former driver said he had received an injection shortly before suffering a heart attack in a hospital in the Chilean capital, where he was hospitalized. The request for exhumation of the remains of Neruda was sent to Justice in Chile by Eduardo Contreras, lawyer of the Communist Party.


Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP) on Syria

For the Self-Determination of Peoples, With Syria & its People

Eduardo Artés
First Secretary of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

Once accomplished the genocide against the people of Libya and the assassination of its leader, Colonel Gaddafi, called imperialist military rule and its NATO mercenaries and foreign criminals, the recolonization of the country. The heads of imperialism, particularly the U.S., starting with the head of the White House, Sen. Barack Obama to McCain, have spoken with direct threats against those who do not want to comply with his baton and have placed at the center of their immediate and urgent intrigue and aggression against Syria, its government headed by Bashar Al-Assad and the Baath Arab Socialist Party.

Barack Obama morbidly pleased with all the misdeeds and aberrations conducted on the body of Colonel Gaddafi has threatened to that destination for all the “dictators”, ie those who are not willing to be puppets and fight for self-government, sovereignty and the social system itself, sovereign peoples according to their interests and give it. Mc Cain has been much more explicit, said: “Now that the military operations in Libya are finished, there will be a renewed focus on military operations practices that could be considered to protect civilian lives in Syria.” As an element important to follow this, is the fact that by the end of the year, U.S. out of Iraq claim to have most of its occupation forces, Obama has said that all (let the trainers, consultants, ie the real puppet army commanders and security forces armies of foreign mercenaries, with some Chileans included), so that Yankee imperialism may have a significant number of troops in Iraq today immobilized.

From the popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia against pro-imperialist dictatorship ruled there, as well as those that occur today in Yemen, which some have erroneously called “revolutions” that just around the corner and lack a truly popular, revolutionary leadership is giving “the return of the dog”, from the most obscurantist religious fundamentalism, are ensuring the reactionary power in both countries and with them the rule of the imperialists. The U.S. and NATO instrument, with the help of the mafia machinery of the Zionist state of Israel, focused on Libya and Syria who have spoken in opposition and resistance to Zionist and imperialist domination and in the case of Syria, its clear commitment to the cause of National Liberation of the Palestinian people, the imperialists are trying to present, to pass direct aggression, his cynical use of existing social and political contradictions within these countries, armed mercenaries and criminal gangs autoreclamadas of “rebels” as similar to the uprisings in the above named countries, with Libya have already achieved its target temporarily, and aggression center today is Syria.

The outstanding Russian international analyst Tajeldine Laila, which is not communism or government official in Syria, says: “It is likely that the United States. Follow aggravating the situation in Syria, causing more deaths … with the support you are giving weapons to the mercenaries in the country, in order to justify a measure of the Security Council of the UN or NATO intervention in itself. ”

Imperialist intervention in Syria is multifaceted, ranging from misinformation, concealment of it, until the more brash assembly, the discovered that you see, the media in the hands of monopolies do not deny, installing the lie as truth, this is well known, but it is worth pausing to consider some facts. “Amnesty International” released around the world for a young Syrian Zainab, the sister of an opponent of the government of Damascus, whose body was reportedly dismembered after “be” kidnapped, tortured and killed by police in Syria, I place Zainab international press as the “symbol” of the opposition as the best example of the “barbaric” the Syrian regime, a few days Zaina appears on television in Syria and denying all alive, explaining that she was gone from home due to conflicts with his brothers, because one of them hit him, or “Amnesty International” and the big dam, said nothing, simply forgot Zain and immediately went in search of “new” samples of the repression of “dictatorship” of Damascus.

The Yankee ambassador in Damascus intervene directly to support the bands of mercenaries, as we saw in the news are presented as “peaceful protesters”, it is interesting to observe Syrian police usually unarmed, while the tiny groups of “peaceful protesters “armadazos to the teeth, making their attacks alone and then disappearing. With good reason thousands of Syrians have demonstrated outside the U.S. embassy and have thrown eggs, tomatoes and others.

The Syrians and so say the progressive sectors of the country, from the very government of Bashar Al-Assad and the Baath Arab Socialist Party, are focused on national unity to restrain the imperialist-Zionist aggression and to this end, actions are being implemented economically to ensure more comfort to the population, while working for the political, by a new constitution that guarantees that more accurately account for current demands and aspirations of the majority of Syrian people.

Shaaban advisor to the senses of Syria said clearly: “We want to build a democracy and pluralism, but protecting our culture and our individuality. We do not want to be a copy of the West. We are Arabs. We are Muslims and Christians are Arabs and we have 7000 years of history. We are a rich civilization, so we will not drink Coke and eat McDonalds. We have our own food, our own drink, our clothes, culture, we have our education, so Democrats want to be our way, not to yours. ”

On October 12 in Damascus alone, more than a million demonstrators took to the streets against the imperialist-Zionist intervention, national sovereignty, the right to have government without imperialist interference that they, the Syrians estimate. Now we have the voice of the people and workers of the world, patriots, progressives and revolutionaries, whom we claim from the anti-imperialism, from the sovereignty of the people, from social justice and in our case and also from the social and Communism, we call upon everyone to reflect, to avoid falling into the traps imperialists, not to be afraid to take a firm and consistent anti-Yankee, anti-Zionist and anti-NATO, to fight for peace and non-interference in Syria NOT to re-colonize Syria with Libya is they do.

October 27, 2011


Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action): The Assassination of Gadhafi

Comrades and friends:

With the murder of Gadhafi, we Communists in Chile, that is, members of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC(AP), have decided to make our own the declaration of the PCmlm of Bolivia, which to our understanding has the correct communist position in relation to the imperialist criminals.

Only the lost revisionists and their cousins, the Trotskyites, the pro-Trotskyites and in general all the agents of the bourgeoisie and imperialism, regardless of how they present themselves, can join in the fascist celebration of the murder of Gadhafi.

We communists, who are fighting for Popular Democracy, Socialism and Communism, will never celebrate a murder which the imperialists want to use to symbolize their rule, their re-colonization of a sovereign country, today of Libya. On the contrary we will always be together with the anti-imperialist struggle, the heroic combat of the nations and peoples for national salvation against imperialist aggression and subjection, everything that is part of the Marxist-Leninists today we must stress very energetically and not only for the imperialist propaganda and manipulation of information, but also for the shameful and repugnant role of the reactionary and imperialist bootlickers who dishonor the glorious name of COMMUNIST.

We of the PC(AP) were not only not “critical” observers of the massacre of the heroic Libyan people, nor did we put NATO and the Gadhafi government on the same level. On the contrary we denounced the so-called persistent Libyan “rebels” who put themselves under the infernal and criminal umbrella of the NATO bombings. Our party press, our speeches and the street demonstrations show our struggle in solidarity with the people of Libya, against the aggression for re-colonization by NATO.

As an example of the position of the COMMUNISTS in Chile, that is, of the PC (AP), see our declaration of Friday March 25 and a video made by Quilicura TV.

National Communications Commission of the
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

October 22, 2011

Political Resolution of the XIth of the CC of the PCMLV

After evaluating several plenary sessions during the global situation, we reaffirm our view that we move in successive cyclical crises which are expressed as economic reality, which is deepened especially in the imperialist countries, such as determining component of the general crisis of capitalism, which also of economic base of political and social, creating conditions for moving to a new stage, mixed by wars and revolutions, with high conflict and total decomposition of capitalist society. It is clear that the situation remains tense in the world, continues to deepen the crisis of global capitalism. Riots, demonstrations, war characterize the current moment of world reality.

Expression of this situation is the deepening of the imperialist war against Libya are, we see daily attacks against this country are increasing, and increasingly critical support of the international bourgeois institutions becomes more evident. The bombings are constant and assumptions are civilians who after all end up paying with their lives intemperate attacks of the imperialist forces NATO , Orphans, mothers weeping for their children, this is the scenario that world imperialism has built in this North African country. Unabashedly, the imperialists stole the Libyan people’s money was deposited in European banks, in order to put to the disposal of its interest warmongers. Use the money to strengthen a government coalition made up of reactionary pro-Yankees. About 200 billion dollars of Libya’s international reserves were blocked and placed at the service of imperialism, in addition to this stolen oil, the major facilities and fresh water reserves in this country.

This initially appeared as a political agreement between the imperialist powers to attack Libya, example of this was the position of China and Russia who did not realize their power of veto to prevent the invasion, then the situation worsened, the resistance the Libyan people are maintained over time, setting a problem to be solved by the imperialist powers who doubt the military intervention by land to stop these terrible negative balances and a high political and economic costs.

We understand that this aggression, as well as others made covertly, are part of the imperialist struggle for a new division of the world and are the basis on which to structure the new relationship between world powers, which leads to more wars. The deepening U.S. economic downturn will lead to more conflicts and even wars among the imperialist powers to resolve its economic contradictions.

Another country that is suffering the ravages of imperialist interference, it is Syria, where the imperialists operate in a different format, a little more discreet, are acting from intelligence agencies, on behalf of groups opposed to President Bashar Al Assad. The characteristics of the Syrian government suggests a family relationship in the areas of power, as in the case of the brother of the president who controls one of the divisions of the army and his brother who controls the intelligence services. Some try to locate the essence of this situation on tribal or ethnic differences, trying to hide the fact that regardless of their ethnic peoples seek structural changes that allow them a chance to get a better life. But improving the brevity of life is impossible in a system where the interests of capitalism are the ones that take precedence over the interests of the people and workers in general, it is clear that the intelligence services of imperialism have been mixed in with the riots try to work the ground for possible future interventions.

The acts of sabotage that the governments of Israel and the U.S. made in this country to seek also weaken Iran, Syria partner in oil and industry, hence the conflict to pursue the control of oil reserves and energy, not only this country, if not the entire region.

Importantly, the position taken by China and Russia to Libya with a complicit silence was modified with respect to the situation in Syria, as the worsening social conflict in this country, both exercised their weight as members of the Security Council to make it clearly did not support any intervention in Syria. This is due to a very momentous, Syria offered its territory to transport fuel to other countries, including Russia, making clear that Russia is involved when the conflict is economic interests are at stake with an intervention . Just to mention some good data to say that at the beginning of 2000 the trade exchange between Syria and Russia exceeded 100 million dollars, and for 2005 exceeded $ 300 million, and has continued to increase. Although it is noteworthy that these figures, in general trade of these countries, expressing only a small part of Syria’s debt to Russia, bringing the cumulative three billion dollars. This is complemented by a major military exchange. Syria even has a Russian military base on its territory, which of course must also defend the Russian government when assessing their positions and interests. A similar situation occurs with China in turn is carving the way to deepen political relations with Syria, which promises not only an intensification of efforts to control these countries, and another part of the imperialists, if not also possible contradictions between them.

In Europe, continues to advance the tension, we see the conflict in Greece again takes place in the international news, as workers have returned to the streets to develop their protests against economic measures imposed by international agencies. In Italy, the third largest economy in the euro area is expected to increase the impact of the crisis. France, imperialist country that currently is playing important role in the aggression worn in North Africa as some of the so-called Maghreb countries were colonies of France, so this, now try to regain influence and control as before, on these countries to try to secure their resources.

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PC (AP): No to the Imperialist Aggression Against Libya!

The imperialist forces grouped in NATO and headed by Yankee imperialism, hiding behind a resolution of the always docile and manipulated UN Security Council, have unleashed a large scale criminal military aggression against the sovereignty of Libya. The reasons used are totally cynical and aim at a vile ‘protection of the civilian population,’ given the supposed attacks of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi against the population of his country. We have all witnessed how the imperialists ‘protect’ the civilian population; not only in the past but today they do it by criminally massacring the population and usurping the sovereignty of Iraq and Afghanistan, among others!

The imperialist planes and cannons are ceaselessly bombing various facilities Libya, and not only military ones as the reactionary news agencies claim. On the other hand if they were only military that would not be a justification either; only the Libyan people have the right to self-determination. Regarding their national sovereignty only they have the right to speak; no imperialist gang can arrogate to itself the role of gendarme and tell others how to be, act and live.

In order to take control of Libya, of all its oil wealth and principally to turn that country into a base from which to confront the democratic advance for sovereignty, social justice and finally the socialist perspective in course among the Arab peoples, the imperialists with all their war machinery are supporting the so-called Libyan ‘rebels’, that are grouped around the obscurantist flag of the old ‘kingdom’ of Libya.

It is clear that the regime of Colonel Gaddafi is not what it was said to be in his first years and that in practice it accepted the neo-liberal policy, that it has made agreements and did big business with the same imperialists that are attacking it today. That is the case, but today we are faced with an imperialist aggression against a sovereign country or one that should be sovereign and that the imperialists ARE GOING FOR EVERYTHING. Therefore our task, those who call ourselves communists, revolutionaries, democrats and progressive, is to confront widely and with the greatest possible unity the imperialist aggression of the Yankees and NATO against Libya, is to place at the centre of our support the pro-Libya and anti-Yankee anti-NATO cause and not to make unclear, confused calls of support to those who are supported by the imperialists within Libya who want to overthrow Gaddafi and, on the other hand to demand to stop the intervention of the imperialists in Libya .

At this time, objectively the Gaddafi regime is part of the front against imperialist aggression and NATO. Our goal is in the first place to defeat the imperialist aggression and from there, from the workers and peoples of Libya to advance towards a genuine popular democratic and socialist revolution.

In our country we must reject as shameful and despicable the position that the reactionary government of Piñera assumed in supporting Yankee imperialism and the criminal NATO. It did this hastily one day before OBAMA trampled on Chilean soil, as it did with the signing of the treaty of ‘nuclear cooperation’ between the U.S. and Chile on the eve of his arrival, nor in the forms that the Chilean reactionaries have some dignity faced with the imperialists.

Stop the criminal aggression of NATO headed by the Yankees against Libya!

All our support to the struggle for sovereignty and self-determination of the nation and peoples of Libya!

Open and many-sided struggle against the imperialists!

The people of Libya, the peoples will win!

Eduardo Artes
First Secretary of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC(AP)
March 23, 2011